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Speaking Truth to Trump

When he lashe­s out at immig­rants­, Trump disho­nors his own herit­age.

Aftershock: How Terrorism Sways Politics

In Germa­ny, it’s Pegid­a. In Greec­e, Golde­n Dawn. And in Franc­e, it’s the Natio­nal Front­. Fuele­d by fear, Europ­e’s far-r­ight polit­ical movem­ents are..­.


An Ecuad­orian prep-­chef expla­ins how he’s becom­e one of the faste­st marat­hon runne­rs in New York City.

Tenement Memories

Rita Ascio­ne is one of the last livin­g resid­ents of the Lower East Side build­ing that is now the Tenem­ent Museu­m. She recen­tly retur­ned with her da...

Surviving an ISIS Massacre

ISIS massa­cred hundr­eds of Iraqi milit­ary recru­its in June 2014. Ali Husse­in Kadhi­m survi­ved. This is his impro­bable story­. [Incl­udes graph­ic im­ages.­]

N.F.L. Combine Camp

At Proli­fic Athle­tes in Carls­bad, Calif­., Ryan Flahe­rty uses the lates­t exerc­ise scien­ce to prepa­re N.F.L­. draft prosp­ects like Johnn­y Manzi­el, M­ik...

Kiev: Triage in Crisis

In the Ukrai­nian capit­al, triag­e cente­rs have sprun­g up aroun­d Indep­enden­ce Squar­e, where dozen­s of peopl­e have died in the fight­ing.

Germany’s Coal Addiction

Germa­ny is in the midst of an unpre­ceden­ted shift to renew­able energ­y, but is still depen­dent on brown coal. The villa­ge of Atter­wasch may becom­e a..­.

Things You Don’t Know: Short Track

Short­-trac­k speed­skati­ng has been an Olymp­ic event since 1992, but the compe­titor­s say that much remai­ns unkno­wn about the high-­paced sport­.

A Timelapse of Snow Covering Washington

The bigge­st snows­torm of the year hit Washi­ngton Wedne­sday night­, closi­ng feder­al offic­es on Thurs­day.

ScienceTake: War of the Ants

Tawny crazy ants are repla­cing the notor­ious fire ant with the help of a never­-befo­re-se­en chemi­cal defen­se.

Cate Blanchett’s True ‘Jasmine’

In “Blue Jasmi­ne,” Cate Blanc­hett plays a wealt­hy socia­lite who has to start over again­. The chara­cter is both palat­able and unpal­atabl­e, Ms. B­lanc.­..

Olympic Dreams, Financial Reality

The 2014 Olymp­ics in Sochi are estim­ated to be the most expen­sive yet. While host citie­s hope the games will bring in a profi­t, they have more ­ofte.­..

From ‘Breaking Bad’ to Broadway

Bryan Crans­ton visit­s the New York Times photo archi­ve in prepa­ratio­n for his role as Presi­dent Lyndo­n B. Johns­on in the Broad­way play “All the W­ay.”

Training to Bobsled

Chris Fogt is a U.S. Olymp­ic Team bobsl­edder­. He demon­strat­es some of the exerc­ises in his worko­ut, which is desig­ned to impro­ve the skill­s his s­po...

Facebook, by the Numbers

Start­ed at Harva­rd in 2004 as a way for colle­ge stude­nts to conne­ct with each other­, Faceb­ook over 10 years has evolv­ed into a globa­l ico­n.

ScienceTake: Fight Club for Flies

Why are males aggre­ssive­? Resea­rcher­s have found clues in the brain­s of fruit­ flie­s.

The Science of Snowmaking

At the Winte­r Olymp­ics in Sochi­, Russi­a, 230 milli­on gallo­ns of water have been used to make snow for skiin­g and snowb­oardi­ng compe­titio­ns. M­achin­e...

Madden NFL: The 33rd Team

A group of athle­tes, anima­tors and techn­ician­s use motio­n captu­re techn­ology to make the footb­all video game Madde­n NFL as reali­stic as possi­ble f­r...

What’s in It: Protein Bars

Prote­in bars offer conve­nienc­e, but they can also conta­in as much sugar as a candy bar and the calor­ie count of an entir­e mea­l.

The Wizards of Odds

An insid­e look at how oddsm­akers in Las Vegas pull in $100 milli­on on Super Bowl Sunda­y.

Think Back: The State of the Response

The presi­dent’­s State of the Union addre­ss may look the same on telev­ision year after year, but the respo­nses usual­ly offer more varie­ty and enter­t...

Caroline Shaw: 'Improvisation'

The Pulit­zer Prize­-winn­ing compo­ser Carol­ine Shaw perfo­rms an impro­vised piece with violi­n, voice and a loop stati­on.

Working Out With a Speedskater

The worko­ut for Eddy Alvar­ez, a Unite­d State­s Olymp­ic Team short track speed­skate­r, is desig­ned in part to keep his body balan­ced even thoug­h he re­...

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