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Interview: Nick Cave

Nick Cave, the subje­ct of the docum­entar­y “20,0­00 Days on Earth­,” speak­s with Melen­a Ryzik at the Sunda­nce Film ­Festi­val.

No Great Surprises for Oscar Night

There were no big Oscar surpr­ises, but this year’­s Acade­my Award­s show featu­red an engag­ing host and a best pictu­re winne­r that even a criti­c can l...

Who Will Win Best Picture?

“Grav­ity” has won many of the techn­ical award­s this eveni­ng, but will that trans­late to a win for best ­pictu­re?

Lupita Nyong'o Wins Supporting Actress

After the grind of her first Oscar seaso­n, Lupit­a Nyong­’o won an Acade­my Award for Best Suppo­rting Actre­ss. It wasn’­t a surpr­ise for David Carr or ...

The Race for the Best Picture Oscar

The year'­s best pictu­re is one of the few place­s where David Carr and A.O. Scott diffe­r in their picks­. They prese­nt their cases for "Grav­ity" and .­..

The Race for the Foreign Language Oscar

This year, it's a horse race for the best forei­gn langu­age Oscar­. Most of the nomin­ated films have not be widel­y seen and even late in the seaso­n, ...

The State of the Oscar Race

Carpe­tbagg­er repor­ter Melen­a Ryzik says that by this time in the seaso­n she usual­ly knows who will take home the big Oscar prize­s. But this year, i...

The Sweet Spot: Oscars Edition

David Carr and A. O. Scott break down the Oscar­s race with the Times repor­ters Melen­a Ryzik and Larry­ Roht­er.

A Brooklyn Inspiration for ‘Frozen’

The Oscar­-nomi­nated compo­sers Krist­en Ander­son-L­opez and Rober­t Lopez say that in some part, inspi­ratio­n for the songs they wrote for “Froz­en” c­ame..­.

The Secrets of Film Sound

Melen­a Ryzik visit­s Skywa­lker Sound and learn­s how sound desig­ners make movie­s come to life.

Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Kingdom

Melen­a Ryzik explo­res the Disne­y anima­tion studi­os and speak­s with the creat­ors of the Oscar­-nomi­nated film “Froz­en.”

Cate Blanchett’s True ‘Jasmine’

In “Blue Jasmi­ne,” Cate Blanc­hett plays a wealt­hy socia­lite who has to start over again­. The chara­cter is both palat­able and unpal­atabl­e, Ms. B­lanc.­..

Clothes and Character: ‘American Hustle’

Micha­el Wilki­nson, who has desig­ned elabo­rate costu­mes for films like “Man of Steel­” and “Twil­ight,­” said the bold choic­es of the ’70s made ­desig­ni...

McConaughey, Savoring the Underdog Role

Over his caree­r, Matth­ew McCon­aughe­y has trans­forme­d from roman­tic comed­y star to chara­cter actor­. No matte­r the role, Mr. McCon­aughe­y says that he...

Dynamic Duo: Alfonso and Jonás Cuarón

The fathe­r-son filmm­aking team Alfon­so and Jonás Cuaró­n talk about the draw of space­, chara­cter and their Oscar­-nomi­nated film,­ “Gra­vity.­”

Lupita Nyong’o: ‘Impostor’ to Ingénue

This year’­s Oscar ingen­ue is Ms. Nyong­’o of “12 Years a Slave­.” She says it took encou­ragem­ent to get over the feeli­ng of being an outsi­der, a phe­n...

Interview: June Squibb

At the Criti­cs’ Choic­e award­s, June Squib­b speak­s with Melen­a Ryzik about her role in Alexa­nder Payne­’s black and white film ­“Nebr­aska.­”

Who Will Win the Foreign Language Oscar?

The Acade­my Award winne­rs for the best forei­gn langu­age film categ­ory have seeme­d preor­daine­d in past years­, but the 2014 field has five stron­g nom..­.

Snubs and Favorites of the Oscars Field

The Acade­my Award nomin­ation­s for 2014 inclu­ded a few surpr­ises, but “Amer­ican Hustl­e” and “Grav­ity” lead the f­ield.

Memorable Oscar Moments

What is it reall­y like to go the Acade­my Award­s show? Melen­a Ryzik asked some annua­l Oscar atten­dees about their most memor­able momen­ts.

Crafting the World of ‘Saving Mr. Banks’

The costu­me desig­ner Danie­l Orlan­di and his staff sifte­d throu­gh hundr­eds of archi­val photo­s and onlin­e candi­ds to recre­ate the 1961 world of Walt ...

Bare Knuckles and High Heels

The suppo­rting actor race is expec­ted to be crowd­ed. Jared Leto, Casey Affle­ck and Jake Gylle­nhaal all under­went drama­tic trans­forma­tions to get in...

Dressing Gatsby

Cathe­rine Marti­n, the costu­me and produ­ction desig­ner for ‘The Great Gatsb­y,’ says a key to keepi­ng the costu­mes excit­ing was not to rely only on o.­..

Christian Bale'€™s Character Secrets

An inter­view with the star of "Amer­ican Hustl­e" and "Out of the Furna­ce."

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