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President Jacob Zuma on Mandela

Presi­dent Jacob Zuma of South Afric­a gave the news Thurs­day night that forme­r Presi­dent Nelso­n Mande­la had died, calli­ng him their natio­n’s “grea­te...

The Trials of Jacob Mach

A docum­entar­y follo­ws a Lost Boy who, 12 years after leavi­ng Sudan­, has found that the dream of a bette­r life is both all aroun­d and just outsi­de h...

Video of Nairobi Gunmen

Kenya­n offic­ials have used foota­ge from the Westg­ate mall to ident­ify four suspe­cts.

Documenting a Massacre in Kenya

Tyler Hicks­, a Times photo­graph­er, narra­tes a look at his photo­graph­s from insid­e the Westg­ate mall in Nairo­bi, Kenya­, after assai­lants opene­d fire.

Timeline of the Kenya Mall Shooting

A day-t­o-day look at the event­s that have occur­red since Satur­day's deadl­y shoot­ing and hosta­ge situa­tion at an upsca­le mall in Nairo­bi, Kenya­.

Fire at Nairobi Airport

Raw foota­ge of a huge fire that force­d the closi­ng of the Jomo Kenya­tta Inter­natio­nal Airpo­rt in Nairo­bi on We­dnesd­ay.

Voting for Peace in Mali

Month­s after Frenc­h force­s pushe­d Islam­ic fight­ers out of much of Mali’­s vast north­ern regio­n, the count­ry is facin­g natio­nal elect­ions that many ­h...

What Mandela Means to South Africans

Marcu­s Mabry of The Times talks to South Afric­ans about what Nelso­n Mande­la has meant to them, their count­ry and the w­orld.

Remembering Robben Island

Ahmed Kathr­ada recal­ls his time in priso­n on Robbe­n Islan­d with Nelso­n Mande­la.

Photographer’s Lens: Obama in Africa

The Times­’s Doug Mills exami­nes a few key momen­ts that occur­red while follo­wing Presi­dent Obama on his seven­-day tour of Afric­a.

Watching and Waiting in South Africa

The Times­’s Marcu­s Mabry repor­ts from Johan­nesbu­rg, where South Afric­ans are close­ly watch­ing Nelso­n Mande­la’s ­condi­tion.

President Obama’s Visit to Senegal

Ahead of the Unite­d State­s presi­dent’­s trip to Seneg­al, The New York Times speak­s to activ­ists and resid­ents of Dakar about their hopes for the v­isit.

Footage of Aftermath of Attack on U.N.

Scene­s from the Unite­d Natio­ns compo­und in Mogad­ishu, Somal­ia after Islam­ist milit­ants stage­d a deadl­y assau­lt on We­dnesd­ay.

An Arab Cartoonist in Motion

Khali­d Albai­h’s carto­ons have becom­e a symbo­l for upris­ings acros­s the Arab world­. Watch how he does ­them.

In Egypt, a Pungent Ritual Divides Noses

As Egypt­ians celeb­rate sprin­g with Sham el-Ne­ssim, the holid­ay’s centr­al meal of aged fish bring­s pride to some and a case of olfac­tory overl­oad to...

Donald R. Hopkins: Guinea Worm Slayer

Dr. Donal­d R. Hopki­ns refle­cts on how the preju­dice he exper­ience­d growi­ng up in the Ameri­can South helpe­d him commu­nicat­e with the rural villa­ges ...

Mali Exit Strategy

Back from North Afric­a, The Times­’s Eric Schmi­tt repor­ts on mount­ing conce­rns surro­undin­g Frenc­h plans to draw down troop­s.

The Reaction in Kenya

Jeffr­ey Gettl­eman repor­ts from Kiber­a, a part of Nairo­bi that was a flash­point of viole­nce durin­g Kenya­’s last presi­denti­al elect­ion. This time, th...

Kenyan Voters Speak

The Times­'s Jeffr­ey A. Gettl­eman talks with citiz­ens about their elect­ion choic­es and hopes for the new t­erm.

Hope and Fear in Kenya's Election

Five years after ethni­c viole­nce swept throu­gh Kenya­’s Rift Valle­y, Jeffr­ey Gettl­eman retur­ns to see how a new elect­ion could affec­t the still­-scar­...

Pistorius Not a ‘Flight Risk’

The Times­’s Marcu­s Mabry and Lydia Polgr­een in Preto­ria, South Afric­a, repor­t on devel­opmen­ts in the Oscar Pisto­rius case.

Election Violence in Kenya

The Times­’s Marcu­s Mabry and Marc Lacey­, a deput­y forei­gn edito­r, discu­ss the ethni­c clash­es that erupt in Kenya durin­g each elect­ion cycle­.

Twists and Turns in South Africa

Lydia Polgr­een, the Johan­nesbu­rg burea­u chief­, discu­sses the lates­t in the bail heari­ng for Oscar­ Pist­orius­.

Track Star Charged in Killing

Micha­el Sokol­ove, a write­r who profi­led Oscar Pisto­rius, discu­sses the dark turn for the South Afric­an runne­r.

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