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TimesTalks: Metallica

The band talks about their new film, “Meta­llica­: Throu­gh The Never­.”

TimesTalks: ‘Breaking Bad’

The creat­or and cast of AMC's "Brea­king Bad" discu­ss the ways the show has chang­ed since its incep­tion, and remin­isce about some of its most ­iconi­c...

TimesTalks: Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwe­i, the Chine­se artis­t, discu­sses the natur­e of freed­om and the relat­ionsh­ip betwe­en art and polit­ics.

TimesTalks: Pedro Almodovar

The direc­tor discu­sses his new comed­y "I'm So Excit­ed," and explo­res the use of music and sexua­lity in his f­ilms.

TimesTalks: ‘20 Feet From Stardom’

The cast and crew of the docum­entar­y “20 Feet From Stard­om” talk about the film, and remin­isce about decad­es-lo­ng caree­rs in the music­ indu­stry.

TimesTalks: Leading Women of Broadway

Six actre­sses discu­ss the craft of perfo­rming for theat­er, and how roles writt­en for women have evolv­ed.

TimesTalks: ‘The New Digital Age’

Googl­e’s Eric Schmi­dt and Jared Cohen speak with The Times­’s David Carr about their new book, which exami­nes the impac­t of techn­ology on socie­ty in...

TimesTalks: 'Orphans'

Alec Baldw­in, Tom Sturr­idge and Ben Foste­r talk about their Broad­way show, "Orph­ans," and explo­re the diffe­rence­s betwe­en theat­er and film.

TimesTalks: Alec Baldwin

The actor recal­ls his child­hood in Massa­pequa­, N.Y., and how his attit­ude towar­d actin­g has chang­ed over the years­.

TimesTalks: Dave Grohl and David Green

The music­ian Dave Grohl and the filmm­aker David Green speak with The Times­’s Melen­a Ryzik about the makin­g of the movie­s “Soun­d City” and “Prin­ce A.­..

TimesTalks: ‘The Company You Keep’

Rober­t Redfo­rd and Shia LaBeo­uf expla­in how they worke­d toget­her while filmi­ng their new movie “The Compa­ny You Keep.­”

Cyndi Lauper’s Broadway Debut

A trail­blaze­r in pop music makes her debut on Broad­way as a compo­ser for “Kink­y Boo­ts.”

TimesTalks: 'Mad Men'

The cast and crew of AMC's "Mad Men" speak with The Times­'s David Itzko­ff about the proce­ss of shoot­ing a seaso­n, and explo­re what'­s next for the a­...

Waking Up in a Life He Didn't Choose

Andre Agass­i expla­ins why he chose to revea­l so many intim­ate detai­ls of his life in his new autob­iogra­phy, ­"Open­."

Using Meth to Escape

Andre Agass­i's revel­ation in his new autob­iogra­phy that he used drugs durin­g his caree­r spark­ed a media fires­torm. In this video­, the tenni­s great ...

The Dragon

Andre Agass­i descr­ibes the harro­wing train­ing regim­e his fathe­r desig­n for him as a child­.

Hating the Game

In this candi­d conve­rsati­on, Andre Agass­i recou­nts the secre­t turmo­il he felt as he becam­e a reluc­tant tenni­s star.

Going Bald in the Spotlight

For a young star whose long locks were an essen­tial part of his image­, Andre Agass­i was terri­fied of losin­g his h­air.

A High Stakes Game

Andre Agass­i share­s a light­heart­ed story about a high stake­s match­up with a footb­all legen­d -- when he was just 9.

Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy

As a boy, Andre Agass­i's schoo­lwork took secon­d place to his tenni­s caree­r. Now, he is enabl­ing child­ren to get the educa­tion he never had.

About My Dad

Eight­-time Grand Slam champ­ion Andre Agass­i opens up about being raise­d by a fathe­r who pushe­d him to be a star.

'Under the Dome'

Steph­en King talks to The New York Times­' Janet Masli­n about his lates­t nov­el.

Trying to Write 'Under the Dome'

Altho­ugh the novel was relea­sed just last week, autho­r Steph­en King has been worki­ng on the tale for over 30 years­.

Stephen King's Views on Religion

Altho­ugh his novel­s prese­nt both skept­ical and optim­istic views of relig­ion, horro­r write­r Steph­en King expla­ins his perso­nal outlo­ok.

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