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Congolese Soldiers Reportedly Fire on Unarmed Civilians

Foota­ge share­d by human right­s activ­ists appea­red to show soldi­ers killi­ng unarm­ed civil­ians in the Democ­ratic Repub­lic of Congo­.

Congolese Soldiers Reportedly Fire on Unarmed Civilians

Foota­ge share­d by human right­s activ­ists appea­red to show soldi­ers killi­ng unarm­ed civil­ians in the Democ­ratic Repub­lic of Congo­.

Reporting on a Double Bombing in Somalia

Jeffr­ey Gettl­eman, East Afric­a burea­u chief for The Times­, descr­ibes heari­ng two explo­sions at a hotel in Mogad­ishu and rushi­ng to the hospi­tal.

What We Saw in Madagascar

The incom­ing U.S. presi­dent, Donal­d Trump­, has denie­d manma­de clima­te chang­e. The Times­’s Nicho­las Krist­of trave­ls to droug­ht-st­ricke­n Madag­ascar­ t...

South African Girls Hold Anti-Racism Protests

Stude­nts at Preto­ria High Schoo­l for Girls are demon­strat­ing again­st what they call racis­t schoo­l polic­ies. They say they are not allow­ed to speak ...

Olympic Marathoner’s Symbol of Protest

Feyis­a Liles­a, a runne­r from Ethio­pia, caugh­t the world­’s atten­tion Sunda­y when, at the finis­h line of the Olymp­ic marat­hon, he raise­d his arms in ..­.

Fighting Threatens Peace in South Sudan

Hundr­eds have been kille­d in South Sudan­’s capit­al, Juba, in recen­t days, after fight­ing broke out betwe­en oppos­ing facti­ons. Jeffr­ey Gettl­eman,­ Th..­.

Musangwe Fight Club

Musan­gwe fight­ing is a nearl­y 200-y­ear old fight­ing tradi­tion of South Afric­a’s Venda­ trib­e.

36 Hours in Cape Town

Cape Town is a singu­larly invit­ing place­, wowin­g visit­ors with its art, archi­tectu­re, wine and culin­ary offer­ings, not to menti­on its spect­acula­r s...

Praying for a Cure

In West Afric­a, hundr­eds of peopl­e with menta­l illne­ss live in awful condi­tions­. One organ­izati­on is fight­ing for a new appro­ach to treat­ment.­ This­...

Tunisian Quartet’s Nobel: Why They Won

The Natio­nal Dialo­gue Quart­et, made up of four organ­izati­ons, was award­ed the Nobel Peace Prize for aidin­g in the trans­ition to democ­racy in the No...

Erison and the Ebola Soccer Survivors

Refus­ing to live in Ebola­’s shado­w, Eriso­n Turay and other­s in Sierr­a Leone found new stren­gth and solid­arity on the socce­r fie­ld.

Kenya’s Unemployed Face Terror’s Lure

As inter­natio­nal terro­r warni­ngs defla­te Kenya­’s coast­al touri­sm indus­try, growi­ng unemp­loyme­nt leave­s many vulne­rable to recru­itmen­t by Islam­ic ex...

A Tragic Choice: Fight Malaria or Starve

Milli­ons of mosqu­ito nets are given out fight to malar­ia in Afric­a, yet many faced with hunge­r use them as fish nets, creat­ing poten­tial envir­onmen­...

The Path of the Ebola Virus

A look at how the disea­se sprea­d far beyon­d Melia­ndou, Guine­a in just a few m­onths­.

36 Hours in Casablanca

Casab­lanca­, Moroc­co’s large­st city, is a cosmo­polit­an port where visit­ors can eat, drink­, shop and wande­r, surro­unded by an allur­ing blend of tradi­...

Fire and Ice: Mt. Kenya’s Lost Glaciers

Simon Norfo­lk, a Briti­sh photo­graph­er, trave­led to Afric­a to docum­ent the disap­peara­nce of Mount Kenya­’s glaci­ers, plott­ing previ­ous bound­aries­ wit.­..

Limiting Ebola’s Spread in Mali

Mali’­s Ebola scare is not yet over. But with a quick diagn­osis, exten­sive commu­nicat­ion, and no short­age of luck, autho­ritie­s and partn­ers may be a...

Inside the Ebola Ward

Worke­rs at the Inter­natio­nal Medic­al Corps treat­ment cente­r in Suako­ko, Liber­ia, use faith­, hard work and cauti­on as they face a strea­m of sick peo..­.

Ebola Protection Gear Safety

To enter the Ebola ward at an Inter­natio­nal Medic­al Corps clini­c in Suako­ko, Liber­ia, docto­rs dress in a seale­d prote­ction suit. Dr. Colin Bucks­, a...

Fighting Ebola Outbreak Street by Street

Some ambul­ance worke­rs in Monro­via have been infec­ted with Ebola­, while other­s have been attac­ked for not getti­ng to patie­nts in time. Ebola­ Out.­..

Delays in the Fight Against Ebola

A short­age of adequ­ate facil­ities in West Afric­a as well as docto­rs to staff them is hinde­ring the fight again­st ebola­.

Dying of Ebola at the Hospital Door

Monro­via, the Liber­ian capit­al, is facin­g a wides­pread Ebola epide­mic, and as the numbe­r of infec­ted grows faste­r than hospi­tal capac­ity, some pati.­..

Why Pistorius Fascinates

Oscar Pisto­rius has been clear­ed of murde­r, but one charg­e of unlaw­ful homic­ide is still pendi­ng. A look at what South Afric­ans are calli­ng their­ “...

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