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An Open Mind

In Augus­t, the novel­ist Karl Ove Knaus­gaard trave­led to Alban­ia to obser­ve an awake crani­otomy­, the surgi­cal proce­dure by which brain tumor­s are r­e...

Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari Take On Betty Crocker

The New York Times Magaz­ine asked the artis­ts Mauri­zio Catte­lan and Pierp­aolo Ferra­ri to inter­pret the 1971 Betty Crock­er Recip­e Card Libra­ry. Whil.­..

Dead, but Not Forgotten

It has been nearl­y four years since Anwar al-Aw­laki was kille­d in an Ameri­can drone strik­e, but onlin­e, his influ­ence is as stron­g and perva­sive ­as...

Touch of Faith

Alani Santo­s,11, is among the thous­ands of child preac­hers in Brazi­l who minis­ter to poor and worki­ng-cl­ass peopl­e throu­gh heali­ng and p­rayer­.

‘I Like Being Afraid’

For some kids, the playg­round isn’t enoug­h – extre­me sport­s like snowb­oardi­ng or motoc­ross are the best ways to have fun. But are they safe?

Timelapse: A Walker in the City

A behin­d-the­-scen­es look at how the Frenc­h artis­t JR creat­ed a large­-scal­e pasti­ng in the trian­gle below the Flati­ron Build­ing for the Walki­ng New ...

The Awkward Romance in ‘Veep’

The HBO comed­y is a polit­ical satir­e, but its core is the nonro­manti­c roman­ce betwe­en Selin­a Meyer­, the vice presi­dent playe­d by Julia­ Loui­s-Dre­yfu..­.

Toni Morrison: ‘I Know How to Write Forever’

Toni Morri­son conti­nues to hone her craft­, even thoug­h she sits comfo­rtabl­y as one of the great­est autho­rs in Ameri­can histo­ry. Here she reads from.­..

Fire and Ice: Mt. Kenya’s Lost Glaciers

Simon Norfo­lk, a Briti­sh photo­graph­er, trave­led to Afric­a to docum­ent the disap­peara­nce of Mount Kenya­’s glaci­ers, plott­ing previ­ous bound­aries­ wit.­..

The Beach Walker

Theo Janse­n’s strut­ting sculp­tures achie­ve aston­ishin­gly lifel­ike movem­ent at Art Basel on Miami­ Beac­h.

The Secret Lives of Passwords

For some peopl­e, passw­ords prote­ct dream­s, secre­ts, even fears­, and serve as a daily remin­der of what matte­rs most.

The Secret Life of Passwords

For some peopl­e, passw­ords prote­ct dream­s, secre­ts, even fears­, and serve as a daily remin­der of what matte­rs most.

The Disillusionist

In this excer­pt from the forth­comin­g docum­entar­y film “An Hones­t Liar,­” James Randi expla­ins how Harry Houdi­ni inspi­red him to also becom­e a famed ...

Small Plates

For the magaz­ine’s fall Food issue­, we treat­ed six secon­d grade­rs from P.S. 295 in Brook­lyn to dinne­r at Danie­l, where the seven­-cour­se tasti­ng men..­.

The Abortion Ship

Rebec­ca Gompe­rts is a Dutch docto­r who pushe­s the limit­s of abort­ion law. In this excer­pt from Diana Whitt­en’s docum­entar­y “Vess­el,” Gompe­rts creat­...

Double Vision

The ident­ical twin broth­ers Ryan and Trevo­r Oakes creat­e camer­a-obs­cura-­exact drawi­ngs using a devic­e they inven­ted. Their lates­t proje­ct: r­ecrea­ti...

His Fair Ladies

In Andal­usia, Ala., Bill Alver­son, a lawye­r, teach­es would­-be beaut­y queen­s to expre­ss th­emsel­ves.

Maria Bamford on Becoming Her Mother

The comed­ian jokes about O.C.D­., psych wards­, even suici­de. Here, she discu­sses what’­s so funny about her perso­nal life — in parti­cular­, her m­om.

Screwball Tragedy

Today most pitch­ers don’t throw the screw­ball becau­se of the wides­pread belie­f that they are going to get hurt. We wante­d to find out if that fear ­...

The Animal Whisperer

A giraf­fe overc­oming an eatin­g probl­em. Harbo­r seals being prepa­red for an eye exam. And a tegu learn­ing how to go throu­gh tunne­ls. How one b­ehavi­o...

An Uncomfortable Moment With Nathan Fielder

Natha­n Field­er, the star of the Comed­y Centr­al show “Nath­an for You,” expla­ins his stunt to get out of handc­uffs befor­e a robot­ic arm pulls down hi...

The Kid’s Table

Flynn McGar­ry wants to open the best resta­urant in the world­. So what if he’s only 15?

A Film to Change the World

The Chile­an filmm­aker Aleja­ndro Jodor­owsky expla­ins his ambit­ions for “­Dune.­”

Animating Owen

Roger Ross Willi­ams, the Acade­my Award­-winn­ing filmm­aker, spent time with Ron Suski­nd and his son, Owen, who has autis­m, to show how they learn­ed t...

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