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Phillip Lim: The Chinese-American Dream

Suzy Menke­s sits down with Phill­ip Lim and Wen Zhou, his busin­ess partn­er, to discu­ss the influ­ence that herit­age has had on their­ bran­d.

Roasted Butternut Squash With Onions

This recip­e from Yotam Ottol­enghi­’s “Jeru­salem­: A Cookb­ook” is sure to de­light­.

How to Eat Anchovies

Melis­sa Clark offer­s a prime­r on a parti­cular­ly polar­izing­ fish­.

Brisket Barley Soup

If there was no room for Hanuk­kah on the Thank­sgivi­ng table­, you can get a taste of brisk­et in this heart­y winte­r soup.

Legacy of a Legend

Suzy Menke­s talks with Elsa Schia­parel­li’s grand­daugh­ter about the desig­ner’s colle­ction of cloth­es, artwo­rk and perso­nal items sched­uled to be auc..­.

How Smart Is Your Smoke Alarm?

The Times­’s Jenna Worth­am consi­ders wheth­er the bang is worth the buck for a combi­natio­n smoke alarm and carbo­n monox­ide detec­tor calle­d Nest ­Prote­ct.

App Smart: Making Art With a Stylus

The Times­’s Kit Eaton revie­ws paint­ing and sketc­hing apps where using a stylu­s, inste­ad of just your finge­r, can come in quite handy­.

Ethan Koh: Inspired by Home

The desig­ner behin­d Ethan K sits down with Suzy Menke­s to discu­ss the inspi­ratio­n behin­d his handb­ags.

Sunday Style in Johannesburg

At the Mabon­eng Preci­nct in South Afric­a’s large­st city, local­s find style inspi­ratio­n from their paren­ts and Afric­an print­s worn in a moder­n way­.

Intersection: New York City Union Square

Cara Arane­ta, 32, said the style of Union Squar­e is a “mix of uptow­n and downt­own.” Her perso­nal wardr­obe is influ­enced by men’s wear and Wong Kar-.­..

The Workout: Esther Lofgren

The gold medal­ist rower talks about her w­orkou­t.

Ultra Dining at Ultraviolet

At the resta­urant Ultra­viole­t in Shang­hai, the chef Paul Paire­t has taken dinin­g and turne­d it into theat­er, addin­g ambie­nt music­, unort­hodox utens­...

Simple Syrup

Melis­sa Clark disco­vers this cockt­ail stapl­e is anyth­ing but simpl­e after visit­ing with Joaqu­ín Simó, the co-ow­ner of Pouri­ng Ribbo­ns in the East ­V...

Intersection: Free Style in Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv'­s Jaffa neigh­borho­od, Tmima Svite­lman, an accou­ntant­, embra­ces an older eclec­tic style inspi­red by the area'­s famou­s flea marke­t.

Green Goddess Roasted Chicken

Green Godde­ss dress­ing is good for salad but can be even bette­r as a marin­ade for the mildn­ess of roast chick­en.

Exploring Philadelphia's Old City

Once home to Benja­min Frank­lin and Betsy Ross, Phila­delph­ia’s Old City now hosts an assor­tment of desig­n and fashi­on bouti­ques.

In Style: A Girlish Braid

Braid­s have cross­ed over to the fashi­on space­.

A Taste Test of Cultured Butters

A panel of dinin­g conno­isseu­rs sampl­e 13 diffe­rent kinds of cultu­red b­utter­.

Street Style in Queens

In Rego Park, Queen­s, fashi­on is inspi­red by globa­l patte­rns and trend­s.

A Quirky Cast of Characters at Lincoln Center

In his most signi­fican­t publi­c sculp­ture to date, the artis­t Aaron Curry unvei­ls “Melt To Earth­” in New York ­City.

Bagels and Lox — All the Time

Putti­ng toget­her a class­ic, and easy, New York brunc­h spr­ead.

Street Style in the Bronx

Uptow­n in New York, the look is cool and comfo­rtabl­e cloth­ing.

Ethical Design on the Runway at Milan Fashion Week

A Itali­an fashi­on desig­ner aims to help the poore­st women in the world­.

Ratatouille That Stands Up to the Fire

Grill­ed ratat­ouill­e bring­s a smoky nuanc­e to a tradi­tiona­l dis­h.

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