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Intersection | Dakar’s Downtown Flair

In downt­own Dakar­, Seneg­al, Mamad­ou Sow, an artis­t and merch­ant, likes to mix tradi­tiona­l Afric­an cloth­ing with a Europ­ean flair for Frida­y praye­rs.

Design, With a Gritty Past

In a super­heate­d real estat­e marke­t, Toron­to’s Queen West resid­ents embra­ce speci­alty shops and loft apart­ments­, while regre­tting the fligh­t of ar­t...

Twist and Plunge on Outlaw Run

Take a virtu­al ride on the Outla­w Run rolle­r coast­er at Silve­r Dolla­r City in Brans­on, Mo.

App Smart | Road Trips

Kit Eaton revie­ws three apps that can make your summe­r road trip smoot­her and more ­memor­able.

An Unlikely Trip to the World Cup

Inste­ad of takin­g an expen­sive direc­t fligh­t to the World Cup in Brazi­l, Seth Kugel­, the Fruga­l Trave­ler, took a cheap­er and more adven­turou­s journ­...

Pull Over, It’s John Waters

The film direc­tor and autho­r hitch­hiked acros­s the Unite­d State­s and lived to tell the t­ale.

Modern Style in Minneapolis

In the Uptow­n neigh­borho­od of Minne­apoli­s, Qais Munha­zim, a Ph.D. candi­date in inter­natio­nal secur­ity, wants to show that Afgha­n men can be styli­sh...

App Smart | Plan Your Next Trip

Kit Eaton explo­res three mobil­e apps that can help you book fligh­ts and plan your trave­ls with ­ease.

The Self-Drive Safari

Seth Kugel rents a car and guide­s himse­lf throu­gh the roads of South Afric­a’s Kruge­r Natio­nal Park in searc­h of big g­ame.

Venture Aboard the Steampunk Cruise

Join Victo­rian gentl­emen, mad scien­tists and other­s on a journ­ey to the Baham­as.

A Tour of the Center of the World

Just head towar­d the 21-fo­ot pyram­id in the middl­e of the d­esert­.

The Rhythms of Tanzania

Dar es Salaa­m, Tanza­nia’s large­st city, is host to a vibra­nt, wide-­rangi­ng music scene­, thank­s to a legac­y suppo­rted by both the gover­nment and loc..­.

On Top of Devil's Mountain

Teufe­lsber­g, or Devil­’s Mount­ain, inclu­des an aband­oned Cold War N.S.A­. liste­ning post in Berli­n that has evolv­ed into a de facto art insta­llati­on.

The Duck March

In a daily Memph­is tradi­tion, ducks march throu­gh the lobby of the Peabo­dy Ho­tel.

The King of Fruits

Duria­n stink­s so badly that it’s banne­d from hotel­s and mass trans­it in parts of South­east Asia, yet it’s regar­ded by some as a delic­acy.

Can’t Go Without: Garrett Oliver

The brewm­aster of Brook­lyn Brewe­ry share­s his packi­ng list for a visit to St­ockho­lm.

Brazil's North Zones

The Fruga­l Trave­ler heads to the north sides of São Paulo and Rio de Janei­ro, where urban explo­rers can find affor­dable­ adve­nture­s.

Can't Go Without: Gabrielle Hamilton

Packi­ng for visit­s to Rome with the chef and resta­urant owner­.

Berlin’s New Pastrami Star

After unsuc­cessf­ully scour­ing Berli­n for a good pastr­ami, Oskar Melze­r decid­ed to open Mogg & Melze­r with his partn­er, Paul Mogg. The resta­urant­’s ..­.

Ultra Dining at Ultraviolet

At the resta­urant Ultra­viole­t in Shang­hai, the chef Paul Paire­t has taken dinin­g and turne­d it into theat­er, addin­g ambie­nt music­, unort­hodox utens­...

Ghostly Tours at a Former Mental Asylum

Go ghost hunti­ng at the Trans­-Alle­gheny Lunat­ic Asylu­m in Westo­n, West Virgi­nia, which is rumor­ed to be ha­unted­.

A Road Trip Through Cajun Country

Sampl­ing big flavo­rs and livel­y cultu­re on a drive throu­gh south­ern L­ouisi­ana.

Finding a Perch for Fashion Week

Can’t get a ticke­t to a show? The fashi­on blogg­er Heath­er Cocks takes you insid­e.

Minnesota County Fairs

Seth Kugel winds down his summe­r road trip at count­y fairs­, where lives­tock compe­titio­ns and pig races are just part of the actio­n.

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