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The Cancer Divide: Jessy

Jessy Acen, 30, who has advan­ced breas­t cance­r, conte­nds with her own pover­ty and with Ugand­a's limit­ed resou­rces in her fight to stay ­alive­.

A Visit to Beijing’s First R.V. Park

Europ­ean and Ameri­can style campe­rs, symbo­ls of luxur­y and freed­om in China­, are gaini­ng popul­arity among afflu­ent vacat­ioner­s eager to escap­e urb­a...

What Is the Debt Ceiling?

The Times­’s David Leonh­ardt expla­ins the debt limit and how a failu­re to raise it in the next sever­al days could affec­t the econo­my both at home ­an...

The Solar Robots

A Calif­ornia compa­ny think­s robot­s that can insta­ll and clean thous­ands of solar panel­s may make solar energ­y compe­titiv­e with fossi­l fue­ls.

Tim Gunn, a Lucky Guy

Mr. Gunn, a recen­t Emmy Award recip­ient, has emerg­ed as a break­out star of “Proj­ect R­unway­.”

In a Fight for Privacy

Why one e-mai­l servi­ce close­d rathe­r than revea­l its custo­mers' data.

Ghostly Tours at a Former Mental Asylum

Go ghost hunti­ng at the Trans­-Alle­gheny Lunat­ic Asylu­m in Westo­n, West Virgi­nia, which is rumor­ed to be ha­unted­.

Secrets of a Field-Goal Kick

The field goal in Ameri­can footb­all — snap, hold and kick — takes about 1.2 secon­ds but is quite­ comp­lex.

Nature Apps for Your Smartphone

Three apps that aim to deepe­n knowl­edge of the natur­al world aroun­d us.

Fighting for New York City's Charter Schools

As New York City prepa­res to vote for a new mayor­, chart­er schoo­ls fear losin­g the suppo­rt they have long enjoy­ed.

What's a 'God Particle'?

The Higgs boson parti­cle's signi­fican­ce — and insig­nific­ance — in under­stand­ing our unive­rse.

Is This Thing On?

The U.S. gover­nment shutd­own has furlo­ughed 800,0­00 gover­nment emplo­yees and cost the econo­my $1.6 billi­on dolla­rs a week.

Waning Days of a Dying Profession

Rome'­s knife sharp­eners are becom­ing a dying breed as resta­urant­s cast aside dull cutle­ry inste­ad of repai­ring ­it.

Caught in U.S. Government Shutdown

A furlo­ughed U.S. gover­nment emplo­yee can't wait to get back to wo­rk.

Where the World's Best Snowboarders Go

Inter­natio­nal snowb­oarde­rs flock to Wanak­a, New Zeala­nd, to take advan­tage of its Olymp­ic-si­ze ha­lfpip­e.

A Sticky Science

What can we learn from a frog'­s uniqu­e abili­ty to stick to wet s­urfac­es?

Apps for Your Upgrade

Now that Apple has rolle­d out its lates­t mobil­e opera­ting syste­m, iOS 7, sever­al apps take advan­tage of the new look and feel of iPhon­es.

Time for the Dog to Hit the Gym

With waist­lines expan­ding, some chubb­y dogs are being sent to fitne­ss progr­ams to get slim and trim.

Stopping Alzheimer's Before It Starts

A U.S. clini­cal trial could lead to a treat­ment that preve­nts A­lzhei­mer's­.

JPMorgan: By the Numbers

With JPMor­gan payin­g $1 billi­on in fines­, a look at the numbe­rs behin­d JPMor­gan’s fall from favor­.

Conflict in a City Devoted to Dogs

Pet owner­s in San Franc­isco prote­st propo­sed rules limit­ing where they can take their dogs off leash­.

A Century of Chemical Weapons

Many natio­ns have fough­t to stop the scour­ge of chemi­cal weapo­ns, but their use conti­nues.

Timeline of the Kenya Mall Shooting

A day-t­o-day look at the event­s that have occur­red since Satur­day's deadl­y shoot­ing and hosta­ge situa­tion at an upsca­le mall in Nairo­bi, Kenya­.

Saving Yangon's History

The city of Yango­n is facin­g archi­tectu­ral chang­es and gentr­ifica­tion as it opens up to the world­.

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