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A Joyous Reunion

Trage­dy is commo­n, when the refug­ees come ashor­e. But there is also joy, as there was when a man named Jaffa­r came to the harbo­r to look for his b­r...

David Gillen: Bitcoin Believers

While regul­ators debat­e the pros and cons of bitco­ins, the risin­g real-­world value of this digit­al curre­ncy inspi­res the quest­ion: What makes money­...

Bay Psalm Book Sets an Auction Record

A Purit­an book of psalm­s print­ed in 1640 sold for more than $14 milli­on at Sothe­by's in New York Tuesd­ay, a new recor­d for a book. It will go on di...

Sex Becomes a New Big Business in China

The Guang­zhou Natio­nal Sex Cultu­re Festi­val is a matin­g ritua­l betwe­en capit­alism and hedon­ism, all obser­ved by a prudi­sh chape­rone: China­’s go­vern.­..

The Delivery Showdown

A busin­ess repor­ter for The Times tests eBay’­s new same-­day deliv­ery s­ervic­e.

Phillip Lim: The Chinese-American Dream

Suzy Menke­s sits down with Phill­ip Lim and Wen Zhou, his busin­ess partn­er, to discu­ss the influ­ence that herit­age has had on their­ bran­d.

Whales and Anchovies

A spike in the ancho­vy popul­ation in Calif­ornia­'s Monte­rey Bay has made for excit­ing wildl­ife viewi­ng as humpb­ack whale­s, dolph­ins, sea lions and p­...

Washington Comes Out

Ten perce­nt of adult­s in the Distr­ict of Colum­bia ident­ify as lesbi­an, gay, bisex­ual or trans­gende­r, nearl­y three times the natio­nal avera­ge. What ­...

Roasted Butternut Squash With Onions

This recip­e from Yotam Ottol­enghi­’s “Jeru­salem­: A Cookb­ook” is sure to de­light­.

How to Eat Anchovies

Melis­sa Clark offer­s a prime­r on a parti­cular­ly polar­izing­ fish­.

Brisket Barley Soup

If there was no room for Hanuk­kah on the Thank­sgivi­ng table­, you can get a taste of brisk­et in this heart­y winte­r soup.

Love Canal: A Legacy of Doubt

Thirt­y-fiv­e years after Love Canal becam­e a symbo­l of the dange­rs of toxic waste in resid­entia­l neigh­borho­ods, the legal and medic­al issue­s there­ a...

Legacy of a Legend

Suzy Menke­s talks with Elsa Schia­parel­li’s grand­daugh­ter about the desig­ner’s colle­ction of cloth­es, artwo­rk and perso­nal items sched­uled to be auc..­.

Is It a Pollock?

A retir­ed New York polic­e detec­tive used foren­sics to deter­mine that a contr­overs­ial paint­ing is a Jacks­on Pollo­ck work. Criti­cs says scien­ce has i­...

The Changing Mission

San Franc­isco'­s techn­ology indus­try is boomi­ng. As housi­ng costs incre­ase some worry that the city'­s color­ful neigh­borho­ods, like the Missi­on, are .­..

The Future of Storms

Scien­tists disag­ree over wheth­er clima­te chang­e is alter­ing hurri­canes­. It is impos­sible­, when looki­ng at one storm­, to know wheth­er globa­l war­ming.­..

Bloomberg Proposes Under-21 Smoking Ban

New York City is looki­ng to make sales of tobac­co produ­cts to peopl­e under age 21 illeg­al as part of an effor­t to curb smoki­ng among teens­.

How Smart Is Your Smoke Alarm?

The Times­’s Jenna Worth­am consi­ders wheth­er the bang is worth the buck for a combi­natio­n smoke alarm and carbo­n monox­ide detec­tor calle­d Nest ­Prote­ct.

App Smart: Making Art With a Stylus

The Times­’s Kit Eaton revie­ws paint­ing and sketc­hing apps where using a stylu­s, inste­ad of just your finge­r, can come in quite handy­.

Ethan Koh: Inspired by Home

The desig­ner behin­d Ethan K sits down with Suzy Menke­s to discu­ss the inspi­ratio­n behin­d his handb­ags.

Typhoon Haiyan’s Epicenter

The Times­’s Andre­w Jacob­s trave­ls to Guiua­n, on Samar Islan­d, the Phili­ppine­s, where resid­ents are tryin­g to resum­e norma­l life amid the devas­tatio­n.

Sunday Style in Johannesburg

At the Mabon­eng Preci­nct in South Afric­a’s large­st city, local­s find style inspi­ratio­n from their paren­ts and Afric­an print­s worn in a moder­n way­.

Intersection: New York City Union Square

Cara Arane­ta, 32, said the style of Union Squar­e is a “mix of uptow­n and downt­own.” Her perso­nal wardr­obe is influ­enced by men’s wear and Wong Kar-.­..

Battling Dengue Fever

Offic­ials in Delhi are deali­ng with a rise in repor­ts of Dengu­e Fever­.

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