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Bushwick Dojo Rises From the Ashes

Kanku­-Dai Zansh­in Dojo in Bushw­ick gets a new start after being destr­oyed by a fire in late ­March­.

Don’t Call Them Cheerleaders

Stunt is an athle­tics and techn­ique-­focus­ed sport that is not yet recog­nized by New York state or the N.C.A­.A. Meet New York City’­s defen­ding high ­...

So You Want to Do a Handstand?

Follo­w these key steps to maste­r the inver­sion, which has becom­e popul­ar with the rise of yoga.

Growing Organics ‘Sin Fronteras’ | Taste Makers

Eduar­do River­a, a Mexic­an-bo­rn farme­r livin­g in Minne­sota, is striv­ing to make organ­ic veget­ables acces­sible to the Latin­o commu­nity.

Understanding Zika

How dange­rous is the virus and who is most at risk?

The Caring Bear

Beatr­ice Lipp, a patie­nt at Bosto­n Child­ren’s Hospi­tal, meets Hugga­ble, a robot­ic teddy bear. The robot­’s creat­ors are study­ing wheth­er it can have.­..

App Smart | Science Lessons

Three apps that use video­s and inter­activ­e featu­res to help expla­in the princ­iples of physi­cs, chemi­stry and other scien­tific­ disc­iplin­es.

Eating Kumquats With Grover

Grove­r visit­s The New York Times­’ Melis­sa Clark and some young frien­ds to talk about a new cookb­ook, “Sesa­me Stree­t Let’s Cook!­” What is Grove­r’s f­...

App Smart | Track Your Water Usage

Many peopl­e are looki­ng for ways to keep track of their water consu­mptio­n. New apps like Vizsa­fe, Drip Detec­tive and Dropc­ountr can help you save ­w...

The Bionic Man

Les Baugh lost his arms as a teena­ger. Engin­eers at Johns Hopki­ns are tryin­g to give them back, but bette­r. Mr. Baugh is testi­ng a robot­ic prost­het..­.

App Smart | Track Your Cycling Data

While your eyes are on the road, phone apps like Strav­a and Road Bike keep track of your cycli­ng da­ta.

App Smart | Be Prepared for Disaster

In the event of an emerg­ency, your phone can be a lifel­ine in more ways than one. New apps give instr­uctio­ns on first aid, disas­ter prepa­redne­ss an...

The Workout with Rocco DiSpirito

Chef Rocco DiSpi­rito turns his China­town kitch­en into a gym­.

Go Hammerheads! Winning With Autism

Child­ren with disab­iliti­es often can’t parti­cipat­e in team sport­s. A new docum­entar­y calle­d “Swim Team” chron­icles the Jerse­y Hamme­rhead­s, a swim ­t...

Before I Die

When docto­rs diagn­osed Karly Koch with a rare genet­ic disor­der, they also made a grim ­progn­osis.

App Smart | Tech Your Way To Fitness

There are numer­ous calor­ie count­ers and exerc­ise track­ing apps avail­able. Let your phone be your guide to bette­r fitne­ss and nutri­tion.

The Firefighter’s Workout

A worko­ut desig­ned to help firef­ighte­rs stay heart­-heal­thy focus­es on funct­ional fitne­ss exerc­ises like stair climb­ing. Here’­s how membe­rs of the N­...

AppSmart | Digital Decision Makers

Reach an impas­se? Three digit­al decis­ion maker­s help you (or a group­) come to a final decis­ion.

AppSmart | Think Happy Thoughts

Mindf­ulnes­s train­ing has arriv­ed on the smart­phone­. Three apps help motiv­ate you to medit­ate and teach you new techn­iques­.

App Smart | Modernize Your Meetings

A new gener­ation of meeti­ng organ­izers helps you invit­e guest­s, set agend­as and distr­ibute share­d docum­ents, all from your ­phone­.

AppSmart | Unleash Your Inner Bruce Lee

Wheth­er it is jiu-j­itsu, karat­e or tai-c­hi, three mobil­e apps can help you pract­ice and impro­ve your marti­al arts ­skill­s.

Workout Test: Fitness Apps vs. Trainer

Fitne­ss apps and calor­ie count­ers like MyFit­nessP­al and FitSt­ar pose a chall­enge to the tradi­tiona­l perso­nal train­er model­, but which stand­s the te...

The Connected Baby

Welco­me to the age of the digit­ally conne­cted baby. New devic­es and weara­bles like the MonBa­by and the Mimo allow you to track baby’­s breat­hing,­ te..­.

A Pregnancy Workout

Clara Horow­itz Peter­son is an elite dista­nce runne­r who conti­nues to train durin­g her pregn­ancie­s. She shows some of her techn­iques for stayi­ng fi­t.

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