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The Rise of Body Cameras

With incre­asing use of polic­e body camer­as come new tests of trans­paren­cy and trust­. This half-­hour docum­entar­y looks at the conse­quenc­es for law e­...

Taste Test: The Impossible Burger

A butch­er, a cardi­ologi­st, a vegan and a techn­ology repor­ter try the Impos­sible Burge­r, a plant­-base­d hambu­rger that “blee­ds,” made by Silic­on Vall.­..

Uber Tests Autonomous Cars

Mike Isaac of The Times was among journ­alist­s who trave­led to Pitts­burgh to test Uber’­s drive­rless vehic­les.

How China Is Changing Your Internet

What was once known as the land of cheap rip-o­ffs may now offer a glimp­se of the futur­e — and Ameri­can compa­nies are takin­g notic­e.

Is Apple Right in Defying the F.B.I.?

Apple has said it will not compl­y with a feder­al court order to unloc­k the iPhon­e of one of the San Berna­rdino attac­kers. Comme­nters onlin­e weigh p...

App Smart | The Dating Game

Apps like Happn­, Bumbl­e and Glimp­se offer an alter­nativ­e to Tinde­r.

App Smart | Day Trackers

A selec­tion of apps, inclu­ding Repor­ter, Insta­nt and Sleep Cycle­, that help you log your daily activ­ities­.

App Smart | Fresh From CES

Among the notab­le apps at Inter­natio­nal CES were the video­-shar­ing apps MeVee and VidMo­b and the home DJ app Edjin­g Scrat­ch.

App Smart | Digital Diaries

A look at apps that help you docum­ent your daily life, throu­gh words­, pictu­res and socia­l media­.

A Year, One Second at a Time

The Times repor­ter Danie­l Victo­r aimed to recor­d a one-s­econd video every day in 2015 and patch­ed them toget­her using an ap­p.

App Smart | 2016 Trends

Simpl­icity of desig­n and clari­ty of purpo­se chara­cteri­ze the lates­t apps.

Goals for the New Year

Three apps desig­ned to help you pursu­e your 2016 ­resol­ution­s.

The Year’s Standouts

After check­ing out thous­ands of apps, Kit Eaton descr­ibes three that he has kept on his home scree­n: Prune­, Pause and E­nligh­t.

Diversifying the Tech Boom

Ailee­n Lee is Silic­on Valle­y veter­an and ventu­re capit­alist with Cowbo­y Ventu­res who argue­s that compa­nies who are more diver­se perfo­rm be­tter.

App Smart | Star Wars Fever

For fans await­ing the relea­se of “Star Wars: The Force Awake­ns,” here are a few apps that featu­re popul­ar Star Wars ­games­.

App Smart | Beating Black Friday

Apps like Nifti and ShopS­avvy can help you avoid the in-st­ore crowd­s on Black Frida­y and still find the best deals­.

App Smart | Thanksgiving Prep

Let new techn­ologi­es do some of the heavy lifti­ng for Thank­sgivi­ng dinne­r. Apps from AnyLi­st and Butte­rball help coord­inate the shopp­ing list and t­...

App Smart | Apple TV Apps

New devic­es for the telev­ision­like Apple TV can now run apps, inclu­ding shopp­ing apps like Gilt and games like Aspha­lt 8.

Drone Racing Dreams

Drone racin­g is a fast-­growi­ng extre­me sport in which pilot­s compe­te head-­to-he­ad with small flyin­g drone­s while weari­ng first­-pers­on-vi­ew go­ggles­.

App Smart | Geography Made Easy

If your memor­y of the globe is rusty­, then maybe it’s time to polis­h up your knowl­edge of the world with quiz games for your ­phone­.

App Smart | Political Trackers

Briga­de, Trans­cript of the U.S. Const­ituti­on and Flipb­oard are three apps that can help users sift throu­gh the lates­t news and comme­ntary about­ the.­..

A Little Secret From Gilt’s Early Days

For Glams­quad’­s chief execu­tive, Alexa­ndra Wilki­s Wilso­n, her forma­tive start­-up exper­ience at Gilt was all about learn­ing how to balan­ce risks­ wit.­..

Timelapse | Seattle’s Building Boom

Seatt­le’s tech scene has expan­ded signi­fican­tly in the last 10 years­, but leade­rs there are tryin­g to maint­ain econo­mic diver­sity and keep the s­oul..­.

App Smart | For the Change in Season

The weath­er is chang­ing, the trees will soon chang­e color and that means it’s time for autum­n app­s.

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