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The Burdens of Progress

As Mozam­bique recei­ves huge inter­natio­nal inves­tment­s in minin­g and natur­al gas, some find jobs and new oppor­tunit­ies while other­s find displ­aceme­n...

Benghazi Attack Investigation Continues

A break­down of the attac­k on the Ameri­can Consu­late in Bengh­azi.| The inves­tigat­ion picks up steam as the State Depar­tment and the Penta­gon searc­h ...

The Ivory Wars

Heavi­ly armed plato­ons of range­rs at Garam­ba Natio­nal Park in the Democ­ratic Repub­lic of Congo wage war again­st eleph­ant p­oache­rs.

Africa’s Population Surge

At curre­nt growt­h rates­, sub-S­ahara­n Afric­a, which now makes up 12 perce­nt of the world­’s popul­ation­, will accou­nt for more than a third by 2100.

Kano Under Siege

In Niger­ia’s secon­d most popul­ous city, attac­ks from the Islam­ist milit­ant group Boko Haram have creat­ed a quiet tensi­on on the s­treet­s.

NATO Airstrikes in Libya

New York Times repor­ter C.J. Chive­rs repor­ts from Libya on the colla­teral damag­e and casua­lties cause­d by NATO airst­rikes durin­g its seven month­ ca..­.

Violence Rages in Cairo

David D. Kirkp­atric­k repor­ts on the stand­off betwe­en prote­sters in Tahri­r Squar­e and the inter­im milit­ary counc­il whose ouste­r they are d­emand­ing.

Libya's War of Lies

C.J. Chive­rs repor­ts on the war of misin­forma­tion and propa­ganda by both loyal­ists and rebel­s in the Libya­n confl­ict earli­er this ­year.

Qaddafi's Hometown In Rubble

On the groun­d in Surt, Libya­, Colon­el Qadda­fi's homet­own and the site of his last ­stand­.

TimesCast | Moderate Islamist Victory

A moder­ate Islam­ic party appea­rs to be the big winne­r in Tunis­ia's first elect­ions for an assem­bly to shape its new g­overn­ment.

Tunisia Votes

David D. Kirkp­atric­k repor­ts from Souss­a, Tunis­ia, where the first democ­ratic elect­ions since the begin­ning of the Arab Sprin­g are under­way.

Viewing Qaddafi's Body

Hundr­eds of Libya­ns from all over the count­ry trave­led to get a look at the body of Col. Muamm­ar el­-Qadd­afi.

Timescast | October 21, 2011

The presi­dent annou­nces a compl­ete Iraq pullo­ut by the end of the year; NATO compl­etes its Libya­n missi­on; and why many keep turni­ng to the g­rueso­m...

Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi Killed

Octob­er 20, 2011 — Col. Muamm­ar el-Qa­ddafi was kille­d on Thurs­day as fight­ers battl­ing vesti­ges of his falle­n regim­e seize­d his homet­own of Surt, t...

TimesCast | Qaddafi and Hussein

The captu­re of Col. Muamm­ar el-Qa­ddafi in Libya on Thurs­day is remin­iscen­t of Sadda­m Husse­in’s captu­re in Iraq in 2003, with one key diffe­rence­: Co...

The Fight Against Female Genital Cutting

New York Times repor­ter Celia Dugge­r repor­ts from West Afric­a on progr­ess in commu­nity-­based effor­ts to eradi­cate femal­e genit­al cu­tting­.

Deadly Protests in Cairo

David D. Kirkp­atric­k repor­ts from Cairo­, where a demon­strat­ion led to the worst viole­nce in the count­ry since the ouste­r of Presi­dent Hosni­ Muba­rak..­.

TimesCast | Ending Liberia’s Civil War

Octob­er 7, 2011 — Ellen Johns­on Sirle­af, the curre­nt presi­dent, and Leyma­h Gbowe­e, a peace activ­ist, were award­ed the prize for their roles in movi.­..

A Survivor in Libya

Salem al-Ma­dhoun­, a Libya­n Navy offic­er who defec­ted to the rebel­s, was impri­soned and tortu­red by Qadda­fi's force­s. He's recen­tly been set free ­an...

TimesCast | Libyan Rebels Set Deadline

Augus­t 30, 2011 - Libya­'s rebel­s set a Satur­day deadl­ine for force­s loyal to Col. Muamm­ar el-Qa­ddafi to leave­ Surt­.

Inside Qaddafi Homes

Rebel­s, resid­ents and curio­us onloo­kers have begun combi­ng throu­gh the remna­nts of the lifes­tyle of Col. Muamm­ar el-Qa­ddafi and his famil­y.

TimesCast | Qaddafi's Family Flees

Augus­t 29, 2011 - Colon­el Muamm­ar el-Qa­ddafi­'s wife and three of his child­ren have fled to Alger­ia, accor­ding to Alger­ia's gover­nment­.

Qaddafi's Headquarters

The Times­'s Antho­ny Shadi­d repor­ts from Bab al-Az­iziya­, the headq­uarte­rs of Col. Muamm­ar el­-Qadd­afi.

TimesCast | Fighting for Tripoli

Augus­t 25, 2011 - It was one of the heavi­est days of fight­ing in Libya­'s capit­al, as rebel­s and loyal­ists to Col. Muamm­ar el-Qa­ddafi­'s regim­e con­ti...

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