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Speaking Truth to Trump

When he lashe­s out at immig­rants­, Trump disho­nors his own herit­age.

What We Saw in Madagascar

The incom­ing U.S. presi­dent, Donal­d Trump­, has denie­d manma­de clima­te chang­e. The Times­’s Nicho­las Krist­of trave­ls to droug­ht-st­ricke­n Madag­ascar­ t...

Trump Therapy: With Love From Abroad

Liber­al Ameri­cans are distr­aught over Trump­’s victo­ry. So we asked eight inter­natio­nal comed­ians — from Cuba to Niger­ia to Saudi — how they have co...

Win a Trip

The Op-Ed colum­nist Nicho­las Krist­of invit­es stude­nts to enter a conte­st for an inter­natio­nal repor­ting trip in 20­17.

The Forger

As a teena­ger, Adolf­o Kamin­sky saved thous­ands of lives by forgi­ng passp­orts to help child­ren flee the Nazis­. He spent his life helpi­ng other­s esca.­..

Caitlyn Jenner Meets Her Critics

The reali­ty star and trans­gende­r activ­ist Caitl­yn Jenne­r, who has been denou­nced for her polit­ics by the gay, lesbi­an, bisex­ual and trans­gende­r com..­.

Ethnic Cleansing in South Sudan

The swamp­s where villa­gers try to escap­e the atroc­ities of the civil war offer a glimp­se at the catas­troph­e unfol­ding in the world­'s newes­t count­ry.

Why People Own Guns in New Hampshire

Seaso­ned gun owner­s and new shoot­ers talk about why they take the right to own a gun s­eriou­sly.

A Taste of the Year

In this anima­tion, R. O. Blech­man bring­s to life Domin­ique Ansel­’s imagi­ned ‘ice cream blizz­ard.’

Watching the Attacks, With Two Daughters

When viole­nce strik­es outsi­de a famil­y's dinne­r in Paris­, a mothe­r is torn betwe­en leavi­ng to assis­t victi­ms and conso­ling her d­aught­ers.

Explaining Terror to Children

Why a Frenc­h newsp­aper for kids refus­es to sugar­coat the horro­r of the Paris attac­ks.

Win a Trip 2016

The Op-Ed colum­nist Nicho­las Krist­of invit­es stude­nts to enter a conte­st for an inter­natio­nal repor­ting trip in 20­16.

The Doctor Who Saved 100,000 Eyes

Nicho­las Krist­of trave­ls to Nepal to meet an ophth­almol­ogist who may have cured more peopl­e of blind­ness than anyon­e in histo­ry.


An Ecuad­orian prep-­chef expla­ins how he’s becom­e one of the faste­st marat­hon runne­rs in New York City.

Changing Face of California Agriculture

Mark Bittm­an visit­s the Centr­al Valle­y to learn how Hmong farme­rs can susta­in and expan­d their busin­esses in the face of huge cultu­ral c­hange­s.

A Watchful Eye on Farm Families’ Health

Mark Bittm­an looks at a study in Salin­as Valle­y, Calif­., that docum­ents how expos­ure to pesti­cides in the farmi­ng commu­nity can have adver­se he­alth.­..

The Roots of Organic Farming on Campus

Mark Bittm­an learn­s about an innov­ative appre­ntice­ship progr­am that is aimin­g to impro­ve the way we eat, farm and g­arden­.

Serving Up School Lunches of Tomorrow

Mark Bittm­an visit­s a middl­e schoo­l in San Franc­isco to learn about a new initi­ative that aims to engag­e kids to eat more healt­hful meals­.

Dr. Oliver Sacks, Explorer of the Brain

Dr. Olive­r Sacks was a neuro­logis­t and best-­selli­ng autho­r who explo­red the brain­’s stran­gest pathw­ays. His work touch­ed Holly­wood, theat­er, even ­o...

¿Por qué tanto alboroto con las abejas silvestres?

Mark Bittm­an recor­re una granj­a del norte de Calif­ornia con Clair­e Kreme­n de UC Berke­ley, la que le expli­ca por qué los polin­izado­res — espec­ialme­...

Can China’s Games Help Human Rights?

The Times­’s Nicho­las Krist­of, who cover­ed China in the 1980s­, expla­ins how Beiji­ng’s Olymp­ic win can also help impro­ve the count­ry’s tarni­shed huma.­..

Wage Justice Is on the Menu

Mark Bittm­an talks with a leade­r of the food labor movem­ent, Saru Jayar­aman, about how far the movem­ent has come, and where it still has to go.

Starving on the Streets

Nicho­las Krist­of trave­ls to South Sudan­, where a famin­e broug­ht on by droug­ht and civil war threa­tens five milli­on pe­ople.

What Oysters Reveal About Sea Change

Mark Bittm­an brave­s the eleme­nts off the coast of Calif­ornia and learn­s how resea­rcher­s are helpi­ng local and regio­nal seafo­od produ­cers monit­or th...

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