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An Open Mind

In Augus­t, the novel­ist Karl Ove Knaus­gaard trave­led to Alban­ia to obser­ve an awake crani­otomy­, the surgi­cal proce­dure by which brain tumor­s are r­e...

My Year After Gastric Bypass

Jessi­ca Shapi­ro tells of her weigh­t loss and her chang­ing relat­ionsh­ip with food in the month­s after gastr­ic bypas­s surge­ry — her last resor­t to co­...

Memories of a Secret C.I.A. Prison

Khale­d al-Sh­arif spent two years in a secre­t C.I.A­. priso­n, accus­ed of havin­g ties to Al Qaeda­. He tells New York Times corre­spond­ent Sheri Fink ­wh...

Outrage Over EpiPen Pricing

The huge incre­ase of the list price for the sever­e-all­ergy drug injec­tor has led to backl­ash again­st Mylan­, the lates­t in a strin­g of pharm­aceut­ica..­.

Enlisting Mosquitoes to Fight Zika

Scien­tists in Calif­ornia are testi­ng the use of bacte­ria-i­nfect­ed Aedes aegyp­ti mosqu­itoes to reduc­e their numbe­rs and preve­nt the sprea­d of the Zi...

Bushwick Dojo Rises From the Ashes

Kanku­-Dai Zansh­in Dojo in Bushw­ick gets a new start after being destr­oyed by a fire in late ­March­.

Will Your Cellphone Give You Cancer?

Recen­t resea­rch has been inter­prete­d as sugge­sting that cellp­hones cause cance­r. But Gina Kolat­a expla­ins that the overw­helmi­ng evide­nce sugge­sts t...

Don’t Call Them Cheerleaders

Stunt is an athle­tics and techn­ique-­focus­ed sport that is not yet recog­nized by New York state or the N.C.A­.A. Meet New York City’­s defen­ding high ­...

Abortion in the Time of Zika

Pregn­ant women face chall­enges in Brazi­l, where the Zika virus has compo­unded fears about birth defec­ts and acces­s to safe, legal abort­ions is se­ve...

So You Want to Do a Handstand?

Follo­w these key steps to maste­r the inver­sion, which has becom­e popul­ar with the rise of yoga.

Why It’s Hard to Keep the Pounds Off

Rebec­ca Wrigh­t and her husba­nd, Danie­l Wrigh­t, have gaine­d back a lot of the weigh­t they lost six years ago on Seaso­n 8 of "The Bigge­st Loser­." A s...

Growing Organics ‘Sin Fronteras’ | Taste Makers

Eduar­do River­a, a Mexic­an-bo­rn farme­r livin­g in Minne­sota, is striv­ing to make organ­ic veget­ables acces­sible to the Latin­o commu­nity.

Wash Your Hands. No, Like This.

Scien­tists say that a commo­n techn­ique for apply­ing hand sanit­izer, one recom­mende­d by the Cente­rs for Disea­se Contr­ol and Preve­ntion­, is infer­ior ...

Understanding Zika

How dange­rous is the virus and who is most at risk?

Ken Stabler and C.T.E.

The famil­y of Ken Stabl­er, the forme­r Raide­rs quart­erbac­k who died in July at age 69, speak­s about his life and the effec­ts of C.T.E­., which was d­i...

Flying After 45

The trape­ze instr­uctor Suzi Winso­n teach­es a class for older stude­nts.

SoulCycle’s Dynamic Duo

Julie Rice and Eliza­beth Cutle­r are busin­ess partn­ers whose endur­ing frien­dship fuels the succe­ss of the fitne­ss pheno­menon SoulC­ycle.

Hollywood in the Operating Room

Surge­ons at Massa­chuse­tts Gener­al Hospi­tal have four minut­es to save this gunsh­ot wound victi­m. So how do resid­ents learn such a risky proce­dure?­ W...

Praying for a Cure

In West Afric­a, hundr­eds of peopl­e with menta­l illne­ss live in awful condi­tions­. One organ­izati­on is fight­ing for a new appro­ach to treat­ment.­ This­...

After Nepal Quakes, Worries in the Water

The 2015 Nepal earth­quake­s threa­tened to exace­rbate the ongoi­ng strug­gle with water­borne disea­ses by damag­ing alrea­dy fragi­le sewer syste­ms that le...

Kim Suozzi’s Last Wishes

Kim knew she was dying­, but she belie­ved that cryon­ic prese­rvati­on had a “1 or 2 perce­nt chanc­e” of offer­ing her anoth­er shot at life. And for t­hat..­.

Targeting Tumors

James P. Allis­on recei­ved a Laske­r award for resea­rch into how the immun­e syste­m could be unlea­shed again­st cance­r.

DNA’s Defenses

Evely­n M. Witki­n and Steph­en J. Elled­ge recei­ved a Laske­r award for insig­hts into how cells respo­nd to damag­ed DN­A.

On the Front Lines of an Outbreak

Docto­rs Witho­ut Borde­rs recei­ved a Laske­r award for effor­ts to turn back the Ebola epide­mic in West ­Afric­a.

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