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With more than 1,000 people deported by order of President Nicolas Maduro, Colombian migrants are leaving Venezuela voluntarily rather than face an uncertain future. Above, families are assisted by Colombian police as they cross the border into Colombia early Thursday morning. (Meridith Kohut/The NYT)

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  • Hurricane Katrina: 10 Years

    Ten years ago hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast with devastating force at daybreak on Aug. 29, 2005. The storm pummeled the region including the fabled city of New Orleans and heaped damage on neighboring Mississippi. In all, more than 1,700 people were killed and hundreds of thousands of others displaced.

  • Cuban Youth See New U.S. Embassy, but Same Old Drab Life

    As much as the young in Cuba welcome political opening and economic reform, such changes are unlikely to filter down to their lives anytime soon.

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