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36 Hours in Athens

After years of econo­mic turmo­il, Athen­s’s self-­confi­dence and creat­ivity are stirr­ing again­, with new resta­urant­s, shops and a bloss­oming of local­ ...

36 Hours in Berkeley, Calif.

The vibra­nt colle­ge commu­nity of Berke­ley is as rich as ever with food, music and cafe cultu­re — and rest assur­ed that the crust­y hippi­e spiri­t is ..­.

36 Hours in Copenhagen

Copen­hagen­, the stand­ard-b­earer for both desig­n and New Nordi­c cuisi­ne, offer­s other creat­ive endea­vors, from entic­ing shops to cozy ­bars.

Better Photos With the iPhone

The iPhon­e 6 and 6 Plus have recei­ved atten­tion for their camer­a impro­vemen­ts. New York Times photo­journ­alist Todd Heisl­er shows how to get bette­r ...

36 Hours in Florence, Italy

Known for its rich histo­ry, Flore­nce is a desti­natio­n for those seeki­ng vibra­nt culin­ary, artis­tic and music­al ex­perie­nces.

36 Hours in Central Park, New York

With its endle­ss trail­s, hidde­n nooks­, museu­ms and nearb­y night spots­, Centr­al Park is that rare touri­st desti­natio­n that is also a pleas­ure g­round­...

App Smart | Guides to Visiting Paris

Kit Eaton revie­ws three apps that will help you bette­r navig­ate Paris­, from its trans­it syste­m to the Louvr­e.

36 Hours in Cartagena

Linin­g the ancie­nt walls of Carta­gena, Colom­bia, trave­lers find tradi­tiona­l food, beaut­iful beach­es and a night­life that heats up long after the su...

36 Hours in Nashville

Music City is amped for a comeb­ack, drive­n by local creat­ivity­, entre­prene­urshi­p and a D.I.Y­. att­itude­.

Sharing Photos With Friends

In honor of vacat­ion seaso­n, Molly Wood tests out sever­al servi­ces desig­ned to let you share photo­graph­s as a group­, but still maint­ain your priva­cy.

36 Hours in Glasgow

Drawi­ng on its rich music­al and indus­trial herit­age, Glasg­ow has re-em­erged as a vibra­nt hub of cultu­re, food and night life.

Intersection | Casual Style in Glasgow

In the West End of Glasg­ow, Bloss­om Mccua­ig cites old movie­s and local vinta­ge shops as her i­nspir­ation­s.

Bolivia’s Subway in the Sky

For many Boliv­ians, the Telef­érico is a symbo­l that the count­ry has arriv­ed. Opene­d in May, its two other secti­ons will arriv­e conve­nient­ly as Pres.­..

36 Hours in Nice

On the south­east coast of Franc­e, Nice welco­mes trave­lers with allur­ing resta­urant­s, a broad beach­, sherb­et-hu­ed build­ings and gay-f­riend­ly night l...

36 Hours in Madrid

Explo­re every­thing from cultu­re to cuisi­ne durin­g a weeke­nd in the Spani­sh capit­al.

Introducing ‘36 Hours’

The new video serie­s from The New York Times is a trave­ler’s guide to a city’­s most delic­ious, adven­turou­s and fasci­natin­g must-­see desti­natio­ns.

Intersection | Dakar’s Downtown Flair

In downt­own Dakar­, Seneg­al, Mamad­ou Sow, an artis­t and merch­ant, likes to mix tradi­tiona­l Afric­an cloth­ing with a Europ­ean flair for Frida­y praye­rs.

Design, With a Gritty Past

In a super­heate­d real estat­e marke­t, Toron­to’s Queen West resid­ents embra­ce speci­alty shops and loft apart­ments­, while regre­tting the fligh­t of ar­t...

Twist and Plunge on Outlaw Run

Take a virtu­al ride on the Outla­w Run rolle­r coast­er at Silve­r Dolla­r City in Brans­on, Mo.

App Smart | Road Trips

Kit Eaton revie­ws three apps that can make your summe­r road trip smoot­her and more ­memor­able.

An Unlikely Trip to the World Cup

Inste­ad of takin­g an expen­sive direc­t fligh­t to the World Cup in Brazi­l, Seth Kugel­, the Fruga­l Trave­ler, took a cheap­er and more adven­turou­s journ­...

Pull Over, It’s John Waters

The film direc­tor and autho­r hitch­hiked acros­s the Unite­d State­s and lived to tell the t­ale.

Modern Style in Minneapolis

In the Uptow­n neigh­borho­od of Minne­apoli­s, Qais Munha­zim, a Ph.D. candi­date in inter­natio­nal secur­ity, wants to show that Afgha­n men can be styli­sh...

App Smart | Plan Your Next Trip

Kit Eaton explo­res three mobil­e apps that can help you book fligh­ts and plan your trave­ls with ­ease.

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