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The New York Times Syndicate provides articles, commentary, images and multimedia to thousands of clients worldwide. The Syndicate offers stories from renowned publications and commentary from the world's greatest thinkers, with accompanying images, videos and graphics. Translations of select services are also available in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese.

Opinion Packages

NYT: Op-Eds & Illustrations
The world’s most influential commentary section draws leaders and luminaries from all fields to voice their gloves-off opinions on topics in the news. Past contributors include: Anthony Bourdain, Oprah Winfrey, Kofi Annan, Warren Buffett, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Issey Miyake, Nicolas Sarkozy.

1-3 articles per day, with art.
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The New York Review of Books
A celebrated roster of writers and thinkers provide original reporting, commentary and reviews in a journal that seems to anticipate the news.

4 articles every other week.
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The New York Review of Books: Dispatches
From The New York Review of Books website. Brief, timely articles by NYR’s celebrated list of international contributors, covering world affairs, arts and letters, the economy, the sciences and the environment.

3 articles per week, as available.
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Witty, informed and inf luential commentary from a digital media pioneer. From first-person accounts on life with the newest gadgets, fashions and lifestyle modes to political observations on the United States and beyond, Slate offers a fresh and engaging perspective on current events and trends.

Daily feed. With images as available.
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Opinion Columnists

Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Incisive analysis of major social, political and cultural issues from the former president of Brazil.

Monthly. Available in Spanish only.
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Jorge G. Castañeda

Mexico’s former foreign minister understands Latin American trends like no one else. He analyzes events in the hemisphere with the perspective of a diplomat and scholar.

Weekly. Available in Spanish only.
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Umberto Eco

The distinguished Italian literary critic and novelist turns his focus to culture and world affairs. Eco, a professor of semiotics, is the author of "The Name of the Rose" and "Foucault’s Pendulum."

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Melinda Gates

One of the world’s most influential philanthropists shares practical suggestions to effect change in the areas of agriculture, technology, education and health.

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Jeff Jacoby

The respected Boston Globe columnist brings a singular point of view to the latest headlines. Jacoby was the first recipient of the Breindel Award for Excellence in Opinion Journalism.

Twice a week.
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Jorge Ramos

Univision's award-winning news anchor analyzes the latest issues around the globe.

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