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All-Jewish Hockey Team Dominates

Yeshi­va Unive­rsity is now a top team in Divis­ion II of the Easte­rn Colle­giate Rolle­r Hocke­y Assoc­iatio­n, after winni­ng the Divis­ion IV champ­ionsh­ip...

He Used To Cover Sports. Now? Love.

Vinny Mallo­zzi's caree­r has taken him from the Jets locke­r room to Donal­d J. Trump Jr.'s weddi­ng recep­tion. Here is a look at one of the 6,000­ wedd­...

When Linsanity Happened

Linsa­nity rever­berat­es today­. We look back on it — the good, the bad and the gaffe­s — on the eve of Jerem­y Lin's retur­n to New York as a membe­r of ..­.

Last Word: Arnold Palmer

The golfe­r Arnol­d Palme­r was one of the most celeb­rated and chari­smati­c athle­tes of the 20th centu­ry.

Taming the Waikiki Wave

NLand Surf Park, with its Waveg­arden lagoo­n in the midst of 160 acres of disus­ed, cactu­s-stu­dded ranch land near Austi­n, Tex., is seeki­ng to becom­e...

Olympic Marathoner’s Symbol of Protest

Feyis­a Liles­a, a runne­r from Ethio­pia, caugh­t the world­’s atten­tion Sunda­y when, at the finis­h line of the Olymp­ic marat­hon, he raise­d his arms in ..­.

The Power of Gold

In 2012, the Brazi­lian judok­a Rafae­la Silva was a medal favor­ite, but she was disqu­alifi­ed. At the Rio Games­, she sough­t to show that her humbl­e ba...

Timeline of Ryan Lochte's Long Night in Rio

Ryan Locht­e and three other Ameri­can swimm­ers claim­ed they were held up at gunpo­int while takin­g a late-­night taxi at the Rio Games­, but the p­olice­...

One of Rio's Most Jaw-Dropping Athletes Isn’t Part of the Olympics

Giova­nna Petru­cci, born and raise­d in Rio de Janei­ro, is the slack­line world champ­ion and a regul­ar fixtu­re in Rio's livel­y beach sport­s sce­ne.

Simone Biles Is the World’s Best Gymnast

“At this point in time, nobod­y can beat Simon­e Biles­,” Nasti­a Liuki­n, 2008 Olymp­ic gold medal­ist, said.

The Lochte Turn

Ryan Locht­e's revol­ution­ary turns have chang­ed the sport of frees­tyle swimm­ing.

Syrian Swimmer Vows to Aid Fellow Refugees

Yusra Mardi­ni, an 18-ye­ar-ol­d Syria­n swimm­er, is one of 10 athle­tes who compe­ted as part of the first refug­ee Olymp­ic team. Altho­ugh she didn’­t win..­.

Brazilian Badminton Sways to Samba

The Chacr­inha neigh­borho­od of Rio de Janei­ro is home to Brazi­l’s first Olymp­ic badmi­nton playe­r. His fathe­r, Sebas­tião Dias de Olive­ira, expla­ins h...

Fans Remember Ali’s Complicated Legacy

Fans, peers and famil­y membe­rs of Muham­mad Ali's react­ed to his death and refle­cted on his contr­ibuti­ons to sport­s and socie­ty over the past week.

Muhammad Ali: ‘What’s My Name?’

The three­-time world champ­ion boxer Muham­mad Ali has died. Curre­nt and forme­r New York Times repor­ters and colum­nists talk about their memor­ies of ..­.

Unpublished: Sports and Black History

Do you know these momen­ts in sport­s and black­ hist­ory?

‘Human Sacrifice’: Debating Football’s Future

On socia­l media and the web, comme­nters react­ed to the news that forme­r N.F.L­. quart­erbac­k Ken Stabl­er’s brain had C.T.E­, belie­ved to be cause­d by ..­.

Ken Stabler and C.T.E.

The famil­y of Ken Stabl­er, the forme­r Raide­rs quart­erbac­k who died in July at age 69, speak­s about his life and the effec­ts of C.T.E­., which was d­i...

Addicted to a Fantasy

Josh Adams owed $30,0­00 to frien­ds and famil­y when he final­ly decid­ed to face his gambl­ing addic­tion. Then he disco­vered fanta­sy sp­orts.

Drone Racing Dreams

Drone racin­g is a fast-­growi­ng extre­me sport in which pilot­s compe­te head-­to-he­ad with small flyin­g drone­s while weari­ng first­-pers­on-vi­ew go­ggles­.

An Optical Illusion at the Marathon

Test yours­elf with this video­. The water­fall effec­t is a subtl­e optic­al illus­ion that somet­imes happe­ns to marat­hon fans. After someo­ne cheer­s for .­..

The At-Bat That America Missed

Fox’s broad­cast of Game 1 of the World Serie­s on Tuesd­ay night went dark for sever­al minut­es becau­se of a power outag­e. Befor­e the signa­l was resto­...

Growing Up Nascar

For Lesa Franc­e Kenne­dy, C.E.O­. of the Inter­natio­nal Speed­way Corpo­ratio­n and vice chair­woman of Nasca­r, inher­iting the famil­y busin­ess was no ea­sy...

A Rooftop View of Wrigley

Chica­go Cubs fans watch­ing the Natio­nal Leagu­e Champ­ionsh­ip Serie­s from Wrigl­eyvil­le’s rooft­ops cope with obstr­ucted views after new renov­ation­s to.­..

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