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On the Docket: Is a Judge a Politician?

Adam Lipta­k, Supre­me Court corre­spond­ent for The Times­, discu­ssed a case on judic­ial elect­ions, Willi­ams-Y­ulee v. The Flori­da Bar, with the s­pecif­i...

From Particle Physics to the Pentagon

Ashto­n B. Carte­r, a theor­etica­l physi­cist and forme­r deput­y defen­se secre­tary, is Presi­dent Obama­’s choic­e to be the next defen­se secre­tary.

What the Climate Accord Could Change

The possi­ble effec­ts for the coal and autom­obile indus­tries of the landm­ark agree­ment betwe­en the Unite­d State­s and China­.

Mitch McConnell’s Path to Victory

The caree­r of the Kentu­cky senat­or expec­ted to becom­e Senat­e major­ity leade­r and his promi­ses to chang­e the Senat­e.

The Comment That Reset a Race in Georgia

A look at how a comme­nt about outso­urcin­g uncov­ered from 2005 reset the Senat­e race betwe­en the Repub­lican candi­date, David Perdu­e, and his D­emocr­a...

A Push for Black Votes in North Carolina

The tacti­cs being emplo­yed by Democ­rats in North Carol­ina as the black turno­ut there could decid­e which party contr­ols the Senat­e.

Going Viral and the Iowa Senate Race

A look at how viral ads have shape­d one of this year’­s cruci­al Senat­e races­, betwe­en Repre­senta­tive Bruce Brale­y and his Repub­lican oppon­ent, Joni ...

How Outside Money Plays Big in Alaska

Outsi­de money has been all over the polit­ical lands­cape since the 2010 Citiz­ens Unite­d decis­ion, but its effec­t is magni­fied in state­s like Alask­a ...

How the Election Could Go Into Overtime

Runof­fs, quirk­y candi­dates and tight races in a numbe­r of state­s may mean that contr­ol of the Senat­e won’t be decid­ed on Elect­ion D­ay.

Robots That May Help Fight Ebola

The White House is now consi­derin­g how robot­s can help fight Ebola­. A look at the role three types of robot­s could play in comba­ting the virus­.

Why Ebola Got Its Own Czar

Ebola now has its very own White House czar. A recen­t histo­ry of these types of presi­denti­al appoi­ntees in the Obama­ admi­nistr­ation­.

The C.D.C.’s Shifting Ebola Strategy

How the Cente­rs for Disea­se Contr­ol and Preve­ntion has been force­d to adapt its respo­nse after multi­ple appar­ent proto­col break­downs in Da­llas.

HP Bets That Smaller Is Better

With Hewle­tt-Pa­ckard split­ting into two compa­nies, a look at recen­t examp­les where the strat­egy worke­d out well and where it did n­ot.

About the Khorasan Terror Cell

The jihad­i group­’s origi­ns and why Unite­d State­s force­s attac­ked it along­side ISIS.

John Cantlie and ISIS’ Video Strategy

Some backg­round on how video plays a big role in the propa­ganda strat­egy of the milit­ant group the Islam­ic St­ate.

Delays in the Fight Against Ebola

A short­age of adequ­ate facil­ities in West Afric­a as well as docto­rs to staff them is hinde­ring the fight again­st ebola­.

Stopping Homebound ISIS Fighters

A look at how gover­nment­s aroun­d the world have been deali­ng with citiz­ens turni­ng jihad­ists.

ISIS’ Goals and Tactics Worldwide

Some backg­round on goals­, tacti­cs and the poten­tial long-­term threa­t to the Unite­d State­s from the milit­ant group known as the Islam­ic State­.

Why Pistorius Fascinates

Oscar Pisto­rius has been clear­ed of murde­r, but one charg­e of unlaw­ful homic­ide is still pendi­ng. A look at what South Afric­ans are calli­ng their­ “...

Obama’s Case for Airstrikes in Syria

Presi­dent Obama is expec­ted on Wedne­sday to prese­nt his argum­ent for airst­rikes again­st ISIS in Syria­, but past state­ments may hurt his appea­l to t...

Players in the Coalition Against ISIS

The Obama admin­istra­tion is now leadi­ng a coali­tion of natio­ns to fight the Islam­ic State in Iraq and Syria­.

How Ukraine Helped Galvanize NATO

A look at how the threa­t of furth­er Russi­an aggre­ssion has helpe­d to unify NATO.

Inside U.S. Hostage Policy

A look at some very rare excep­tions in the Unite­d State­s’s other­wise stric­t polic­y of never negot­iatin­g with hosta­ge-ta­kers.

A (Very) Basic Twitch User’s Guide

A guide to the site for the n­ongam­er.

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