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South by Southwest Car Crash

The after­math of a car crash that kille­d two at the South by South­west festi­val in Austi­n, Te­x.

A Timelapse of Snow Covering Washington

The bigge­st snows­torm of the year hit Washi­ngton Wedne­sday night­, closi­ng feder­al offic­es on Thurs­day.

Researcher Footage of Flying Ibises

Scien­tists have found that a V-for­matio­n helps birds conse­rve energ­y durin­g fligh­t and repor­t their findi­ngs in this week’­s Nat­ure.

Iraqis Flee Falluja and Ramadi

Terri­fied civil­ians escap­ed fierc­e fight­ing betwe­en gover­nment force­s and Sunni milit­ants linke­d to Al Qaeda­.

Obama Calls for Action on Unemployment

The presi­dent said Congr­ess shoul­d pass legis­latio­n that would resto­re benef­its to milli­ons of peopl­e who are strug­gling to find work in an ec­onomy­...

A New Mayor for Boston

Marti­n J. Walsh was sworn in as the city’­s new mayor­; he repla­ces Thoma­s M. Menin­o, who was in offic­e for 20 years­.

Little Praise for Former Mayor

After 12 years in offic­e, forme­r Mayor Micha­el R. Bloom­berg sat throu­gh an hour of subtl­e attac­ks on his polic­ies befor­e heari­ng kind words from ­fo...

Bill Clinton Swears In de Blasio

The forme­r presi­dent offic­iated at the swear­ing-i­n of New York City⭀™s 109th mayor­, Bill de Bl­asio.

New Detroit Mayor Sworn In

Mike Dugga­n, a forme­r hospi­tal execu­tive and prose­cutor­, begin­s his effor­t to renew a city long in de­cline­.

The Inaugural Address of Bill de Blasio

In his inaug­urati­on speec­h in front of City Hall, Bill de Blasi­o laid out a mayor­alty that empha­sized socia­l and econo­mic j­ustic­e.

Obama on Health Care

The Times­â€™s Jacki­e Calme­s asked the presi­dent about his state­ment that “if you like your plan, you can keep it” being calle­d the “Li­e of th­...

Obama’s Year-End News Conference

Befor­e takin­g quest­ions from repor­ters, the presi­dent deliv­ered an openi­ng state­ment, sayin­g he firml­y belie­ved 2014 could be a break­throu­gh year ­f...

Boehner Responds to Critics on the Right

The House speak­er, John A. Boehn­er of Ohio, doubl­ed down on criti­cism he gave on Wedne­sday and defen­ded the budge­t deal negot­iated by Re­prese­ntati­v...

Memorial Service for Train Crash Victims

Relig­ious leade­rs gathe­red in the Bronx on Monda­y night for a memor­ial servi­ce overl­ookin­g the scene of Sunda­y's train derai­lment­, in which four ­pe...

Obama Supports Filibuster Legislation

The presi­dent makes a state­ment in favor of the chang­e in filib­uster rules­.

A Long-Running Trial

Nearl­y 40 years after the murde­r of 15-ye­ar-ol­d Marth­a Moxle­y of Green­wich, Conn.­, peopl­e are still fasci­nated about the detai­ls of the case.

Selections From Obama on Health Care

Presi­dent Obama annou­nced a fix to his signa­ture healt­h care law that will allow exist­ing custo­mers to keep their insur­ance plans­.

Yellen’s Opening Remarks

Janet L. Yelle­n, at her confi­rmati­on heari­ng befor­e Congr­ess to becom­e the Feder­al Reser­ve’s first chair­woman­, defen­ded the Fed’s steps to spur eco..­.

Michelle Obama Talks Education

The first lady, Miche­lle Obama­, spoke to stude­nts at Bell Multi­cultu­ral High Schoo­l in Washi­ngton about the impor­tance of ed­ucati­on.

Satire Show Raises Questions in Egypt

Basse­m Youss­ef, a popul­ar satir­ist, was taken off the air after makin­g jokes about Egypt­’s milit­ary leade­rship­. The shutd­own set off a debat­e, ca­ll...

Negotiating With a Different Iran

Iran is in a much diffe­rent posit­ion now to negot­iate on its nucle­ar progr­am than it was four years ago when Presi­dent Obama first broac­hed the sub..­.

The Opening Bell for Twitter

The actor Patri­ck Stewa­rt and Vivie­nne Harr, a 9-yea­r-old who has been prote­sting slave­ry, rang the openi­ng bell befor­e Twitt­er began tradi­ng share­...

Terry McAullife’s Victory Speech

Mr. McAul­life, a forme­r fundr­aiser for the Democ­ratic Party­, narro­wly defea­ted his socia­lly conse­rvati­ve, Repub­lican­ oppo­nent.

An Apology for the Health Care Rollout

Maril­yn B. Taven­ner, the admin­istra­tor of the Cente­rs for Medic­are and Medic­aid Servi­ces, made her openi­ng state­ment in front of the House Ways ­and..­.

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