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The New York Times News Service & Syndicate works with international publishers to produce in-market editions of the magazines of The New York Times and, on occasion, bespoke publications using New York Times content. Building upon a brand name and journalistic reputation that evoke quality and integrity, licensees are encouraged to customize each publication with original content that resonates with local readers and advertisers.

Branded Pages

The New York Times International Weekly

Produced as a co-branded, print-ready section of up to 16 pages, The New York Times International Weekly features the best of New York Times journalism. Designed to complement and extend local reporting, it offers readers globally resonant coverage of ideas and trends, business and politics, science and lifestyles and more. Host papers can monetize the IW through built-in advertising space, sponsorship and other opportunities to generate revenue.


The New York Times Book Review

Known as one of the most read and influential book review sections in the world, The New York Times Book Review features reviews, essays and author interviews by leading international writers and scholars, in addition to the frequently cited New York Times bestsellers list. Comprised of 10 color pages of editorial content with space for commercial opportunities, the publication creates a lively salon of ideas and inspiration that will attract readers and advertisers alike.


The New York Times Life/Style

A lifestyle publication that focuses on how to live a well-rounded, stylish and smarter life. Featured coverage includes arts, style, food, travel, science, technology and health from the reporters and columnists of The New York Times.

Weekly or Monthly.

Business Sense

For readers seeking insight on global business trends and guidance on how to live and work better, Business Sense provides analysis, ideas and commentary from Harvard Business Review, The Economist and The New York Times. Each week, the service delivers a selection of authoritative content and a two-page template with room for monetization.

Weekly. Available in English or Spanish. For sale in select markets throughout the Americas.

Harvard Business Review:
Tips & Talking Points 

Tips & Talking Points offers timely, talking-point-worthy statistics and tips from Harvard Business Review online. Renowned Harvard professors and other leading professionals offer quick tips on topics including management, entrepreneurship and professional development.The weekly content package includes ideas for thought and action in quick, bright nuggets of information that readers can put into practice immediately.

Available Friday evening (Eastern).

NYT: Krugman & Co. 

Krugman & Co. is a weekly branded page that features discussion and debate with Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist. The page features commentary on global, economic and political issues, historical background on the week’s topics, and debate from readers around the world. Krugman joined The New York Times in 1999 as an opinion columnist and is a professor of economics and international affairs at Princeton University. In 2008, he received the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Available Thursday evening (Eastern).

NYT: Spending Well 

A guide to managing your money, work and success, Spending Well offers columns, essays and quick tips on personal f inance topics that range from credit building and management to homebuying, renting and maintenance. Edited, designed and branded by The New York Times, the pages are delivered print-ready with allocated space for branding and sponsorship.


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