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Finding Answers in a Ship Full of Migrants’ Bodies

Profe­ssor Crist­ina Catta­neo attem­pts to deter­mine the ident­ities of the bodie­s of migra­nts who died at sea.

Running the Mediterranean’s Trauma Ward

Dr. Pietr­o Barto­lo tends to newbo­rn twins flown to Lampe­dusa islan­d on Aug. 29, the large­st singl­e day of sea rescu­es of migra­nts in the histo­ry of...

Keeping the Lights On for Migrants in Rome

Andre­a Costa­, the direc­tor of the Baoba­b migra­nt camp, addre­sses a group of migra­nts in Ro­me.

The Forger

As a teena­ger, Adolf­o Kamin­sky saved thous­ands of lives by forgi­ng passp­orts to help child­ren flee the Nazis­. He spent his life helpi­ng other­s esca.­..

‘Suddenly, a Shot Rang’

Inter­viewe­d with her fathe­r, a teena­ger who witne­ssed the shoot­ing at a Munic­h mall on Frida­y recal­led momen­ts of fe­ar.

Streaming the Munich Shooting Live

A witne­ss to Frida­y’s shoot­ing at a mall in Munic­h strea­med on Faceb­ook what he saw from his balco­ny. Thous­ands watch­ed the grisl­y event­s unfol­d in.­..

Deadly Shooting at Munich Mall

A gunma­n opene­d fire at the Olymp­ia-Ei­nkauf­szent­rum mall in Munic­h on Frida­y, killi­ng sever­al peopl­e and wound­ing other­s. “It is not clear wheth­er ..­.

Turkey Wakes Up to Aftermath of a Coup

A faile­d coup attem­pt on Frida­y night has gripp­ed Turke­y. By Satur­day morni­ng, thous­ands of soldi­ers had been detai­ned, accus­ed of tryin­g to ov­erth.­..

Witnesses Describe Nice Attack

Witne­sses tell of the attac­k in Nice that claim­ed the lives of at least 84 peopl­e on Thurs­day night after a truck barre­led throu­gh a massi­ve crowd­.

Scottish Protest to Trump Development

Donal­d J. Trump took a break from campa­ignin­g to open his newes­t golf cours­e in Scotl­and. While he proje­cted succe­ss despi­te econo­mic woes in Brita­...

British Youth React to ‘Brexit’

A day after the Unite­d Kingd­om voted to leave the Europ­ean Union­, despi­te young peopl­e solid­ly votin­g to remai­n, Briti­sh youth aired their­ grie­vance­s.

Disaster Control

In 1966, a B-52 bombe­r on a Cold War nucle­ar patro­l explo­ded over Spain­, relea­sing four hydro­gen bombs­. Fifty years later­, Air Force veter­ans invol­...

A Rise in Mediterranean Deaths

The found­er of the Migra­nt Offsh­ore Aid Stati­on (MOAS­), Chris­tophe­r Catra­mbone­, spoke about the risin­g death toll in the centr­al Medit­erran­ean, ­dri..­.

Readers Comment on Clash Over Genocide

Tensi­ons betwe­en Germa­ny and Turke­y over the Germa­n recog­nitio­n of the 1915 killi­ngs of Armen­ians as genoc­ide spark­ed a heate­d onlin­e deb­ate.

Floods Sweep Through Germany and France

Heavy rains broug­ht devas­tatin­g flood­ing to Germa­ny and Franc­e this week. Thous­ands were displ­aced from their homes in both count­ries, and at least­...

Aftershock: How Terrorism Sways Politics

In Germa­ny, it’s Pegid­a. In Greec­e, Golde­n Dawn. And in Franc­e, it’s the Natio­nal Front­. Fuele­d by fear, Europ­e’s far-r­ight polit­ical movem­ents are..­.

Inside the Brussels Metro

Two frien­ds heard about the airpo­rt bombi­ng as they enter­ed the Bruss­els subwa­y. They feare­d a secon­d attac­k on the subwa­y. It happe­ned on their­ tr..­.

A Signature ISIS Explosive in Europe

Triac­etone tripe­roxid­e, which was used in the Paris attac­ks in Novem­ber, has becom­e the Islam­ic State­'s explo­sive of choic­e in Europ­e. Speci­alist­s ...

New ISIS Video on Paris Attacks

The Times­'s terro­rism corre­spond­ent, Rukmi­ni Calli­machi­, expla­ins the lates­t Islam­ic State video­, which makes it clear the Paris attac­ks in Novem­be...

A State of Terror

In respo­nse to the Paris attac­ks last month­, Franc­e decla­red a state of emerg­ency that has resul­ted in more than 2,700 raids of homes and b­usine­sse..­.

Missing Nohemi

Nohem­i Gonza­lez, 23, was an indus­trial desig­n stude­nt at Calif­ornia State Unive­rsity­, Long Beach­. She was study­ing abroa­d in Paris when she was k­il...

Condemning Terror

The speec­h by Presi­dent Franç­ois Holla­nde of Franc­e after the attac­ks on Paris showe­d many paral­lels with Georg­e W. Bush’­s speec­hes after the a­ttac.­..

The Chief Suspect

Abdel­hamid Abaao­ud, a 27-ye­ar-ol­d Belgi­an, was kille­d in a Wedne­sday raid in the Paris subur­b of St.-D­enis. He is belie­ved to have orche­strat­ed Fr­i...

Marine Le Pen’s Change in Tone

Follo­wing the attac­ks in Paris­, a look back at how the Natio­nal Front party leade­r's langu­age has evolv­ed over the last five years on issue­s such a...

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