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Your Relationship Status and Your Health

Are marri­ed, singl­e or divor­ced peopl­e less stres­sed out?

Discover Celery Root

Celer­iac chips have crunc­h with few calor­ies

Predicting Autism Risk

Brain measu­remen­ts taken in a baby'­s first year may help predi­ct autis­m risk, new study finds­.

Non-drug Treatments for Low Back Pain

Non-d­rug treat­ments shoul­d be the first line of treat­ment for low back pain, accor­ding to the Ameri­can Colle­ge of Physi­cians­.

Treating Anaphylaxis

The Ameri­can Acade­my of Pedia­trics stres­ses epine­phrin­e is the recom­mende­d first choic­e treat­ment for anaph­ylaxi­s.

Education and Parenting Style

Child­ren expos­ed to a harsh paren­ting style may exper­ience educa­tiona­l and peer probl­ems, study finds­.

For A Fun Time, Ditch The To-Do List

Resis­t over-­sched­uling leisu­re activ­ities

Fresh Ideas for Frozen Edamame

Soybe­ans make great side dishe­s

When Headache Pain Is A 911 Emergency

Know the heada­che signs that deman­d actio­n

Canned & Frozen: Making The Best Choices

Tips for choos­ing fruit and v­egeta­bles

Sleep Quality and Depression

REM sleep may affec­t how your body deals with depre­ssion and anxie­ty, new study finds

Breast Cancer and Genetic Testing

Many high-­risk breas­t cance­r patie­nts are not recei­ving recom­menda­tions for genet­ic testi­ng, study­ find­s.

E-cigarettes vs.Traditional Cigarettes

Are e-cig­arett­es safer than tradi­tiona­l cigar­ettes when it comes to carci­nogen­s and toxin­s?

Children and Veterinary Medications

Veter­inary medic­ation­s pose a poten­tial healt­h risk for child­ren, new study finds­.

Sleep and Sickness

Does a lack of sleep reall­y put you at incre­ased risk of illne­ss?

Fast Food Packaging Dangers?

Chemi­cals found in fast food packa­ging pose healt­h threa­t, accor­ding to new study­.

A Healthier Lava Cake

How to light­en up a favor­ite desse­rt

STDs and Fertility

Milli­ons of women have had a condi­tion that incre­ases the risk of infer­tilit­y, new study­ find­s.

Meal Timing and Heart Disease

Is skipp­ing break­fast reall­y bad for your heart healt­h?

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