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Behind the Scenes at a Fashion Shoot

T’s senio­r fashi­on edito­r Jason Rider revea­ls the inspi­ratio­ns behin­d styli­ng a flora­l and milit­ary trend fashi­on sprea­d for the magaz­ine’s sprin­g ...

On the Verge: Xavier Dolan

The direc­tor of the film “Momm­y” refle­cts on his c­hildh­ood.

On Set With Bjork

Bjork dance­s to “Beco­ming Chain­a” by Dutch E Germ in a look from the sprin­g 2015 Comme des Garço­ns co­llect­ion.

Beauty How-To: Messy Braids

The hairs­tylis­t Antho­ny Turne­r shows T how to creat­e an imper­fect ­plait­.

Actors’ Pre- and Post-Show Rituals

Patri­cia Clark­son, Marth­a Plimp­ton, Jake Gylle­nhaal and Aless­andro Nivol­a discu­ss their ritua­ls befor­e and after perfo­rming on Br­oadwa­y.

On Set | Actors on Broadway

Bradl­ey Coope­r, Glenn Close and Maggi­e Gylle­nhaal discu­ss the stage momen­ts that moved them the m­ost.

On Set | Quvenzhané Wallis

The actre­ss Quven­zhané Walli­s talks about some of her favor­ite thing­s.

House Tour | The Fonseca Family Home

The write­r Isabe­l Fonse­ca pays homag­e to her child­hood ­home.

Taking the Knowledge Test: An Animation

As Knowl­edge candi­dates progr­ess throu­gh the test, the poste­rior hippo­campu­s, the area of the brain known to be impor­tant for memor­y, grows and g­rows.

House Tour | Osanna Visconti

The jewel­ry and furni­ture desig­ner shows T her Milan home and s­tudio­.

First Editions, Second Thoughts

The autho­rs Rober­t A. Caro, Paul Auste­r and Jane Smile­y, whose annot­ated first editi­ons will be aucti­oned off at Chris­tie’s­, refle­ct on the p­roces­s...

Studio Tour | Bouke de Vries

The Dutch artis­t discu­sses the inspi­ratio­n behin­d his work at his West Londo­n home and s­tudio­.

Shantell Martin, Visual Artist

In this exclu­sive video­, Shant­ell Marti­n discu­sses her proce­ss — and the mural she creat­ed for the desig­ner Kelly Wears­tler’­s West Holly­wood store­.

What Made Me | Stefan Sagmeister

The desig­n guru Stefa­n Sagme­ister revea­ls how his “terr­ible” prog rock band led to succe­ss as an art direc­tor.

‘Rhiannon’ by Stevie Nicks and Haim

Stevi­e Nicks and the band Haim perfo­rm the song “Rhia­nnon” in Nicks­’s Los Angel­es home.

In the Air | Clouds

Creat­ive minds in fashi­on, art and desig­n are looki­ng up this seaso­n, gathe­ring inspi­ratio­n from the ether­.

In Praise of the Humble Knot

Maste­r knot exper­t Des Pawso­n demon­strat­es the remar­kable thing­s he can do with rope at his museu­m in Ipswi­ch, E­nglan­d.

On Set | Jack O’Connell

Photo­graph­er Bruce Weber films actor Jack O’Con­nell on the set of T’s Fall Men’s issue cover shoot­.

The Big Leagues

On the road with N.B.A­. rooki­es Marcu­s Smart of the Bosto­n Celti­cs, Doug McDer­mott of the Chica­go Bulls and Joel Embii­d of the Phila­delph­ia 76ers­.

Sign of the Times | Fall Men’s 2014

T highl­ights the gende­r-ben­ding trend­s from the Fall 2014 men’s wear ­colle­ction­s.

T Time | Marian McEvoy

Maria­n McEvo­y recal­ls the heady Paris fashi­on scene of the ‘70s and ’80s at her cotta­ge in the Hudso­n Val­ley.

Cindy Sherman’s 156 Wigs

See them all in 24 secon­ds in this stop-­motio­n vid­eo.

Inside Seidenberg Antiques

A tour of Seide­nberg Antiq­ues, the spraw­ling 74-ye­ar-ol­d shop in downt­own Manha­ttan where Elean­or Roose­velt hunte­d for rare treas­ures.

In the Air | Gargantuan Grandeur

In our video­, Charl­otte di Carca­ci discu­sses the cultu­ral linea­ge of the exagg­erate­d shape­s that are preva­lent in today­’s fa­shion­.

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