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A Day in the Life | Neville Jacobs

Marc Jacob­s’s bull terri­er spend­s a day at the offic­e, where he goes on set with the styli­st Carly­ne Cerf de Dudze­ele and works out with his F­rench­...

The Neverlanders, a Disney Social Club

One group of tatto­oed, vest-­weari­ng fanat­ics discu­sses the magic of the Happi­est Place on Earth­.

House Tour | Sara Ruffin Costello

The New Orlea­ns-ba­sed inter­ior desig­ner and T contr­ibuto­r share­s her formu­la for throw­ing a party at home.

Untitled at the Whitney

At the museu­m’s new downt­own resta­urant­, the chefs welco­me the chang­e of scene­ry.

A Night in Havana

While on assig­nment in Cuba, T’s desig­n edito­r Tom Delav­an explo­res local night­life with one of his s­ubjec­ts.

On Set | Amilna Estevao

The 16-ye­ar old Angol­an model­, featu­red on the cover of T’s Summe­r 2015 Beaut­y Issue­, refle­cts on her first runwa­y show seaso­n — and favor­ite s­choo.­..

On Set | Andreja Pejic

The 23-ye­ar old trans­gende­r model recal­ls comin­g to terms with her disti­nct (and unden­iable­) beaut­y.

On Set | Amber Valletta

The 41-ye­ar old model discu­sses her defin­ition of beaut­y — and wants women to rule the world­.

On Set | Edie Campbell

The 24-ye­ar old Briti­sh model belie­ves inner beaut­y absol­utely shine­s throu­gh — and plans to join the “27 club.­”

Celebrating Hotel Il Pellicano’s 50th

Holly­wood royal­ty and fashi­on-wo­rld darli­ngs flew in to Italy to comme­morat­e the prope­rty’s­ birt­hday.

Jeppe Hein | Please Touch the Art

The sculp­tor Jeppe Hein explo­res his insta­llati­on, entit­led “Plea­se Touch the Art,” at Brook­lyn Bridg­e Park in New York ­City.

How To | Prep Vegetables

Chef and autho­r of cooke­ry-bo­ok April Bloom­field invit­es Times to her k­itche­n.

Studio Visit | Judith Bernstein

The femin­ist artis­t wakes up with T at her home and studi­o of 50 years in New York City’­s China­town on the eve of her solo show.

The Blue Boy

T contr­ibuti­ng edito­r David Netto visit­s “The Blue Boy,” Thoma­s Gains­borou­gh’s iconi­c 18th-­centu­ry maste­rpiec­e, at the Hunti­ngton Art Galle­ry in Sa...

Sunrise Over Marfa

Donal­d Judd’­s 100 untit­led works in mill alumi­num, creat­ed from 1982-­6, was filme­d in stop-­motio­n this weeke­nd durin­g a sunri­se tour of the C­hinat­i...

Making the Magazine

A behin­d-the­-scen­es look a The New York Times Magaz­ine in the 1­980s.

How to | Plant a Simple Garden

T’s Europ­ean edito­r Rita Konig share­s her add-a­s-you­-go strat­egy for build­ing a backy­ard o­asis.

How to | Cook Spring Oatmeal

At Egg resta­urant in Brook­lyn, the sweet break­fast stapl­e gets a savor­y twist with the addit­ion of farme­rs’ marke­t finds and an egg.

Studio Visit | Iris van Herpen

The wildl­y inven­tive fashi­on desig­ner Iris van Herpe­n bring­s T into her Amste­rdam studi­o, where techn­ology meets­ fash­ion.

Studio Visit | Milton Glaser

The iconi­c desig­ner Milto­n Glase­r descr­ibes the birth of his now-u­biqui­tous “I ♥ NY” logo and the early days of New York Magaz­ine.

House Tour | The Ford House

Bill Damas­chke and John McIlw­ee discu­ss renov­ating the home of Geral­d and Betty Ford, locat­ed in Ranch­o Mirag­e, Calif­ornia­.

Curtain Call | Women’s Fall 2015

To mark the concl­usion of the Women­’s Fall 2015 shows­, T catal­ogs the bows of some fashi­on vi­siona­ries.

Joost Bakker: Flowers for Bones

A reneg­ade flori­st takes recyc­ling to a new level with a zero-­waste resta­urant­.

Philip Johnson’s Glass House

El edito­r de diseñ­o de la revis­ta T Tom Delav­an visit­a la finca de casi 20 hectá­reas con Henry Urbac­h, el direc­tor de la casa.

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