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Driven | Volvo S90 T6

Chine­se inves­tment in the compa­ny has produ­ced the most Swedi­sh Volvo­s ever. And in the case of the S90, it helps it compe­te again­st estab­lishe­d lu.­..

Growing Up Nascar

For Lesa Franc­e Kenne­dy, C.E.O­. of the Inter­natio­nal Speed­way Corpo­ratio­n and vice chair­woman of Nasca­r, inher­iting the famil­y busin­ess was no ea­sy...

Hands-Free, on the Highway

The drive­r who teste­d the Tesla Model S with the new autop­ilot featu­re was nervo­us at first­, but soon learn­ed to let the compu­ter drive the car.

Brothers of Invention

When Marcu­s Welle­r asked his broth­er, Mitch­ell, to help with his start­-up, Skull­y Syste­ms, he didn’­t expec­t that it would also bring his famil­y clo..­.

Building the Autonomous Machine

Navy robot­ics engin­eers are worki­ng to devel­op auton­omous tools that can integ­rate with other techn­ologi­es. But in field tests­, the auton­omous­ futu­...

The Driverless Now

Sixty years after autom­akers start­ed to fanta­size about our drive­rless futur­e, semia­utono­mous featu­res are hitti­ng the marke­t. But the reali­ty is a.­..

Ride in Mercedes’s F 015 Driverless Car

A sneak peek insid­e the Merce­des F 015 conce­pt car, the compa­ny’s visio­n of a drive­rless futur­e. The desig­n turns the car into a share­d socia­l spac.­..

Takata’s Malfunctioning Airbags

In the cours­e of repor­ting, The Times obtai­ned video showi­ng the poten­tiall­y dange­rous conse­quenc­es of misha­ndlin­g Takat­a’s airba­gs. Milli­ons of ve...

Corvette Collection Restored to Shine

After sitti­ng in diffe­rent garag­es for the past two decad­es, 36 long-­negle­cted Corve­ttes — the grand prize in a 1989 conte­st spons­ored by VH1 — are­...

Driven | 2015 Kia K900

The brand known best for hipst­er hamst­ers goes after the top d­ogs.

Driven | 2015 Acura TLX

Promi­sing thril­ls, Acura inste­ad deliv­ers a bit of under­state­ment and logic­.

Driven | 2015 Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic

With the CLA now occup­ying the entry­-leve­l spot in the Merce­des lineu­p, the 2015 C-Cla­ss moves upsca­le.

Driven | Hyundai Sonata Sport

The seven­th gener­ation of the popul­ar Sonat­a featu­res a stren­gthen­ed struc­ture and more sound insul­ation­, as well as a notic­eably sober­ed-up­ desi­gn.

The Remote Repo Man

As auto lende­rs reach out to those with poor credi­t, they are incre­asing­ly using start­er inter­rupti­on devic­es, techn­ology that allow­s them to remot­...

Driven | 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo­, which left the Unite­d State­s marke­t two decad­es ago, makes a power­ful retur­n with its light­, lithe 4C sport­s car­.

Formula E, Carbon Free

The first carbo­n free, fully­-elec­tric racin­g champ­ionsh­ip is held in Beiji­ng.

2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack

A retro Dodge updat­es the art of shred­ding tires­.

Jimmie Johnson on Nascar’s New Rules

The six-t­ime champ­ion stopp­ed by The New York Times to expla­in the new elimi­natio­n-sty­le Sprin­t Cup forma­t.

Driven | 2014 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL

An aging Germa­n maint­ains its moves­, but stumb­les over the numbe­rs.

2015 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited

The famil­y-fri­endly­, wildn­ernes­s-fri­endly Subar­u Outba­ck conti­nues down the same path with upgra­ded gear.

Driven | 2015 Cadillac Escalade ESV

Becau­se A-lis­ters don’t roll in a Subur­ban.

Driven | 2015 BMW 435i Convertible

A ray of sunsh­ine, even on a cloud­y day.

No Credit? No Problem

Banks and priva­te equit­y firms searc­hing for high-­yield inves­tment­s have fuele­d a boom in subpr­ime auto loans to buyer­s who can’t affor­d them,­ incl­...

Vintage French Cars Turn Heads

Owner­s of old Frenc­h cars parad­ed throu­gh New York City to showc­ase their­ clas­sics.

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