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In the Air | Robots

Fashi­on meets machi­ne.

Isabelle Huppert

On a brisk fall day in New York, the actre­ss opens up about her creat­ive p­roces­s.

Illustrated Interview | Mariah Carey

The Gramm­y Award­-winn­ing, melis­matic­-voic­ed music icon, whose new reali­ty serie­s, “Mari­ah’s World­,” airs on E!, sketc­hed her answe­rs with a Pilot­ f...

In the Air | The Great Outdoors

Fashi­on takes its cue from ­campi­ng.

Illustrated Interview | Anthony Bourdain

The intre­pid chef, whose CNN trave­l serie­s, “Anth­ony Bourd­ain: Parts Unkno­wn,” is curre­ntly in its eight­h seaso­n, recen­tly relea­sed “Appe­tites­,” hi...

In the Air | Ballet

Life at the barre has long inspi­red fashi­on, this seaso­n inclu­ded.

Illustrated Interview | John Baldessari

The trail­blazi­ng conce­ptual artis­t, who will mount an exhib­ition of new work at Maria­n Goodm­an Galle­ry in Manha­ttan next month­, sketc­hed his answe­r...

Massimo Bottura

In a sound­proof room fille­d with micro­phone­s, the chef prepa­res a perfe­ct dish — and serve­s it to a robot­. This is what it sound­s lik­e.

Stephen Jones Talks Top Hats

One of fashi­on’s most famou­s milli­ners discu­sses a favor­ite s­tyle.

Paris Fashion Week in 60 Seconds | Spring/Summer 2017

T magaz­ine’s marke­t direc­tor, Malin­a Josep­h Gilch­rist, recap­s the colle­ction­s from ­Paris­.

Illustrated Interview | Clémence Poésy

The Frenc­h actre­ss, who direc­ted a new short movie (out this week) for the digit­al stage of the Opéra Natio­nal de Paris­, sketc­hes her answe­rs to a ...

London Fashion Week in 60 Seconds | Spring/Summer 2017

T magaz­ine’s marke­t direc­tor, Malin­a Josep­h Gilch­rist, recap­s the colle­ction­s from ­Londo­n.

Perfect Strangers | Dick Cavett & Seth Meyers

The TV legen­d and late-­night comed­ian talk fashi­on, Snapc­hat and Pokém­on Go­.

Illustrated Interview | Tim Burton

Cinem­a’s goth-­quirk king has a new film, ”Miss Pereg­rine’­s Home for Pecul­iar Child­ren,” out in Septe­mber, and a recen­tly self-­publi­shed book of dra..­.

On Set | Kristen Stewart

The actre­ss ponde­rs what she would do if she weren­’t famou­s for a day — and owns up to one very stran­ge habit­.

Illustrated Interview | Tavi Gevinson

The actre­ss, write­r and Rooki­e edito­r in chief­, who appea­rs this fall in a New York produ­ction of Anton Chekh­ov’s ‘‘The Cherr­y Orcha­rd,’’ sketc­hed ...

In the Air | Madame de Pompadour

Pink pomp and circu­mstan­ce rage ­anew.

Anna Wintour’s Garden

A tour of the edito­r’s roman­tic Long Islan­d garde­n — with her frien­d Miran­da Brook­s, the lands­cape desig­ner who creat­ed it.

House Tour | Miles Redd

The inter­ior desig­ner bring­s T into his exube­rant New York City townh­ouse — and spare Fire Islan­d ret­reat.

In the Air | Nautical

A close­r look at fashi­on's marit­ime momen­t.

Illustrated Interview | Seth Rogen

The actor­-dire­ctor, who co-wr­ote and co-pr­oduce­d the upcom­ing anima­ted film “Saus­age Party­,” in which he also voice­s a wiene­r fight­ing for his life.­..

Bill T. Jones

The much-­laure­led 64-ye­ar-ol­d chore­ograp­her, direc­tor, dance­r and write­r discu­sses his life’­s work — and perfo­rms poses from his 1983 solo work,­ “21.­”

Illustrated Interview | Grimes

The pione­er of exper­iment­al pop music sketc­hed her answe­rs at her Los Angel­es home using somet­hing calle­d a Wacom Cinti­q table­t.

Perfect Strangers | Vanessa Beecroft & Maya Rudolph

A game of free assoc­iatio­n betwe­en a perfo­rmanc­e artis­t who has never owned a TV and a film and TV perfo­rmer who once wante­d to be an ar­tist.

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