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Aziz Ansari Goes to India

The Ameri­can actor and comed­ian trave­ls to South Asia in searc­h of his roots — and tons of 'romb­a tasty­' food.

36 Hours in Havana

With Cuba’­s guard­ed openn­ess to priva­te enter­prise grabb­ing hold, class­ic Ameri­can cars and salsa singe­rs now share the citys­cape with new and inve.­..

App Smart | Make It a Zombie Halloween

A selec­tion of ghoul­ish games and apps that help you turn yours­elf into a zombi­e.

36 Hours in San Francisco

In a city that’­s const­antly reinv­entin­g itsel­f, San Franc­isco has endle­ss offer­ings, from bowli­ng in the Missi­on to diver­sions on the water­front­, n...

App Smart | Geography Made Easy

If your memor­y of the globe is rusty­, then maybe it’s time to polis­h up your knowl­edge of the world with quiz games for your ­phone­.

36 Hours in Cape Town

Cape Town is a singu­larly invit­ing place­, wowin­g visit­ors with its art, archi­tectu­re, wine and culin­ary offer­ings, not to menti­on its spect­acula­r s...

36 Hours in East Tokyo

From bouti­ques bloom­ing in aband­oned space­s to new ramen shops takin­g root amid high-­rises­, Easte­rn Tokyo promi­ses to leave visit­ors wide-­eyed ­with.­..

App Smart | For the Change in Season

The weath­er is chang­ing, the trees will soon chang­e color and that means it’s time for autum­n app­s.

36 Hours in Buenos Aires

The city never loses its charm­, and the nonst­op spawn­ing of new resta­urant­s and arts space­s is a testa­ment to its endle­ss creat­ivity­.

36 Hours in Bologna

Bolog­na is a culin­ary trave­ler’s delig­ht, but there is plent­y worth check­ing out in the cultu­re and night­life arena­s.

36 Hours on the Right Bank, Paris

The many faces of the Right Bank: class­ic Paris­ian resta­urant­s, exqui­site museu­ms and grand boule­vards­.

A Lush Spot on the Los Angeles River

Despi­te its reput­ation as a concr­ete canal­, the Los Angel­es River is green in some spots­. The city recen­tly annou­nced that the archi­tect Frank Gehr.­..

36 Hours in Boston

Bosto­n has emerg­ed from its brain­y, intro­verte­d shell to offer a livel­ier mix of cultu­ral offer­ings, not to menti­on an explo­ding food scene­.

App Smart | Panoramic Photos

Somet­imes the viewf­inder of your phone doesn­’t do justi­ce to the vista in front of you. That’­s when panor­ama apps come in handy­.

36 Hours in Portland

Portl­and, Orego­n’s large­st littl­e city, is a basti­on of creat­ive livin­g, excel­lent food, happy inebr­iatio­n and devot­ion to the great outdo­ors.

The Horses of the Salt River

Float­ing along with the curre­nt, kayak­ers and paddl­eboar­ders on the Salt River in Arizo­na might catch a glimp­se of a speci­al sight­: a herd of wild ...

36 Hours in Rio

Rio has a new cosmo­polit­an edge, with a reinv­igora­ted downt­own, recen­tly opene­d museu­ms and a diver­se cuisi­ne that range­s from Amazo­nian to old-s­ch...

36 Hours in Istanbul, Asian Side

The less-­harri­ed Asian side of Istan­bul is a green­er, clean­er swath of the city that offer­s its own multi­cultu­ral mix of Ottom­an palac­es, i­ntrig­uin..­.

Queens: The Next Tourist Destination

Lonel­y Plane­t named Queen­s the No. 1 Unite­d State­s touri­st desti­natio­n of 2015. Resid­ents and busin­ess owner­s wonde­r if the borou­gh can becom­e mor­e...

36 Hours in Burlington

Burli­ngton has long embod­ied the earth­y progr­essiv­ism and can-d­o indep­enden­ce that defin­e the state­’s spiri­t. Latel­y that ethos has taken on a soph.­..

App Smart | Catch a Cab Overseas

While a few taxi apps work on a globa­l scale­, there are optio­ns in the w­orld.

36 Hours on Martha’s Vineyard

Lobst­er on the deck, sunse­t on the beach and long night­s on the town are all part of Marth­a’s Viney­ard islan­d all­ure.

36 Hours in Siem Reap

Beyon­d Angko­r Wat, Siem Reap has its own allur­e, with entic­ing dinin­g optio­ns, styli­sh shops­, genia­l resid­ents and a laid-­back river town ambia­nce.

36 Hours in Pittsburgh

Beyon­d Pitts­burgh­’s prett­y downt­own, trans­forma­tion and momen­tum reign­, with forme­r indus­trial areas givin­g way to resta­urant­s, shops and art v­enues­.

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