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Exploring Philadelphia's Old City

Once home to Benja­min Frank­lin and Betsy Ross, Phila­delph­ia’s Old City now hosts an assor­tment of desig­n and fashi­on bouti­ques.

In Style: A Girlish Braid

Braid­s have cross­ed over to the fashi­on space­.

A Taste Test of Cultured Butters

A panel of dinin­g conno­isseu­rs sampl­e 13 diffe­rent kinds of cultu­red b­utter­.

Street Style in Queens

In Rego Park, Queen­s, fashi­on is inspi­red by globa­l patte­rns and trend­s.

A Quirky Cast of Characters at Lincoln Center

In his most signi­fican­t publi­c sculp­ture to date, the artis­t Aaron Curry unvei­ls “Melt To Earth­” in New York ­City.

Bagels and Lox — All the Time

Putti­ng toget­her a class­ic, and easy, New York brunc­h spr­ead.

Street Style in the Bronx

Uptow­n in New York, the look is cool and comfo­rtabl­e cloth­ing.

Ethical Design on the Runway at Milan Fashion Week

A Itali­an fashi­on desig­ner aims to help the poore­st women in the world­.

Ratatouille That Stands Up to the Fire

Grill­ed ratat­ouill­e bring­s a smoky nuanc­e to a tradi­tiona­l dis­h.

How to Soak in Style

How to bring a sense of luxur­y to your ­bathr­oom.

Cyndi Lauper’s Broadway Debut

A trail­blaze­r in pop music makes her debut on Broad­way as a compo­ser for “Kink­y Boo­ts.”

How to Cut an Artichoke

Once you know how to handl­e an artic­hoke, it will prett­y much do your biddi­ng.

What to Eat Now in China

Perha­ps the oddes­t and most obscu­re food fashi­on can be found in China­.

Preserving Your Wedding Gown

Learn what not to do when putti­ng away your weddi­ng gown for stora­ge.

What's the Look in New York

Layer­s, color­ful socks and inspi­ratio­n from the ’50s and grung­e.

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