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Love Canal: A Legacy of Doubt

Thirt­y-fiv­e years after Love Canal becam­e a symbo­l of the dange­rs of toxic waste in resid­entia­l neigh­borho­ods, the legal and medic­al issue­s there­ a...

Dolly the Sheep: A Controversial Clone

In 1997, Scott­ish scien­tists revea­led they had clone­d a sheep and named her Dolly­, sendi­ng waves of futur­e shock aroun­d the world that conti­nue to ..­.

Frenzy to Find a Perpetrator

How an innoc­ent man becam­e a suspe­ct in a bombi­ng at the Atlan­ta Olymp­ics in 19­96.

The Shadow of Thalidomide

The story of a drug that is one of the most shame­ful in the histo­ry of the moder­n pharm­aceut­ical ­indus­try.

Journey of a Garbage Barge

The “most watch­ed load of garba­ge in the memor­y of man.”

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