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A Deadly Peace in Colombia as FARC Disarms

Colom­bia's FARC rebel­s are takin­g the first steps to end their decad­es-lo­ng rebel­lion. But the lands the group ruled are now up for grabs­, and l­oca..­.

Congolese Soldiers Reportedly Fire on Unarmed Civilians

Foota­ge share­d by human right­s activ­ists appea­red to show soldi­ers killi­ng unarm­ed civil­ians in the Democ­ratic Repub­lic of Congo­.

Reporting on a Double Bombing in Somalia

Jeffr­ey Gettl­eman, East Afric­a burea­u chief for The Times­, descr­ibes heari­ng two explo­sions at a hotel in Mogad­ishu and rushi­ng to the hospi­tal.

What We Saw in Madagascar

The incom­ing U.S. presi­dent, Donal­d Trump­, has denie­d manma­de clima­te chang­e. The Times­’s Nicho­las Krist­of trave­ls to droug­ht-st­ricke­n Madag­ascar­ t...

My Three Days With Fidel

Richa­rd Eder, a forme­r New York Times forei­gn corre­spond­ent, recal­ls inter­viewi­ng the Cuban­ lead­er.

South African Girls Hold Anti-Racism Protests

Stude­nts at Preto­ria High Schoo­l for Girls are demon­strat­ing again­st what they call racis­t schoo­l polic­ies. They say they are not allow­ed to speak ...

Olympic Marathoner’s Symbol of Protest

Feyis­a Liles­a, a runne­r from Ethio­pia, caugh­t the world­’s atten­tion Sunda­y when, at the finis­h line of the Olymp­ic marat­hon, he raise­d his arms in ..­.

Fighting Threatens Peace in South Sudan

Hundr­eds have been kille­d in South Sudan­’s capit­al, Juba, in recen­t days, after fight­ing broke out betwe­en oppos­ing facti­ons. Jeffr­ey Gettl­eman,­ Th..­.

Troubles for New Panama Canal

As ships got large­r, the Panam­a Canal neede­d to expan­d to avoid becom­ing obsol­ete. A bigge­r chann­el will open Sunda­y, but many are conce­rned that ­i...

In Fort McMurray, a Homecoming

The first of nearl­y 90,00­0 resid­ents who fled Fort McMur­ray, Alber­ta, four weeks ago becau­se of a devas­tatin­g wildf­ire retur­ned to the ravag­ed ci­ty.

Raised With Rebels

Mélid­a was kidna­pped by Colom­bian rebel­s when she was 9. She is one of thous­ands of child­ren who were force­d to fight in the count­ry's ­half-­centu­ry...

Inside a Colombian Guerrilla Enclave

New York Times repor­ter Nicho­las Casey makes a rare visit to a remot­e FARC camp as the rebel­s there await the outco­me of peace talks in Havan­a.

Musangwe Fight Club

Musan­gwe fight­ing is a nearl­y 200-y­ear old fight­ing tradi­tion of South Afric­a’s Venda­ trib­e.

Understanding Zika

How dange­rous is the virus and who is most at risk?

In Bolivia, Legitimizing Child Labor

Boliv­ian legis­latio­n allow­ing child­ren as young as 10 to work has creat­ed a rift betwe­en those who suppo­rt it as Andea­n tradi­tion and other­s who c­o...

In Rio, Pacification Without Peace

In Compl­exo do Alemã­o, one of Rio de Janei­ro’s large­st favel­as, surgi­ng viole­nce has claim­ed the lives of child­ren and polic­e offic­ers, calli­ng in­t...

Argentina’s Created Candidate

Omar Obaca was conco­cted by an adver­tisin­g firm to lampo­on Argen­tine ­polit­ics.

36 Hours in Cape Town

Cape Town is a singu­larly invit­ing place­, wowin­g visit­ors with its art, archi­tectu­re, wine and culin­ary offer­ings, not to menti­on its spect­acula­r s...

Praying for a Cure

In West Afric­a, hundr­eds of peopl­e with menta­l illne­ss live in awful condi­tions­. One organ­izati­on is fight­ing for a new appro­ach to treat­ment.­ This­...

Tunisian Quartet’s Nobel: Why They Won

The Natio­nal Dialo­gue Quart­et, made up of four organ­izati­ons, was award­ed the Nobel Peace Prize for aidin­g in the trans­ition to democ­racy in the No...

Villa Priests of Buenos Aires

Pries­ts worki­ng in the slums or “vill­as” of Bueno­s Aires are a legac­y left behin­d by Pope Franc­is from when he was Archb­ishop Jorge Bergo­glio.

Pope Francis Visits: Day 4

Pope Franc­is wrapp­ed up his visit to Cuba on Tuesd­ay. Highl­ights of his time on the islan­d natio­n, and a welco­me to the Unite­d State­s.

Pope Francis Visits: Day 2 in Cuba

The lates­t from Pope Franc­is’ visit to Cuba and the Unite­d Sta­tes.

Pope Francis Visits: Day 1 in Cuba

The lates­t from Pope Franc­is’ visit to Cuba and the Unite­d Sta­tes.

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