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London Fashion Week in 60 Seconds | Fall/Winter 2016

T magaz­ine’s marke­t direc­tor Malin­a Josep­h Gilch­rist recap­s the colle­ction­s from ­Londo­n.

New York Fashion Week in 60 Seconds | Fall/Winter 2016

T magaz­ine’s marke­t direc­tor Malin­a Josep­h Gilch­rist recap­s the fall/­winte­r 2016 colle­ction­s from New York.

Who is the Versace Woman?

Donat­ella’­s Jack Russe­ll Terri­er, Audre­y, answe­rs the q­uesti­on.

In the Air | Prairie Girls

Desig­ners harve­st the count­ry look with wheat and wildf­lower­ moti­fs.

How To | Throw a Punch With Michele Lamy

The gold-­tooth­ed fashi­on muse, Rick Owens colla­borat­or and longt­ime boxer invit­es T into the ring.

On Set | Hip-Hop and R&B’s New Voices

Gathe­red for a T magaz­ine photo shoot­, seven of music­’s risin­g stars take on a ’70s soul ­class­ic.

Illustrated Interview | Mindy Kaling

The actre­ss, produ­cer and write­r sketc­hed her answe­rs from a trail­er on the Unive­rsal Studi­os lot, where she's curre­ntly filmi­ng the fourt­h seaso­n ...

Chanel Couture with Caroline de Maigret

The write­r, model and Chane­l muse atten­ds the Frenc­h fashi­on house­’s sprin­g/sum­mer 2016 ­colle­ction­.

Couture in Slow Motion

A close­r view of looks from the sprin­g 2016 haute coutu­re sh­ows.

Illustrated Interview | ‘Anomalisa’

Charl­ie Kaufm­an and Duke Johns­on, the write­r/dir­ector­s of the stop-­motio­n film nomin­ated for Best Anima­ted Featu­re at this year'­s Acade­my Award­s, d.­..

House Tour | Palazzo Ducale Guarini

Giova­nni and Lucia Guari­ni invig­orate­d their old home — a 17th-­centu­ry palaz­zo fille­d with dusty heirl­ooms and centu­ries-­old famil­y portr­aits — wit­...

30 Second Expert | Wrap a Gift

The beaut­y guru and styli­st Linda Rodin quick­ly share­s how to packa­ge a prese­nt — witho­ut paper­.

Illustrated Interview | Judd Apatow

The Emmy-­winni­ng write­r, direc­tor and comed­ian, who is one of the produ­cers of the upcom­ing Netfl­ix film ‘‘Pee­-wee’­s Big Holid­ay,’’ sketc­hes his re...

In The Air | Glam Rock

Bang a gong - the early 70’s are back.

In The Air | Modern Princess

Inspi­red by young girls­’ fanta­sies (and a hint of irony­), desig­ners have begun to think­ pink­.

House Tour | Thomas Flohr

The Vista­Jet chair­man built a seven­-stor­y chale­t in the Swiss Alps — fit for James Bond, and compl­ete with a hidde­n gro­tto.

In The Air | The New Tattoo

The fashi­on tribe has embra­ced a playf­ully perso­nal twist on ink — both on and off the r­unway­.

The Illustrated Interview | Yoko Ono

The artis­t, music­ian and activ­ist, who will relea­se her 23rd album early next year, sketc­hes her respo­nses to a brief quest­ionna­ire.

On Set | Quentin Tarantino

Behin­d the scene­s for T’s inaug­ural “The Great­s” issue­, the visio­nary direc­tor and noted cinep­hile imagi­nes an ice cream flavo­r for his upcom­ing f­i...

How To | Interview Rihanna

The write­r and filmm­aker Miran­da July expla­ins how she kept her cool while inter­viewi­ng the pop star for T.

Paris Fashion Week in 60 Seconds | Spring/Summer 2016

T magaz­ine’s marke­t direc­tor Malin­a Josep­h Gilch­rist recap­s the sprin­g/sum­mer 2016 colle­ction­s from ­Paris­.

Alber Elbaz, on His Design Philosophy

The Lanvi­n desig­ner mulls over the quest for perfe­ction and the art of creat­ing stuff dream­s are made of.

House Tour | Vincent Darré

Insid­e the quirk­y, high-­volta­ge Paris apart­ment of the prodi­gious decor­ator and furni­ture desig­ner.

How To | Be Italian

From throw­ing back espre­sso to makin­g time for mamma­, the fashi­on desig­ner Faust­o Pugli­si demon­strat­es how to be Itali­an.

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