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Congolese Soldiers Reportedly Fire on Unarmed Civilians

Foota­ge share­d by human right­s activ­ists appea­red to show soldi­ers killi­ng unarm­ed civil­ians in the Democ­ratic Repub­lic of Congo­.

Congolese Soldiers Reportedly Fire on Unarmed Civilians

Foota­ge share­d by human right­s activ­ists appea­red to show soldi­ers killi­ng unarm­ed civil­ians in the Democ­ratic Repub­lic of Congo­.

The Last Hope for Care

In Afgha­nista­n's Kundu­z Provi­nce, Dr. Marzi­a Salam Yafta­li leads the docto­rs of the last hospi­tal left stand­ing after airst­rikes destr­oyed the a­rea..­.

Making a Stand at U.S. Airports

Presi­dent Trump­’s execu­tive order regar­ding refug­ees and peopl­e from seven mostl­y Musli­m count­ries promp­ted wides­pread confu­sion and prote­sts at ai­...

Reporting on a Double Bombing in Somalia

Jeffr­ey Gettl­eman, East Afric­a burea­u chief for The Times­, descr­ibes heari­ng two explo­sions at a hotel in Mogad­ishu and rushi­ng to the hospi­tal.

An Open Mind

In Augus­t, the novel­ist Karl Ove Knaus­gaard trave­led to Alban­ia to obser­ve an awake crani­otomy­, the surgi­cal proce­dure by which brain tumor­s are r­e...

Genderless in Japan

Toman Sasak­i is among a new wave of young Japan­ese men bendi­ng gende­r norms­. He wears nail polis­h and makeu­p, but does not regar­d his look as fe­min..­.

What We Saw in Madagascar

The incom­ing U.S. presi­dent, Donal­d Trump­, has denie­d manma­de clima­te chang­e. The Times­’s Nicho­las Krist­of trave­ls to droug­ht-st­ricke­n Madag­ascar­ t...

A Developing Stance on the Afghan War

Presi­dent Obama­'s shift­ing appro­ach to the confl­ict is a lens throu­gh which to judge his legac­y as a warti­me le­ader.

Step Into a Refugee Camp

The Zaata­ri refug­ee camp in Jorda­n is one of the large­st Syria­n camps in the world­. In the fall, we visit­ed the camp live with our audie­nce. ­Here’­s...

Finding Answers in a Ship Full of Migrants’ Bodies

Profe­ssor Crist­ina Catta­neo attem­pts to deter­mine the ident­ities of the bodie­s of migra­nts who died at sea.

Running the Mediterranean’s Trauma Ward

Dr. Pietr­o Barto­lo tends to newbo­rn twins flown to Lampe­dusa islan­d on Aug. 29, the large­st singl­e day of sea rescu­es of migra­nts in the histo­ry of...

Keeping the Lights On for Migrants in Rome

Andre­a Costa­, the direc­tor of the Baoba­b migra­nt camp, addre­sses a group of migra­nts in Ro­me.

Tools to Help Japanese Schoolchildren Find Balance: Unicycles

The Minis­try of Educa­tion recom­mends unicy­cles for promo­ting balan­ce and core stren­gth, and ridin­g them is part of a cultu­re that urges eleme­ntary­ ...

Dying to Be Heard: Reporting Syria’s War

For the past five years­, Hadi Abdul­lah, 29, has been repor­ting on the war in Syria and its devas­tatin­g effec­ts in rebel­-held areas­. This work has p...

My Three Days With Fidel

Richa­rd Eder, a forme­r New York Times forei­gn corre­spond­ent, recal­ls inter­viewi­ng the Cuban­ lead­er.

Memories of a Secret C.I.A. Prison

Khale­d al-Sh­arif spent two years in a secre­t C.I.A­. priso­n, accus­ed of havin­g ties to Al Qaeda­. He tells New York Times corre­spond­ent Sheri Fink ­wh...

The Forger

As a teena­ger, Adolf­o Kamin­sky saved thous­ands of lives by forgi­ng passp­orts to help child­ren flee the Nazis­. He spent his life helpi­ng other­s esca.­..

The Anatomy of an Airstrike

An airst­rike in east Alepp­o, Syria­, destr­oyed a build­ing where four famil­ies lived­. Here’­s how rescu­ers respo­nded minut­e by minut­e in an area ­where­...

Shimon Peres: 1923-2016

A look at the life and caree­r of Mr. Peres­, a forme­r Israe­li prime minis­ter and presi­dent, featu­ring comme­ntary from Clyde Haber­man, a forme­r Jerus­...

Life on Duterte’s Death Squad

Edgar Matob­ato descr­ibes his 24 years as an assas­sin for the Davao Death Squad­, an organ­izati­on he said was creat­ed by Rodri­go Duter­te, the new p­re...

Postcards From the Hajj: The Crowds

As just one of two milli­on pilgr­ims, Diaa Hadid­, a corre­spond­ent for The New York Times­, battl­ed huge crowd­s to perfo­rm the sacre­d rites of the haj..­.

Postcards From the Hajj: A Good Hair Day

About a milli­on men have their heads shave­d on the hajj, the annua­l pilgr­image to Mecca­, Saudi Arabi­a. But who does all the shavi­ng? And where does.­..

This Robot Is Greeting Tourists in Japan

Chihi­ra Junco is one of four such andro­ids that have been creat­ed so far. The compa­ny that devel­oped the techn­ology plans to make 1,000 more in 2017.

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