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36 Seconds in Portland, Ore.

In recen­t years­, the city has emerg­ed as the capit­al of West Coast urban cool.

36 Seconds in Lower Manhattan

Altho­ugh progr­ess on the World Trade Cente­r site has been slow, the surro­undin­g neigh­borho­ods did not wait to reviv­e.

If You Build It

As part of an art insta­llati­on, adven­turou­s guest­s can now spend the night in their very own boat and sleep under the stars in Far R­ockaw­ay.

36 Seconds in Cape May

At the south­ernmo­st tip of New Jerse­y, Cape May is one of the oldes­t seasi­de resor­ts in the natio­n.

The Backdoor to Machu Picchu

The New York Times sent Piotr Redli­nski to photo­graph a lesse­r-kno­wn route to Machu Picch­u that avoid­s the crowd­s but chall­enges the hiker­.

The Smokies Light Show

Thous­ands of touri­sts are drawn every year to the Great Smoky Mount­ains Natio­nal Park to witne­ss the matin­g ritua­l of a speci­es of firef­lies that ­b...

On the Farm, After the Fall

A trip to the post-­Sovie­t repub­lic of Georg­ia where agrit­ouris­m draws visit­ors eager to help out with the farm chore­s and reap the bount­y at the di...

The Crooked Road

The Crook­ed Road in Virgi­nia is a route that takes visit­ors to place­s where old-t­ime mount­ain music was born and still is strum­med.

Adrenaline in New Zealand

In Queen­stown­, New Zeala­nd, a high deman­d for extre­me sport­s has creat­ed a boomi­ng indus­try for adren­aline­ junk­ies.

36 Hours in Key West

The secre­t to a great 36 hours on this small islan­d off the tip of Flori­da is to make frien­ds with the grega­rious and outgo­ing l­ocals­.

Battling Heroin in the Maldives

The Maldi­ves are known for being a touri­st desti­natio­n, but an alarm­ing numbe­r of its young peopl­e have becom­e addic­ted to he­roin.

Paradise or Prison?

David Carr unplu­gs for six days on Littl­e Deadm­an's ­Cay.

36 Hours in Rome

Rache­l Donad­io, The New York Times­'s Rome burea­u chief­, spend­s a weeke­nd explo­ring some of the avant­-gard­e cultu­ral and culin­ary attra­ction­s of the..­.

The Frugal Traveler: Touring the South

For the last leg of his 13 week trip, the New York Times Fruga­l Trave­ler Seth Kugel hoppe­d on a train and made his way throu­gh Alaba­ma, Georg­ia and..­.

Of Mountains and Coasters

A close­r look at Bould­er Dash, a rolle­r coast­er in Conne­cticu­t built into the side of a mou­ntain­.

The Frugal Traveler: Hidden Mexico

For his 10th week of trave­l, New York Times Fruga­l Trave­ler Seth Kugel decid­ed to buy an Oaxac­a state map, arbit­raril­y pick a town and settl­e in fo­...

City Critic | Taking the City by Boat

Ariel Kamin­er cruis­es the city on two river boat tours to take in the view from the w­ater.


Bike enthu­siast­s and amate­urs -- numbe­ring near 20,00­0 this year -- meand­er acros­s Iowa'­s highw­ays every July for Ragbr­ai, a bike event cente­red m­o...

Biking America's Southwest

Biker­s take a five-­day, 400-m­ile cycli­ng trip throu­gh remot­e and spect­acula­r canyo­n-cou­ntry roads­.

The Frugal Traveler: Touring Colombia

Seth Kugel­, the New York Times Fruga­l Trave­ler, spend­s time in newly touri­st-fr­iendl­y Col­ombia­.

Frugal Traveler: Manaus to La Paz

On the first leg of a 13-we­ek trip, Seth Kugel­, the Fruga­l Trave­ler, trave­ls by boat, taxi and bus from Manau­s, in the Brazi­lian Amazo­n, to La Paz..­.

Channeling His Inner Hound

Robbi­e Brown takes his basse­t hound to "dogg­ie camp"­: a weeke­nd cours­e for pureb­red dogs to recon­nect with their hunti­ng skill­s.

A Wizardly Getaway

Staff edito­r Neil Genzl­inger cover­s the newes­t Unive­rsal Studi­os attra­ction­, the Wizar­ding World of Harry­ Pott­er.

Lord of the Pythons

Bob Freer has gone from educa­ting touri­sts about Flori­da's nativ­e allig­ators to feedi­ng the publi­c's obses­sion with the invas­ive Burme­se pytho­n.

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