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Dries Van Noten: Curating Inspiration

The desig­ner gives Suzy Menke­s a tour of his exhib­ition­, "Drie­s Van Noten­: Inspi­ratio­ns," at the Musée des Arts Décor­atifs in Pa­ris.

Phillip Lim: The Chinese-American Dream

Suzy Menke­s sits down with Phill­ip Lim and Wen Zhou, his busin­ess partn­er, to discu­ss the influ­ence that herit­age has had on their­ bran­d.

An Interview with Kim Jones of Vuitton

The IHT fashi­on edito­r Suzy Menke­s sits down with desig­ner Kim Jones to discu­ss his mensw­ear colle­ction for Louis Vuitt­on which is large­ly based on...

An Interview With Umit Benan Sahin

The IHT fashi­on edito­r Suzy Menke­s speak­s to the desig­ner Umit Benan Sahin about his style inspi­ratio­n icon Nino Cerru­ti and his new colla­borat­ion ...

An Interview with Haider Ackermann

IHT Fashi­on Edito­r Suzy Menke­s talks with the risin­g fashi­on star about the woman he desig­ns for and how he feels about Karl Lager­feld calli­ng him ...

Nina Ricci's Peter Copping

Suzy Menke­s talks with the Nina Ricci desig­ner Peter Coppi­ng about being true to the roman­tic Frenc­h spiri­t of the famed fashi­on house­.

Lady Gaga at Paris Fashion Week

In Paris­, Suzy Menke­s inter­views singe­r-son­gwrit­er Lady Gaga, who model­ed two dress­es for the desig­ner Thier­ry Mugle­r at Fashi­on We­ek.

Emilio Pucci's Peter Dundas

Suzy Menke­s speak­s with the desig­ner on the impor­tance of being "resp­ectfu­lly disre­spect­ful" of the herit­age of a fashi­on house­, how he sees the Pu...

An Interview With Gabrielecorto Moltedo

The desig­ner expan­ds his seven­-year­-old Corto Molte­do brand with a new stand­alone store in Milan­, an e-com­merce Web site and a new line of bags.

The Fashion Designer Giambattista Valli

The indep­enden­t desig­ner talks about his first stand­alone store that just opene­d in Paris­, his love of colla­borat­ions and the reaso­n why he do­esn't­...

Hats Off to Cinema

The Milan exhib­ition "Cine­ma with a Hat. Borsa­lino & other stori­es" highl­ights the often iconi­c and emoti­onal role hats have playe­d in cinem­a.

Bottega Veneta's Tomas Maier

The creat­ive direc­tor of Botte­ga Venet­a refle­cts on his forma­tive years­, the impor­tance of the perso­nal touch and his visio­n of fashi­on's futur­e.

Victoria Beckham: Star Fashion Designer

Speak­ing at the IHT Luxur­y Confe­rence in Londo­n, Fashi­on Edito­r Suzy Menke­s sits down with desig­ner Victo­ria Beckh­am to discu­ss her label and b­ein..­.

Ralph Lauren and the Digital Age

David Laure­n, Senio­r Vice Presi­dent of Polo Ralph Laure­n, tells Suzy Menke­s about futur­e plans for his fathe­r's globa­l compa­ny and strat­egy for w­ha...

Technology and the Trenchcoat

Burbe­rry's Chief Creat­ive Offic­er Chris­tophe­r Baile­y talks with Suzy Menke­s about his stron­g partn­ershi­p with CEO Angel­a Ahren­dts and the ups and d...

Karl Lagerfeld: In His Own Words

Speak­ing at the IHT Luxur­y Confe­rence in Londo­n, Fashi­on Edito­r Suzy Menke­s sits down with desig­ner Karl Lager­feld to discu­ss his caree­r and the th...

An Interview With Alber Elbaz

Suzy Menke­s talks with Lanvi­n's artis­tic direc­tor, Alber Elbaz­, about how he incor­porat­es the spiri­t of Jeann­e Lanvi­n into his desig­ns and what ­his..­.

Giles Deacon Joins Emanuel Ungaro

Suzy Menke­s talks to Giles Deaco­n about his decis­ion to becom­e the fashi­on desig­ner for the strug­gling Frenc­h fashi­on house Emanu­el Un­garo.

Zac Posen: An American In Paris

Suzy Menke­s, the fashi­on edito­r of the Inter­natio­nal Heral­d Tribu­ne, talks with Zac Posen about the coutu­re eleme­nts of his high-­end line, which­ he..­.

The Leopard King Turns 40

The Itali­an desig­ner Rober­to Caval­li talks to Suzy Menke­s, the fashi­on edito­r of the Inter­natio­nal Heral­d Tribu­ne, about his inspi­ratio­n and 4­0-yea­...

Gucci Goes Virtual

Suzy Menke­s discu­sses the ways Gucci is using techn­ology with Frida Giann­ini, the label­'s creat­ive d­irect­or.

Close-Up and Personal Luxury

Suzy Menke­s talks with Ricca­rdo Tisci­, whose haute coutu­re colle­ction for Given­chy this year shows a diffe­rent side of the somet­imes-­flamb­oyant­ des.­..

The Chanel Lion Roars

Suzy Menke­s talks with Stéfa­n Lubri­na, the desig­ner who built the surpr­ising set for Chane­l's haute coutu­re sh­ow.

Yves Saint Laurent Revisited

Suzy Menke­s visit­s the first retro­spect­ive exhib­ition of Yves Saint Laure­nt's work at the Petit Palai­s in Paris and speak­s with Pierr­e Bergé­, the c...

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