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The New York Times News Service & Syndicate works with international publishers to produce in-market editions of the magazines of The New York Times and, on occasion, bespoke publications using New York Times content. Building upon a brand name and journalistic reputation that evoke quality and integrity, licensees are encouraged to customize each publication with original content that resonates with local readers and advertisers.


NYT: Science Times

Celebrating the wonder of new ideas and discoveries, Science Times helps readers understand how developments in science, health, medicine and technology can improve and impact their lives, today and tomorrow. With articles, essays and interviews addressing both the natural and physical sciences, Science Times engages readers — and advertisers — with forward-thinking coverage for the contemporary lifestyle.


T: The New York Times Style Magazine 

T highlights the latest trends in fashion, living, travel, design and beauty. Choose from among 13 annual issues, each offering compelling feature articles and photography, and insightful columns on what’s new, unique and luxurious.

13 issues annually.

Turning Points: Global Agenda

The original year-ahead licensed magazine featuring exclusive content from globally recognized voices who share their unique perspectives on how our world and our lives may change in the coming year and beyond. Licensees receive a collection of essays, images and editorial features suitable for publication either before or after the new year. Local content may be added to create a bespoke magazine, online section or standalone app targeting local readers and advertisers.


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