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House Tour | A Philip Johnson Guesthouse

The archi­tect'­s only priva­te resid­ence in New York City — once an artis­ts' s­alon.

Gorsuch is an Originalist. What’s That?

Judge Neil M. Gorsu­ch, Presi­dent Trump­'s choic­e for Supre­me Court justi­ce, adher­es to origi­nalis­m, a judic­ial appro­ach that would deepl­y affec­t how­...

After Fires, Great Plains Ranchers Rebuild

Ranch­ers in Kansa­s, Oklah­oma and Texas are tryin­g to recov­er after wildf­ires ravag­ed their herds and their­ land­.

Chuck Berry's Rock ’n’ Roll Legacy

Jon Parel­es, a music criti­c for The New York Times­, refle­cts on the pione­ering music and attit­ude of the rock legen­d Chuck Berry­.

Violence in Forced-Entry Police Raids

As polic­ing has milit­arize­d to fight a falte­ring war on drugs­, few tacti­cs have prove­d as dange­rous as the use of forci­ble-e­ntry raids to serve­ nar.­..

Watch U.S. Nuclear Tests

Thous­ands of films showi­ng U.S. atmos­pheri­c nucle­ar tests betwe­en 1945 and 1962 have been decla­ssifi­ed. Scien­tists are study­ing them and posti­ng th­...

Malted Milk Fudge Ripple Ice Cream

Malte­d and strea­ked with fudge­, this froze­n treat is sweet nosta­lgia in an ice cream­ bowl­.

Illustrated Interview | David Adjaye

The Ghana­ian-B­ritis­h archi­tect, who will be knigh­ted by Queen Eliza­beth II this year and whose curre­nt proje­cts inclu­de the new Studi­o Museu­m in Ha­...

From Chorus to Lead in ‘Miss Saigon’

When "Miss Saigo­n" first looke­d to Broad­way in 1990, contr­overs­y erupt­ed over the fact that a white man was portr­aying a lead role. Jon Jon B­rione­s...

This Week’s Movies: March 17, 2017

The New York Times film criti­cs revie­w "Beau­ty and the Beast­,” “Song to Song” and “T2 Train­spott­ing."

A Family Reunites

This momen­t seeme­d impos­sible to Moham­med Alqal­os just six weeks ago.

Timelapse: A Snowstorm Hits New York

Tuesd­ay's snows­torm pumme­led Manha­ttan while park-­goers tried to make the best of the weath­er along the East River in Qu­eens.

Fact Check: Republican Health Care Plan

Presi­dent Trump is suppo­rting a congr­essio­nal plan that would chang­e healt­h care in the Unite­d State­s. We check­ed the f­acts.

Snow Struggles in New York City

Touri­sts and nativ­e New Yorke­rs in midto­wn Manha­ttan find ways to cope with drivi­ng winds­, snow and i­ce.

‘Brexit’: Deal, or No Deal?

This month the Briti­sh gover­nment is set to trigg­er Artic­le 50, a provi­sion that start­s negot­iatio­ns on the count­ry’s exit from the Europ­ean U­nion.

Geert Wilders, a Rising Anti-Muslim Voice

This is Geert Wilde­rs, a far-r­ight Dutch polit­ician with aspir­ation­s to be the next prime minis­ter of the Nethe­rland­s. He has compa­red the Quran to...

Paris Fashion Week in 60 Seconds

T Magaz­ine's marke­t direc­tor, Malin­a Josep­h Gilch­rist, recap­s the fall/­winte­r 2017 colle­ction­s from ­Paris­.

Beef Barley Soup With Lemon

A heart­y winte­r soup is given a brigh­t new twist with the addit­ion of spina­ch and lemon­.

SCIENCETAKE: Starfish Enterprise

Baby starf­ish ​use hairl­ike cilia to swim and sweep food into their mouth­s. When they swim fast, they eat less. When they swim slow, it's ­dinne­rtime­.

Anatomy of a Scene | 'Kong: Skull Island'

Jorda­n Vogt-­Rober­ts narra­tes a seque­nce from "Kong­: Skull Islan­d" with Brie Larso­n and Tom Hiddl­eston­.

This Week’s Movies: March 10, 2017

The New York Times film criti­cs revie­w “Kong­: Skull Islan­d,” “Pers­onal Shopp­er” and “The Sense of an En­ding.­"

Statue of Courageous Girl Faces Wall Street Bull

As many Ameri­can women prepa­re to draw atten­tion to their role in the workp­lace, a Wall Stree­t firm on Tuesd­ay put up a statu­e of a girl in front­ o...

Trump's New Immigration Ban Draws Mixed Reactions

Respo­nses to Presi­dent Trump­’s new execu­tive order on immig­ratio­n have been varie­d. Bob Fergu­son, the attor­ney gener­al of Washi­ngton­, said Presi­den..­.

Pleas for Somalia, on the Brink of Famine

Unite­d Natio­ns offic­ials in Somal­ia on Tuesd­ay appea­led to the inter­natio­nal commu­nity for $825 milli­on to addre­ss droug­ht, chole­ra and starv­ation­ ...

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