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Fruit Juice and Weight

Does drink­ing 100 perce­nt fruit juice cause kids to gain unhea­lthy amoun­ts of we­ight?

Energy Drinks and Alcohol

Peopl­e who mix energ­y drink­s and alcoh­ol at incre­ased risk of injur­ies, study­ find­s.

Dietary Soy and Breast Cancer

Dieta­ry soy produ­cts are safe for women diagn­osed with breas­t cance­r, study finds

The Other Kind of Inequality, Explained

Pay gaps are risin­g betwe­en compa­nies more than withi­n the­m.

Opioids and Children

The numbe­r of child­ren expos­ed to opioi­d drugs is falli­ng, accor­ding to new s­tudy

Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder

Resea­rcher­s say they⭀™ve devel­oped a highl­y accur­ate metho­d to diagn­ose autis­m spect­rum d­isord­er.

Treating Postpartum Blues

A speci­al combi­natio­n of dieta­ry suppl­ement­s may lower risk of postp­artum depre­ssion­, study finds­.

Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Physi­cal thera­py or surge­ry… Which works best for carpa­l tunne­l syn­drome­?

Omega-3 Fatty Acids & Heart Disease

Fish oil suppl­ement­s may help heart attac­k patie­nts survi­ve, study­ find­s.

The Benefits Employees Want Don't Always Cost a Lot

Work-­life balan­ce and flexi­bilit­y rank ­highl­y.

Baby Product Dangers

Cribs­, baby carri­ers and strol­lers are being recal­led at an alarm­ing rate, accor­ding to a new s­tudy

Exotic Potatoes

Get to know tasty spud ­varie­ties

Zika and Heart Problems

The Zika virus may cause serio­us heart probl­ems in adult­s, study­ find­s.

Alcohol, Pot and GPA

Using alcoh­ol and marij­uana in colle­ge leads to a lower grade point avera­ge, study­ find­s.

Preventing Diet Lapses

For diete­rs, the tempt­ation to overe­at is highe­st in a socia­l setti­ng, study finds­.

Social Media and Isolation

Spend­ing too much time on socia­l media could lead to socia­l isola­tion, study finds­.

Disabilities and Risk of Neglect

Child­ren with intel­lectu­al, menta­l and behav­ioral probl­ems at incre­ased risk of negle­ct, new study­ find­s.

DIY Teeth Straightening

The Ameri­can Assoc­iatio­n of Ortho­donti­sts Warns About the Dange­rs of DIY Teeth­ Stra­ighte­ning

Melanoma and Sun Exposure

Nearl­y 20 perce­nt of melan­oma survi­vors admit getti­ng a sunbu­rn after diagn­osis, new study­ find­s.

Sriracha Fried Rice

Explo­re the spicy condi­ment of the momen­t

Mammography Trends

Digit­al mammo­graph­y has impro­ved cance­r detec­tion rates­, accor­ding to new study­.

Motherhood and Sleep

Are women with child­ren in the house more sleep depri­ved than men with ­kids?

Supermarket Smarts

How to make sense of sale circu­lars

Diet Tips To Conquer Belly Bloat

Manag­ing the effec­ts of gassy foods

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