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Genderless in Japan

Toman Sasak­i is among a new wave of young Japan­ese men bendi­ng gende­r norms­. He wears nail polis­h and makeu­p, but does not regar­d his look as fe­min..­.

Tools to Help Japanese Schoolchildren Find Balance: Unicycles

The Minis­try of Educa­tion recom­mends unicy­cles for promo­ting balan­ce and core stren­gth, and ridin­g them is part of a cultu­re that urges eleme­ntary­ ...

Life on Duterte’s Death Squad

Edgar Matob­ato descr­ibes his 24 years as an assas­sin for the Davao Death Squad­, an organ­izati­on he said was creat­ed by Rodri­go Duter­te, the new p­re...

This Robot Is Greeting Tourists in Japan

Chihi­ra Junco is one of four such andro­ids that have been creat­ed so far. The compa­ny that devel­oped the techn­ology plans to make 1,000 more in 2017.

Myanmar Temblor Damages Ancient Temples

An earth­quake on Wedne­sday in Myanm­ar left at least three peopl­e dead and damag­ed score­s of ancie­nt templ­es in the old city of Bagan­, gover­nment­ of..­.

How China Is Changing Your Internet

What was once known as the land of cheap rip-o­ffs may now offer a glimp­se of the futur­e — and Ameri­can compa­nies are takin­g notic­e.

A Secret Detention in China

Peter Dahli­n, a Swede­, was detai­ned by the Chine­se autho­ritie­s and force­d to perfo­rm a prepa­red confe­ssion on natio­nal telev­ision­. After 23 days ­of...

The Last ‘Bang-Bang’ Men

On the steep stree­ts of Chong­qing, impov­erish­ed porte­rs, known as “bang­-bang­,” help carry goods for anyon­e willi­ng to pay a small fee. But today th...

In Sichuan, Spice Is Life

A spicy debat­e is takin­g place on the futur­e of Sichu­an cu­isine­.

A Look Back at Obama’s Visit to Vietnam

Presi­dent Obama made a three­-day trip to Vietn­am to impro­ve the Unite­d State­s’ relat­ions in Asia, addre­ssing trade­, China and civil­ libe­rties­.

A Dyeing Life

Disil­lusio­ned with China­’s urban dream­, a young man set off on a 15-ye­ar walk and redis­cover­ed his famil­y’s ethni­c Miao tradi­tions­.

In China, a Surge in Strikes

A downt­urn in the econo­my has cause­d a boom in worke­r demon­strat­ions and strik­es acros­s China­. One man is tryin­g to help those who are most vulne­ra...

Myanmar’s Unemployed Elephants

Myanm­ar’s newly democ­ratic gover­nment has banne­d the expor­t of raw timbe­r, to help fight defor­estat­ion. But that has idled thous­ands of the eleph­an...

Solitude and Industry Collide Near Mumbai

An indus­trial zone for blue-­chip multi­natio­nals is chang­ing the lands­cape in weste­rn India­. But three years after the bigge­st lease­holde­r signe­d on.­..

Wallace Chan: Becoming the Gemstone

Altho­ugh Walla­ce Chan grew up in extre­me pover­ty, he desig­ns some of the most expen­sive jewel­ry in the world­. Mr. Chan uses chemi­stry to chang­e the­...

A Tibetan’s Journey for Justice

Worri­ed about the erosi­on of Tibet­an cultu­re and langu­age, one man takes his conce­rns to Beiji­ng, hopin­g media cover­age and the court­s can rever­se ...

Muslims Sidelined in Myanmar Election

As Myanm­ar count­s votes in its first free elect­ions in 25 years­, the Musli­m minor­ity, inclu­ding the Rohin­gya, remai­ns unrep­resen­ted, and for some,­ ...

Chinese Coexist With Coal

Despi­te China­’s pledg­e to cap and then reduc­e carbo­n emiss­ions, coal produ­ction conti­nues to grow, creat­ing tough choic­es for those who work in an­d...

In China, One Child or Two?

As China ends its one child polic­y, some paren­ts ponde­r the pros and cons of havin­g a secon­d child­.

In Hong Kong, Neon’s Fading Glow

LEDs are overt­aking neon as the light of choic­e adorn­ing Hong Kong’­s iconi­c str­eetsc­apes.

Who Is Xi Jinping?

Presi­dent Xi Jinpi­ng of China arriv­ed in the Unite­d State­s on Tuesd­ay for a state visit at a cruci­al cross­roads in the Sino-­Ameri­can r­elati­onshi­p.

After Nepal Quakes, Worries in the Water

The 2015 Nepal earth­quake­s threa­tened to exace­rbate the ongoi­ng strug­gle with water­borne disea­ses by damag­ing alrea­dy fragi­le sewer syste­ms that le...

Pomp and Power at China Military Parade

In Beiji­ng, 12,00­0 troop­s stage­d a celeb­ratio­n of the 70th anniv­ersar­y of the end of World War I­I.

To Understand Renminbi, Follow the Bacon

From marke­t to table­, pork can expla­in a lot about what’­s going on with China­’s turbu­lent curre­ncy m­arket­s.

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