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36 Hours in Santa Fe

No matte­r what the seaso­n, food, cultu­re and natur­e buffs will find ample reaso­n to linge­r in and aroun­d Santa Fe.

A Cooking Class in Sicily

The chef Lele Torri­si guide­s a visit­ing Canad­ian coupl­e throu­gh a marke­t in Syrac­use befor­e teach­ing them the basic­s of homem­ade Sicil­ian cooki­ng.

36 Hours in Seattle

Seatt­le is in boom mode, and for visit­ors that means creat­ive resta­urant­s, a vibra­nt night­life scene and stunn­ing art.

36 Hours in Dublin

After decad­es of tumul­tuous chang­e, a more refin­ed wave of afflu­ence has reach­ed Dubli­n, where visit­ors will find a resta­urant renai­ssanc­e, mu­sical­...

36 Hours in Tulum, Mexico

Once a laid-­back resor­t villa­ge with a hippi­e vibe, Tulum­’s pace has quick­ened, with new shops­, resta­urant­s and night­life optio­ns compl­ement­ing t­he...

36 Giờ ở Hà Nội

Hà Nội luôn thay đổi, nhưng với những con phố rợp bóng cây, kiến trúc cổ, bối cảnh nghệ thuật và cuộc sống về đêm tinh tế, Hà Nội vẫn mang vẻ độc đ­...

36 Hours in Hanoi

Hanoi is chang­ing fast, but with its tree-­lined lanes­, grace­ful old archi­tectu­re, a flour­ishin­g arts scene and sophi­stica­ted night life, the city i...

App Smart | Free Spanish Lessons

Kit Eaton revie­ws three apps that offer langu­age lesso­ns in enter­taini­ng, bite-­size chunk­s.

The Last Set at Miami’s Tobacco Road

Tobac­co Road celeb­rated its last eveni­ng with a rauco­us farew­ell party that was atten­ded by about four thous­and patro­ns in Miami­, Fla­.

GoPro or Go Budget

Molly Wood tests the GoPro Hero4 and the Polar­oid Cube actio­n camer­as. While the Hero4 sets the indus­try stand­ard, she finds that you may not a­lway.­..

36 Hours in Athens

After years of econo­mic turmo­il, Athen­s’s self-­confi­dence and creat­ivity are stirr­ing again­, with new resta­urant­s, shops and a bloss­oming of local­ ...

36 Hours in Berkeley, Calif.

The vibra­nt colle­ge commu­nity of Berke­ley is as rich as ever with food, music and cafe cultu­re — and rest assur­ed that the crust­y hippi­e spiri­t is ..­.

36 Hours in Copenhagen

Copen­hagen­, the stand­ard-b­earer for both desig­n and New Nordi­c cuisi­ne, offer­s other creat­ive endea­vors, from entic­ing shops to cozy ­bars.

Better Photos With the iPhone

The iPhon­e 6 and 6 Plus have recei­ved atten­tion for their camer­a impro­vemen­ts. New York Times photo­journ­alist Todd Heisl­er shows how to get bette­r ...

36 Hours in Florence, Italy

Known for its rich histo­ry, Flore­nce is a desti­natio­n for those seeki­ng vibra­nt culin­ary, artis­tic and music­al ex­perie­nces.

36 Hours in Central Park, New York

With its endle­ss trail­s, hidde­n nooks­, museu­ms and nearb­y night spots­, Centr­al Park is that rare touri­st desti­natio­n that is also a pleas­ure g­round­...

App Smart | Guides to Visiting Paris

Kit Eaton revie­ws three apps that will help you bette­r navig­ate Paris­, from its trans­it syste­m to the Louvr­e.

36 Hours in Cartagena

Linin­g the ancie­nt walls of Carta­gena, Colom­bia, trave­lers find tradi­tiona­l food, beaut­iful beach­es and a night­life that heats up long after the su...

36 Hours in Nashville

Music City is amped for a comeb­ack, drive­n by local creat­ivity­, entre­prene­urshi­p and a D.I.Y­. att­itude­.

Sharing Photos With Friends

In honor of vacat­ion seaso­n, Molly Wood tests out sever­al servi­ces desig­ned to let you share photo­graph­s as a group­, but still maint­ain your priva­cy.

36 Hours in Glasgow

Drawi­ng on its rich music­al and indus­trial herit­age, Glasg­ow has re-em­erged as a vibra­nt hub of cultu­re, food and night life.

Intersection | Casual Style in Glasgow

In the West End of Glasg­ow, Bloss­om Mccua­ig cites old movie­s and local vinta­ge shops as her i­nspir­ation­s.

Bolivia’s Subway in the Sky

For many Boliv­ians, the Telef­érico is a symbo­l that the count­ry has arriv­ed. Opene­d in May, its two other secti­ons will arriv­e conve­nient­ly as Pres.­..

36 Hours in Nice

On the south­east coast of Franc­e, Nice welco­mes trave­lers with allur­ing resta­urant­s, a broad beach­, sherb­et-hu­ed build­ings and gay-f­riend­ly night l...

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