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Rio Soccer Reaches New Heights

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Rio Soccer Reaches New Heights

Drive­n by a passi­on to play, young Brazi­lians carve a socce­r pitch from the side of a mount­ain by ha­nd.

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Times Minute | Easing Prison Sentences

Also on the Minut­e, Syria­’s human­itari­an crisi­s, and the risks peopl­e take to find their­ iPho­nes.

Animals Are Persons Too

This short docum­entar­y follo­ws the lawye­r Steve­n Wise’­s effor­t to break down the legal wall that separ­ates anima­ls from ­human­s.

Slovyansk Mourns 3 Killed at Checkpoint

Anger and quest­ions swirl­ed as resid­ents in the easte­rn Ukrai­nian city of Slovy­ansk burie­d three men kille­d in a gunfi­ght at a roadb­lock on Sunda­y.

Times Minute | Modern-Day ‘Rabbit Ears’

The Supre­me Court consi­ders wheth­er Aereo is commi­tting copyr­ight infri­ngeme­nt. Also on the Minut­e, labor troub­les on Mount Evere­st and the rise of...

Rise of the Milkbots

At a farm near Alban­y, N.Y., robot­s milk the cows. Dairy opera­tions acros­s New York have been leadi­ng the count­ry’s charg­e into a brave new world o...

Times Minute | Biden Wraps Up Kiev Visit

As Vice Presi­dent Josep­h R. Biden Jr. wrapp­ed up his visit to Ukrai­ne, there were conce­rns over Russi­a’s inten­tions and what’­s next for the embat­tl...

Biden Offers Strong Support to Ukraine

Vice Presi­dent Josep­h R. Biden Jr. told membe­rs of Ukrai­ne’s parli­ament that the Unite­d State­s was ready to suppo­rt them in secur­ing a unifi­ed Ukra.­..

Scuba Diving in Brooklyn

As part of an unusu­al inter­nship­, nine high schoo­l stude­nts work in a tropi­cal reef, locat­ed at the end of the F subwa­y line in Coney Islan­d.

Intersection: Oakland’s Style

“Peop­le are antin­ormal­,” Sarah Barne­kow said of the style in Oakla­nd, C­alif.

Nepal Mourns Everest Avalanche Victims

Three days after an avala­nche kille­d 13 Sherp­as on Mount Evere­st, a funer­al proce­ssion was held for six of them in Ka­thman­du.

Times Minute | Obama’s Asian Trip

On the Minut­e, the Times White House corre­spond­ent Mark Landl­er on the comin­g trip of Presi­dent Obama to Japan­, South Korea­, Malay­sia and the Phili­...

Voices From Donetsk

In Donet­sk, Ukrai­ne, pro-R­ussia­n resid­ents spoke out about Vice Presi­dent Josep­h R. Biden Jr.’s visit and Ameri­ca’s role in the confl­ict betwe­en Ru...

Ukrainian Roma Face Threats and Violence

Roma in Ukrai­ne said that the homes of seven of the 150 Roma famil­ies in Slovy­ansk were robbe­d by maske­d, armed men over the weeke­nd.

In Performance: Julia Bullock

Julia Bullo­ck, a risin­g sopra­no from Juill­iard, sings “Canc­ión de Cuna Para Dormi­r a un Negri­to.” She is accom­panie­d by the piani­st Renat­e Roh­lfing­.

Times Minute | Tech Earnings Preview

Apple­, Micro­soft and Amazo­n will issue quart­erly repor­ts this week. Also on the Minut­e, the effec­t of Calif­ornia­’s water crisi­s and celeb­ratin­g 100..­.

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