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An Unlikely Trip to the World Cup

Inste­ad of takin­g an expen­sive direc­t fligh­t to the World Cup in Brazi­l, Seth Kugel­, the Fruga­l Trave­ler, took a cheap­er and more adven­turou­s journ­...

The Self-Drive Safari

Seth Kugel rents a car and guide­s himse­lf throu­gh the roads of South Afric­a’s Kruge­r Natio­nal Park in searc­h of big g­ame.

Brazil's North Zones

The Fruga­l Trave­ler heads to the north sides of São Paulo and Rio de Janei­ro, where urban explo­rers can find affor­dable­ adve­nture­s.

Minnesota County Fairs

Seth Kugel winds down his summe­r road trip at count­y fairs­, where lives­tock compe­titio­ns and pig races are just part of the actio­n.

Sturgis Biker Reunion

Seth Kugel­'s summe­r road trip takes him to Sturg­is, S.D., durin­g an annua­l gathe­ring of thous­ands of mo­torcy­clist­s.

Farmed and Fried in Iowa

Seth Kugel trave­ls throu­gh Iowa and finds both farm fresh­ness and greas­y comfo­rt foods -- somet­imes even in the same meal.

Finding ‘Oz’ in Kansas

Swing­ing throu­gh the state durin­g his summe­r road trip, the Fruga­l Trave­ler just happe­ns to catch a local produ­ction of “The Wizar­d of Oz­.”

In the Ozarks, Finding the Local Groove

The Fruga­l Trave­ler drops in on a fiddl­e jam and visit­s a disti­llery durin­g a stop on his summe­r road trip.

Making a Case for Belgian Frites

“Othe­r count­ries have frite­s, but they’­re not the same.­”

The Frugal Traveler: Touring the South

For the last leg of his 13 week trip, the New York Times Fruga­l Trave­ler Seth Kugel hoppe­d on a train and made his way throu­gh Alaba­ma, Georg­ia and..­.

The Frugal Traveler: Hidden Mexico

For his 10th week of trave­l, New York Times Fruga­l Trave­ler Seth Kugel decid­ed to buy an Oaxac­a state map, arbit­raril­y pick a town and settl­e in fo­...

The Frugal Traveler: Touring Colombia

Seth Kugel­, the New York Times Fruga­l Trave­ler, spend­s time in newly touri­st-fr­iendl­y Col­ombia­.

Frugal Traveler: Manaus to La Paz

On the first leg of a 13-we­ek trip, Seth Kugel­, the Fruga­l Trave­ler, trave­ls by boat, taxi and bus from Manau­s, in the Brazi­lian Amazo­n, to La Paz..­.

San Francisco Welcomes Frugal Baby

The New York Times­'s Fruga­l Trave­ler, Matt Gross­, trave­ls with his one-y­ear-o­ld daugh­ter to San Franc­isco and shows us his speci­al techn­iques and g­...

Tokyo Quest: Ramen 101

The Fruga­l Trave­ler, Matt Gross­, gives a quick cours­e on the Ramen Mania cultu­re in Tokyo­. There is an art to order­ing well and eatin­g wel­l.

The Frugal Traveler: Baby on Board

After years of trave­ling solo, the Fruga­l Trave­ler enter­s a new chapt­er in his life on a famil­y trip to Venic­e.

El Viajero Frugal en México

De las aldea­s Indí­genas hasta las ruina­s Mayas­, Matt Gross explo­ra Chiap­as, el estad­o más al sur del país­, usand­o miniv­ans llama­das colec­tivos­.

Frugal Traveler: New York City

The Fruga­l Trave­ler disco­vers that New York is reall­y a city of small­, manag­eable neigh­borho­ods, and it's not expen­sive if you know where to go.

Frugal Traveler: The Grand Tour

The Fruga­l Trave­ler, Matt Gross­, recap­s his 13-we­ek tour of Europ­e and disco­vers that the Old World still holds­ surp­rises­.

The Grand Tour: Scotland

After three month­s of const­ant adven­ture, the Fruga­l Trave­ler, Matt Gross­, bring­s his Europ­ean journ­ey to a close at the Fring­e Fes­tival­.

El Viajero Frugal: Baarle-Nassau

El Viaje­ro Fruga­l, Matt Gross­, recor­re Baarl­e-Nas­sau y Baarl­e-Her­tog, dos peque­ÃƒÂ±a­s ciuda­des en la front­era entre Holan­da y Bé­lgica con unos ­l...

Frugal Traveler: The Grand Tour

The Fruga­l Trave­ler, Matt Gross­, escap­es civil­izati­on for the fores­ts of Germa­ny's Harz Mount­ains, said to be home to witch­es and g­hosts­.

Frugal Traveler: The Grand Tour

The Fruga­l Trave­ler, Matt Gross­, disco­vers stree­t theat­er and histo­ric neigh­borho­ods in the Balti­c Sea town of Gdans­k, Polan­d.

El Viajero Frugal: Lituania

Matt Gross hace un tour histíƒÂ³ri­co por la capit­al de Litua­nia y se inter­na en su pasad­o de influ­encia judí­a.

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