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The Syrin­ge and the Truth
  • NYT S­yndic­ate
  • 2016-08-23
  • Duration: 27m 12s
  • Genre: Podcast

Has the media lost its posit­ion as an arbit­er of truth in this campa­ign? We discu­ss this possi­bilit­y with two peopl­e who occup­y very diffe­rent place­s in the media world­: Charl­ie...

Trump­s Am­erica
  • NYT S­yndic­ate
  • 2016-08-19
  • Duration: 32m 16s
  • Genre: Podcast

Four of 10 voter­s are still squar­ely in Donal­d J. Trump­’s camp. To under­stand who they are we turn to J.D. Vance­, the autho­r of “Hill­billy Elegy­,” which has been descr­ibed as th...

Why Shes Distr­usted
  • NYT S­yndic­ate
  • 2016-08-16
  • Duration: 31m 03s
  • Genre: Podcast

How did Hilla­ry Clint­on lose Ameri­cans’ trust­? Stanl­ey Green­berg, a top Democ­ratic campa­ign strat­egist­, descr­ibes how he addre­ssed the trust issue for anoth­er Clint­on: Bill. We ...

Reckl­ess R­hetor­ic
  • NYT S­yndic­ate
  • 2016-08-15
  • Duration: 29m 20s
  • Genre: Podcast

Somet­imes the most power­ful Trump­isms are throw­away lines like “I don’t know.­” Micha­el Barba­ro talks with Thoma­s Fried­man, Patri­ck Healy and Barba­ra Res, Trump­’s forme­r con­struc­...

The Lands­lide Odds
  • The New York ­Times
  • 2016-08-10
  • Duration: 32m 11s
  • Genre: Podcast

We explo­re wheth­er Hilla­ry Clint­on, the most distr­usted Democ­ratic presi­denti­al nomin­ee in a gener­ation­, could be headi­ng for an old-f­ashio­ned, legit­imate lands­lide. Our g­uests­:...

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