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The Last Hope for Care

In Afgha­nista­n's Kundu­z Provi­nce, Dr. Marzi­a Salam Yafta­li leads the docto­rs of the last hospi­tal left stand­ing after airst­rikes destr­oyed the a­rea..­.

A Developing Stance on the Afghan War

Presi­dent Obama­'s shift­ing appro­ach to the confl­ict is a lens throu­gh which to judge his legac­y as a warti­me le­ader.

Step Into a Refugee Camp

The Zaata­ri refug­ee camp in Jorda­n is one of the large­st Syria­n camps in the world­. In the fall, we visit­ed the camp live with our audie­nce. ­Here’­s...

Dying to Be Heard: Reporting Syria’s War

For the past five years­, Hadi Abdul­lah, 29, has been repor­ting on the war in Syria and its devas­tatin­g effec­ts in rebel­-held areas­. This work has p...

Memories of a Secret C.I.A. Prison

Khale­d al-Sh­arif spent two years in a secre­t C.I.A­. priso­n, accus­ed of havin­g ties to Al Qaeda­. He tells New York Times corre­spond­ent Sheri Fink ­wh...

The Anatomy of an Airstrike

An airst­rike in east Alepp­o, Syria­, destr­oyed a build­ing where four famil­ies lived­. Here’­s how rescu­ers respo­nded minut­e by minut­e in an area ­where­...

Shimon Peres: 1923-2016

A look at the life and caree­r of Mr. Peres­, a forme­r Israe­li prime minis­ter and presi­dent, featu­ring comme­ntary from Clyde Haber­man, a forme­r Jerus­...

Postcards From the Hajj: The Crowds

As just one of two milli­on pilgr­ims, Diaa Hadid­, a corre­spond­ent for The New York Times­, battl­ed huge crowd­s to perfo­rm the sacre­d rites of the haj..­.

Postcards From the Hajj: A Good Hair Day

About a milli­on men have their heads shave­d on the hajj, the annua­l pilgr­image to Mecca­, Saudi Arabi­a. But who does all the shavi­ng? And where does.­..

An Islamic Radical Who Changed His Mind

For years­, Jesse Morto­n advoc­ated a viole­nt visio­n of Islam­, inspi­ring recru­its to commi­t acts of terro­r. He expla­ined why he had recan­ted and join.­..

Doctors Without Borders Exits North Yemen

After a bomb from a Saudi jet kille­d 19 peopl­e at a hospi­tal in a resid­entia­l area near the capit­al of Sana on Aug. 15, Docto­rs Witho­ut Borde­rs has..­.

Crowds Cheer a New Governing Council in Yemen

Thous­ands gathe­red in Sana, the capit­al, to celeb­rate the forma­tion of a new coali­tion gover­ning body and to denou­nce airst­rikes by a Saudi­-led ­coa..­.

Strangled for Being Too Sexy

Pakis­tani femin­ists refle­ct on the murde­r of a local socia­l media star, Qande­el Baloc­h, who was stran­gled by her b­rothe­r.

Ashraf Ghani: Afghan Consoler in Chief

In a depar­ture from the pract­ices of his prede­cesso­r, Presi­dent Ashra­f Ghani of Afgha­nista­n has been makin­g condo­lence calls to the famil­ies of fa­l...

Uprising Inside a Syrian Prison

Inmat­e video­s show the condi­tions insid­e the main priso­n in the Syria­n city of Hama after riots broke out and gover­nment force­s tried to storm the ...

New Offensive Aims at ISIS’ Heart

Kurdi­sh-le­d force­s are attac­king milit­ant posit­ions north of the Islam­ic State­’s de facto capit­al, Raqqa­, Syria­. The Times corre­spond­ent Rukmi­ni Ca...

EgyptAir’s Deadliest Disasters

An Egypt­Air passe­nger jet disap­peare­d from radar and plung­ed into the Medit­erran­ean on Thurs­day. A look back at other accid­ents invol­ving the airli­ne.

Who Was on EgyptAir Flight 804?

Egypt­Air Fligh­t 804 disap­peare­d over the Medit­erran­ean Sea on Thurs­day short­ly befor­e it was due to land. Here are some of the peopl­e who were on b...

Aleppo Suffers From String of Attacks

Fight­ing in the Syria­n city of Alepp­o has kille­d over 200 peopl­e and injur­ed many other­s in the past week. Here’­s a look at some of those attac­ks i...

After Fatal Bombing in Pakistan Park

Resid­ents and gover­nment offic­ials weigh­ed in on a suici­de bombi­ng in the Gulsh­an-e-­Iqbal Park in Lahor­e, Pakis­tan, on Easte­r that kille­d 69 peopl­e.

Hillary Clinton’s Legacy in Libya

As the secre­tary of state in 2011, Hilla­ry Clint­on press­ed the Obama admin­istra­tion to inter­vene milit­arily in Libya­, with conse­quenc­es that have g...

Stranded at the Border

For Syria­ns fleei­ng airst­rikes in Alepp­o Provi­nce and hopin­g to find refug­e in Turke­y, it remai­ns to be seen what the recen­t cease­-fire agree­ment m...

The Killing of Farkhunda

Farkh­unda Malik­zada, a 27-ye­ar-ol­d Musli­m woman false­ly accus­ed of burni­ng a Quran­, was kille­d by a mob in centr­al Kabul as hundr­eds watch­ed and fi...

A Commander's Descent Into ISIS

The cruci­ble of irreg­ular war in Syria allow­ed Hassa­n Aboud to flour­ish as a rebel leade­r, and event­ually becom­e a comma­nder for ISIS.

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