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FILE -- Mourners gather at a memorial for Mark "Lavish" Lindsey, who was fatally shot over Memorial Day weekend, in the Ashbrun community of Chicago in May. Of the 64 people shot over the weekend, 16 were in this district — a place where poverty and joblessness are self-reinforcing cycles and readily-available guns and gangs have made for a lethal mix. (Whitney Curtis/The New York Times)

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  • Pearl Harbor: 50 Years

    On Dec. 7, 1941, Japanese warplanes attacked the home base of the American Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, drawing the United States into World War II. More than 2,300 Americans were killed.

  • Fidel Castro, Cuban Revolutionary Who Defied U.S., Dies at 90

    Fidel Castro, the fiery apostle of revolution who brought the Cold War to the Western Hemisphere in 1959 and then defied the United States for nearly half a century as Cuba’s maximum leader, bedeviling 11 American presidents and briefly pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war, died Friday. He was 90.

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