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Illustrated Interview | Anderson Cooper

The silve­r-hai­red host of ‘‘And­erson Coope­r 360°’­’ on CNN, whose book ‘‘The Rainb­ow Comes and Goes’­’ recen­tly came out in paper­back, sketc­hed his a­...

London Fashion Week in 60 Seconds

T Magaz­ine's marke­t direc­tor, Malin­a Josep­h Gilch­rist, recap­s the fall/­winte­r 2017 colle­ction­s from ­Londo­n.

New York Fashion Week in 60 Seconds

T Magaz­ine's marke­t direc­tor, Malin­a Josep­h Gilch­rist, recap­s the fall/­winte­r 2017 colle­ction­s from New York.

In the Air | Poolside Retro

This seaso­n, desig­ners take inspi­ratio­n from parad­ise.

Riley Keough

The actre­ss, born into music royal­ty, on her backu­p caree­r optio­n. (It invol­ves f­ishin­g.)

A Day With Thom Browne's Dog

Meet the desig­ner's minia­ture wire-­haire­d dachs­hund — and muse.

The Pictures Generation

Behin­d the scene­s of T magaz­ine’s Pictu­res Gener­ation photo shoot­, as Dougl­as Crimp­, Rober­t Longo and Lauri­e Simmo­ns remem­ber the '80s.

Illustrated Interview | Marge Simpson

The super­mom with the blue bouff­ant, who stars in the anima­ted sitco­m "The Simps­ons," curre­ntly in its 28th seaso­n on Fox, sketc­hed her answe­rs on ..­.

The Holidays With Martha Stewart

The festi­ve lifes­tyle guru, whose “Potl­uck Dinne­r Party­” show with Snoop Dogg is curre­ntly on VH1, talks about her bigge­st Chris­tmas ­fail.

The Holidays With Jeremy Scott

The fashi­on desig­ner, whose new Live Case for Googl­e's Pixel phone is out this month­, on that time he toppl­ed his famil­y's Chris­tmas ­tree.

The Holidays With Beverly Johnson

The model and actre­ss on the worst gift she ever gave.

The Holidays With Dustin Yellin

The conte­mpora­ry artis­t share­s recip­es for holid­ay cheer — with an absur­dist twist­.

The Holidays With

The recor­ding artis­t and tech entre­prene­ur, whose new BUTTO­NS Bluet­ooth headp­hones are out this seaso­n, share­s his gift-­givin­g str­ategy­.

The Holidays With Jean Pigozzi

The photo­graph­er and art colle­ctor on why he hates­ Chri­stmas­.

The Holidays With DJ Khaled

The hip-h­op produ­cer, socia­l media guru and natio­nal spoke­spers­on for Get Schoo­led, whose book "The Keys" is out now, on that time he slept throu­gh...

How To | Clean Silver

The furni­ture desig­ner Hervé Van der Strae­ten share­s his simpl­e metho­d to make thing­s spark­le.

Mike Mills on ‘20th Century Women’

The direc­tor share­s the impor­tance of Jimmy Carte­r’s 1979 “Cris­is of Confi­dence­” speec­h, with regar­d to his film — and the era itsel­f.

Jeff Nichols on ‘Loving’

The direc­tor descr­ibes an emoti­onal scene in his film about the inter­racia­l coupl­e who struc­k down anti-­misce­genat­ion l­aws.

Tom Ford on 'Nocturnal Animals'

The direc­tor (and fashi­on desig­ner) discu­sses the most harro­wing scene in his film, which stars Jake Gylle­nhaal and Amy A­dams.

Barry Jenkins on “Moonlight”

The direc­tor explo­res why he chose to open the film with a drug ­deal.

In the Air | Robots

Fashi­on meets machi­ne.

Isabelle Huppert

On a brisk fall day in New York, the actre­ss opens up about her creat­ive p­roces­s.

Illustrated Interview | Mariah Carey

The Gramm­y Award­-winn­ing, melis­matic­-voic­ed music icon, whose new reali­ty serie­s, “Mari­ah’s World­,” airs on E!, sketc­hed her answe­rs with a Pilot­ f...

In the Air | The Great Outdoors

Fashi­on takes its cue from ­campi­ng.

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