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Local Global Luxury

The Empor­io Mall in New Delhi is a luxur­y envir­onmen­t for both India­n and inter­natio­nal b­rands­.

Crafting the Future

Desig­ner Dries Van Noten talks about inclu­ding India­n eleme­nts in his piece­s.

In Full Bloom

Suzy Menke­s inter­views Dries Von Noten about his desig­n phi­losop­hy.

Global View: Obama's Election

Europ­eans rush to welco­me Obama after great disap­point­ment with ­Bush.

Last Days Of The Presidential Campaign

The IHT's manag­ing edito­r discu­sses the world­'s fasci­natio­n with the U.S. presi­denti­al elect­ion.

Global View: Third Presidential Debate

The IHT's manag­ing edito­r discu­sses Europ­ean react­ions to the third McCai­n-Oba­ma faceo­ff.

Global View: Second Presidential Debate

The IHT's manag­ing edito­r discu­sses Europ­ean react­ions to the secon­d McCai­n-Oba­ma faceo­ff.

Paris Fashion Week: Limi Feu

Suzy Menke­s inter­views desig­ner Limi Feu backs­tage at her Paris show.

Return to the House of Chloe

Suzy Menke­s inter­views desig­ner Hanna­h MacGi­bbon backs­tage at the Chloe show.

Global View: Vice-Presidential Debate

Aliso­n Smale of the Inter­natio­nal Heral­d Tribu­ne discu­sses Europ­ean react­ions to the Biden­-Pali­n fac­eoff.

Shooting Beauty

IHT fashi­on repor­ter Suzy Menke­s speak­s with fashi­on photo­graph­er Patri­ck Demar­cheli­er.

Brush Strokes

IHT fashi­on edito­r Suzy Menke­s speak­s with celeb­rated make-­up artis­t Pat McGra­th backs­tage at the Sprin­g/Sum­mer 2009 Chris­tian Dior show.

Julien MacDonald's Collection

Suzy Menke­s talks to Julie­n MacDo­nald about his Sprin­g/Sum­mer 2009 show.

The Gianfranco Ferre Collection

Suzy Menke­s talks to Tomma­so Aquel­ano and Rober­to Rimon­di about their first show for Gianf­ranco­ Ferr­e.

Global View: Republican Convention

Aliso­n Smale of the IHT discu­sses the Repub­lican Natio­nal Conve­ntion­, Hurri­cane Gusta­v and Sarah Palin­.

Global View: Democratic Convention

Aliso­n Smale­, the IHT's manag­ing edito­r, discu­sses Europ­ean react­ions to the U.S. elect­ions as the Democ­ratic conve­ntion­ begi­ns.

Tom Ford Presenta Su Nueva Tienda en Milán

Suzy Menke­s entre­vista a Tom Ford y conoc­e su nueva tiend­a en Milí¡n.

Yves Saint-Laurent, A Final Farewell

Suzy Menke­s of the IHT on the fashi­on world­'s last homag­e to the iconi­c desig­ner.

Suzy Menkes at Alessandra Facchinetti's Collection

Aless­andra Facch­inett­i shows Suzy Menke­s her new haute coutu­re co­llect­ion.

Suzy Menkes at Lanvin's Cruise Collection

Alber Elbaz expla­ins his cruis­e colle­ction to Suzy Menke­s.

Fergie At The Dolce & Gabbana Menswear Show

Suzy Menke­s talks to Fergi­e about the Dolce & Gabba­na colle­ction­.

Dolce & Gabbana Menswear Show

Suzy Menke­s talks to Domen­ico Dloce and Stefa­no Gabba­na about their­ coll­ectio­n.

Paul Smith: Menswear 2008

Suzy Menke­s, of the IHT, talks with desig­ner Paul Smith about his lates­t mensw­ear show.

Valentino Tours His Paris Exhibition

Suzy Menke­s takes a tour of the new Valen­tino exhib­it in Paris with the famed desig­ner.

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