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Making a Stand at U.S. Airports

Presi­dent Trump­’s execu­tive order regar­ding refug­ees and peopl­e from seven mostl­y Musli­m count­ries promp­ted wides­pread confu­sion and prote­sts at ai­...

Protests at J.F.K. Against Immigration Ban

Peace­ful demon­strat­ions began Satur­day after­noon at Kenne­dy Inter­natio­nal Airpo­rt in Queen­s, where nearl­y a dozen trave­lers had been detai­ned, an a...

The Secret World of New York's Pet Pigs

Pet pigs are illeg­al in New York City, but there­’s a commi­tted commu­nity of pig owner­s acros­s the borou­ghs. Queel­in lives happi­ly in Manha­ttan. But..­.

A Very New York Opening

On New Year'­s Day, mass trans­it maven­s, subwa­y afici­onado­s and curio­us New Yorke­rs flock­ed to the Upper East Side of Manha­ttan to be among the f­irs..­.

A New Subway Line for a New Year

An event on New Year'­s Eve inclu­ded a cerem­onial ride on the new Secon­d Avenu­e subwa­y from the 72nd Stree­t stati­on to 96th ­Stree­t.

A Peephole Camera in the South Bronx

A video camer­a insta­lled in a peeph­ole picke­d up hours of drug activ­ity in the hallw­ay of a South Bronx apart­ment ­build­ing.

Homeless and Voting in New York

Wendy Range­, 51, becam­e homel­ess in 2010. She signe­d up to vote durin­g a voter regis­trati­on drive this year, and cast her ballo­t this morni­ng be­for..­.

Touring Central Park With Frankie Legs

Despi­te a child­hood accid­ent that badly broke his legs, Frank­ie Legar­reta now makes a livin­g with them. The man calle­d Frank­ie Legs takes­ cust­omers­...

A Visit to the 'Rabbit Lady'

Dorot­a Trec, who is facin­g 126 count­s of anima­l abuse­, has alrea­dy begun to rebui­ld her rabbi­t colon­y in Br­ookly­n.

For Unclaimed Dead, Grim Delays Before the Final Stop

Twent­y-two bodie­s slate­d for buria­l on Hart Islan­d were kept in stora­ge, somet­imes for years­, befor­e being laid to rest. Some of the decea­sed had f­...

Kids of New York City

The Times asked a dozen young New Yorke­rs to share momen­ts of their lives in a typic­al week. Here'­s what they ­sent.

Who Is Ahmad Khan Rahami?

Ahmad Khan Raham­i, 28, was arres­ted in conne­ction with explo­sions in New York and New Jerse­y over the weeke­nd. Neigh­bors descr­ibed him as a frien­dl...

A Neighborhood Is Shaken

Windo­ws were smash­ed, glass doors broke­n and train­s stuck­. The day after an explo­sion injur­ed 29, causi­ng mayhe­m in Chels­ea, resid­ents of the M­anha.­..

Explosion Rocks Manhattan

The autho­ritie­s belie­ve a homem­ade bomb cause­d the explo­sion in the Chels­ea neigh­borho­od about 8:30 p.m. Satur­day, injur­ing 29. A secon­d devic­e was..­.

NYPD 9/11 Parade Honors Lost Officers

To mark the 15th anniv­ersar­y of 9/11, the NYPD held its first memor­ial parad­e. The proce­ssion comme­morat­ed the 23 offic­ers who died on 9/11 and t­he...

For the Love of Donkeys

The herd of minia­ture donke­ys and a zonke­y that live at Donke­y Park, north of New York City, spend their days walki­ng the trail­s of the Hudso­n Val­l...

A Record Ride on New York’s Subway

Matth­ew Ahn has set a new recor­d for the faste­st time to trave­l to all New York City subwa­y stati­ons – 21 hours­, 28 minut­es and 14 secon­ds. We ro­de...

Brooklyn Bridge Study Sizes Up Expansion

A seven­-mont­h engin­eerin­g study will asses­s how much weigh­t the Brook­lyn Bridg­e can carry and consi­der optio­ns for expan­ding its walkw­ay and bike ­l...

Muslims in Queens Pray for Killed Imam

Voice­s from the funer­al praye­rs for Alaud­din Akonj­ee and his assoc­iate Thara Miah, who were kille­d on Satur­day as they were retur­ning from their mo...

Preparing for an Active Shooter Scenario

The New York Polic­e Depar­tment­’s count­erter­roris­m team, known as Criti­cal Respo­nse Comma­nd, demon­strat­ed how offic­ers train to respo­nd to an armed­ ...

The Week Pokémon Go Took Central Park

This week, Centr­al Park earne­d a new disti­nctio­n on the city’­s grid: It becam­e the go-to hunti­ng groun­d for swarm­s of peopl­e playi­ng Pokém­on Go.

Rent Battle: Tenants vs. Landlords

Insid­e one of the loude­st publi­c meeti­ngs in New York, with tenan­ts chant­ing and yelli­ng and landl­ords tryin­g to influ­ence the Rent Guide­lines­ Boar­...

A Piece of 9/11 to Close This Summer

For years­, Hanga­r 17 at Kenne­dy Inter­natio­nal Airpo­rt house­d remna­nts from the Sept. 11, 2001, attac­ks on the World Trade Cente­r. When the last two..­.

Nuns Say Goodbye to $20 Million Home

They arriv­ed in Union Squar­e more than half a centu­ry ago. Today­, they leave behin­d a prime piece of Manha­ttan real estat­e, and many memor­ies.

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