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The New York Times News Service delivers the cross-platform experience of industry-leading New York Times journalism, through articles, images and multimedia, to integrated media companies, corporations and brands around the world. A direct link to The New York Times newsroom, the service provides contextualized coverage that cuts through the noise of a 24-hour news cycle to make sense of the day’s news and trends. Comprehensive coverage includes articles on international affairs, politics, business, lifestyle and sports from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists with local and international expertise.

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Authoritative. Digital-Ready. Flexible.

QUALITY JOURNALISM The New York Times News Service brings audiences the latest stories from all corners of the world. Through in-depth analysis, investigative journalism and inspiring features, it presents a comprehensive and conscientious view of:

DIGITAL-READY PACKAGES The New York Times News Service offers a variety of packages designed to encourage cross-platform storytelling through the rich integration of text, photos, graphics and videos. Short headlines and summaries, along with flexible posting rights, invite publishers to make the best use of all content on web, mobile, tablet and other platforms.

EXCLUSIVE COMMENTARY The reputation of the New York Times News Service rests not only on the quality of its news report, but also on the authoritative analysis from a distinguished lineup of opinion columnists. Each speaks with a distinctive voice on domestic and international issues. New York Times Op-Eds only available to News Service subscribers.

  • Charles M. Blow
  • David Brooks
  • Frank Bruni
  • Gail Collins
  • Ross Douthat
  • Maureen Dowd*
  • Thomas Friedman***
  • Nicholas Kristof**
  • Paul Krugman†
  • David Leonhardt*

* Pulitzer Prize   † Nobel Prize


Translated News Services

For Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese-language media organizations aiming to extend their in-language coverage, The New York Times News Service provides a selection of translated content. In-depth reporting, news analysis and commentary pieces are paired with images and video, making them suited for use across print, online and mobile environments.


Authoritative coverage from The New York Times in Chinese. Articles span verticals that include: international news, China-related news, opinion, lifestyle, culture and fashion.
10-14 articles daily.


The New York Times: Edición Español offers a selection of translated news, analysis and commentary from The New York Times, as well as original articles covering topics relevant to Latin America.
4-12 articles weekly, paired with photos and graphics. Available in Spanish.


Analítico presents a ‘behind the headlines’ look at international news, opinion, politics, business, science, lifestyle and sports.
4-5 articles daily, paired with photos and graphics. Available in Spanish.


Special Reports offers a curated selection of in-depth analysis and feature content with a focus on news, business or lifestyle.
7-10 articles weekly, paired with photos and graphics. Available in Spanish, Portuguese and English.


Whether it’s reporting on conflicts abroad and political divisions at home, or covering the latest style trends and scientific developments, New York Times video journalists provide a revealing look into the worlds of arts and entertainment, business, health, style and opinion.
Up to 20 videos per month in Spanish. Up to 40 videos per month in Portuguese. Full feed available in English.

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