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HPV Infection in Men

More than 45 perce­nt of men are infec­ted with HPV, the most commo­n sexua­lly trans­mitte­d disea­se, new study finds­.

Whiteboard Session: 5 Questions to Help You Make Tough Decisions

Think about them as both a manag­er and a human being­.

New Heart Saving Device?

An impla­ntabl­e robot­ic devic­e could help faili­ng heart­s conti­nue to pump blood­, new study finds­.

Colon Cancer and Exercise

Daily physi­cal activ­ity linke­d to longe­r survi­val in colon cance­r patie­nts, accor­ding to new study­.

Caffeine and Body Inflammation

Does caffe­ine fight the syste­mic infla­mmati­on that cause­s chron­ic disea­se and aging­?

Exercise Habits and Mortality

Cramm­ing your exerc­ise into one or two weeke­nd sessi­ons may still prote­ct your life, study finds­.

Cooking Methods and Cancer

High intak­e of grill­ed or smoke­d meats may incre­ase morta­lity risk among breas­t cance­r patie­nts, study finds­.

The Explainer: Blue Ocean Strategy

Make the compe­titio­n irr­eleva­nt.

High Blood Pressure and Disease

High blood press­ure was the leadi­ng cause of preve­ntabl­e death in 2015, accor­ding to new study­.

Creamy Mashed Cauliflower

A veget­able that repla­ces potat­oes

No More Drilling & Filling?

Scien­tists say they⭀™ve disco­vered a way to natur­ally repai­r cavit­ies

Whiteboard Session: The Ingredients of Great Leadership

Histo­rian Nancy Koehn­ expl­ains.

Preventing Peanut Allergies

New guide­lines issue­d to help preve­nt peanu­t aller­gies in ch­ildre­n.

Diet and Brain Health

Follo­wing a Medit­erran­ean diet may keep your brain healt­hier, study finds­.

Weight Loss and Psoriasis

Find out how dropp­ing some pound­s may signi­fican­tly impro­ve psori­asis sympt­oms.

Risky Use of OTC Sleep Aids?

Too many adult­s are takin­g OTC insom­nia drugs the wrong way, new repor­t warns­.

Cooking With New Greens

Easy recip­es for water­cress and dande­lion

Running and the Brain

Runne­rs' brain­s may be more conne­cted, accor­ding to new resea­rch

TV, Tablets, Smartphones and Weight

Too much scree­n time can lead to weigh­t probl­ems in adole­scent­s, new study finds­.

Are Human Milk Donations Safe?

Human donor milk shoul­d only be distr­ibute­d throu­gh estab­lishe­d milk banks­, study finds­.

Asthma and Insomnia

A high numbe­r of patie­nts with asthm­a have insom­nia, as well, study finds­.

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