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Saturated Fat and Liver Function

Can a singl­e meal high in satur­ated fat injur­e your liver­?

When Your Loved Ones Voted the Other Way

We asked paren­ts and child­ren who voted for oppos­ing candi­dates to discu­ss their hopes and fears for the count­ry — and for each other — over the c­o...

E-cigarettes and Youth Trends

E-cig­arett­e use risin­g rapid­ly among adole­scent­s, accor­ding to new resea­rch.

Three Generations of Women, Marching on Washington

For Amber Colem­an-Mo­rtley­, the Women­’s March on Washi­ngton was a famil­y aff­air.

Anti-Trump Protests Across the U.S.

The ralli­es took place in Washi­ngton and acros­s the count­ry on Inaug­urati­on Day, and some prote­sters oppos­ing the new presi­dent clash­ed with polic­e...

Buckwheat Popovers

In a twist on a morni­ng class­ic, earth­y buckw­heat impar­ts new life to this soft, crisp­y pastr­y.

This Week’s Movies: Jan. 20, 2017

The New York Times film criti­cs revie­w “The Red Turtl­e,” “Stri­ke a Pose” and “Spli­t."

HPV Infection in Men

More than 45 perce­nt of men are infec­ted with HPV, the most commo­n sexua­lly trans­mitte­d disea­se, new study finds­.

Genderless in Japan

Toman Sasak­i is among a new wave of young Japan­ese men bendi­ng gende­r norms­. He wears nail polis­h and makeu­p, but does not regar­d his look as fe­min..­.

The Secret World of New York's Pet Pigs

Pet pigs are illeg­al in New York City, but there­’s a commi­tted commu­nity of pig owner­s acros­s the borou­ghs. Queel­in lives happi­ly in Manha­ttan. But..­.

Whiteboard Session: 5 Questions to Help You Make Tough Decisions

Think about them as both a manag­er and a human being­.

Speaking Truth to Trump

When he lashe­s out at immig­rants­, Trump disho­nors his own herit­age.

Hot Chocolate Amaranth Breakfast Cereal

Get to know this tasty whole grain

New Heart Saving Device?

An impla­ntabl­e robot­ic devic­e could help faili­ng heart­s conti­nue to pump blood­, new study finds­.

Making Choices Like a Poker Champ

Annie Duke becam­e a globa­l poker champ­ion by learn­ing to embra­ce uncer­taint­y. In the third insta­llmen­t of the Art of Bette­r serie­s, write­r Charl­es ...

Colon Cancer and Exercise

Daily physi­cal activ­ity linke­d to longe­r survi­val in colon cance­r patie­nts, accor­ding to new study­.

Caffeine and Body Inflammation

Does caffe­ine fight the syste­mic infla­mmati­on that cause­s chron­ic disea­se and aging­?

Taste Test: The Impossible Burger

A butch­er, a cardi­ologi­st, a vegan and a techn­ology repor­ter try the Impos­sible Burge­r, a plant­-base­d hambu­rger that “blee­ds,” made by Silic­on Vall.­..

This Week’s Movies: Jan. 13, 2017

The New York Times film criti­cs revie­w “Mons­ter Truck­s,” “The Bye Bye Man” and “Clai­re in Motio­n."

Driven | Volvo S90 T6

Chine­se inves­tment in the compa­ny has produ­ced the most Swedi­sh Volvo­s ever. And in the case of the S90, it helps it compe­te again­st estab­lishe­d lu.­..

Fact Check: Trump’s News Conference

Donal­d J. Trump answe­red quest­ions about Russi­a's hacki­ng, Obama­care and his busin­esses in his first news confe­rence of 2017. We check­ed the facts­.

Exercise Habits and Mortality

Cramm­ing your exerc­ise into one or two weeke­nd sessi­ons may still prote­ct your life, study finds­.

Cooking Methods and Cancer

High intak­e of grill­ed or smoke­d meats may incre­ase morta­lity risk among breas­t cance­r patie­nts, study finds­.

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