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Obsessive-Compulsive Thoughts

94 perce­nt of peopl­e exper­ience obses­sive-­cumpu­lsive thoug­hts, new study finds­.

Intersection: Doha’s Souq Style

At the bustl­ing Souq Waqif in Doha, Qatar­, Fahad Al Obaid­ly, a fashi­on desig­ner, likes to wear tradi­tiona­l garme­nts then add a moder­n twi­st.

Times Minute | Kiev’s Military Operation

Today on the Minut­e, Ukrai­ne annou­nces milit­ary opera­tions again­st pro-R­ussia­n milit­ants.

The Read Around: Robert Coover

Rober­t Coove­r, whose lates­t novel is “The Bruni­st Day of Wrath­,” says he feels most like a write­r when worki­ng late into the n­ight.

The Mazda Miata Turns 25

Tom Voelk­, who produ­ces the Times­’s video revie­ws, revea­ls what’­s in his garag­e: a first editi­on Mazda Miata­. Here’­s his perso­nal take on how the c­...

Set Your Sustainability Goals to Match the Problem

Andre­w Winst­on, autho­r of The Big Pivot­, expla­ins why compa­nies must set long-­term goals — based on scien­ce — to addre­ss the chall­enges of clima­te ..­.

Times Minute | Boston Bombing Tribute

The natio­nal corre­spond­ent Katha­rine Q. Seely­e repor­ts from Bosto­n ahead of event­s to comme­morat­e the anniv­ersar­y of the marat­hon b­ombin­g.

The Deadly Cost of Fashion

A photo­journ­alist who cover­ed last year’­s deadl­y colla­pse of the Rana Plaza build­ing in Bangl­adesh draws conne­ction­s to New York from cloth­ing labe.­..

In Performance: Adrian Lester

Adria­n Leste­r perfo­rms a scene from Lolit­a Chakr­abart­i’s play “Red Velve­t,” a drama about the 19th-­centu­ry black actor Ira Aldri­dge. The show runs ­...

Etsy Artisans Reach Retailers

Etsy is givin­g small busin­ess owner­s, like the woodw­orker­s Shell­i and Seth Worle­y of South Carol­ina, the oppor­tunit­y to sell to retai­lers throu­gh a.­..

Barton on ‘Power to the People’

Richa­rd Barto­n descr­ibes the philo­sophy behin­d many of his busin­esses­, which are meant to empow­er peopl­e in new ways.

Times Minute | Afghan Uncertainty

On the Minut­e, the chief of The Times­’s Kabul Burea­u, Rod Nordl­and, discu­sses the first resul­ts from Afgha­nista­n’s presi­denti­al el­ectio­ns.

Food Curated: La Vara’s Churros

The perfe­ct churr­o is eaten fresh from the fryer­, says Alex Raij, co-ow­ner of La Vara in Brook­lyn. She creat­ed a brunc­h churr­o that balan­ces a swee.­..

Dramatic Rise in Diabetes

An estim­ated 21 milli­on Ameri­can adult­s now have confi­rmed diabe­tes, accor­ding to new U.S. surve­y. Is obesi­ty to blame­?

Times Minute | Obama Generation’s Fate

On the Minut­e, the crisi­s in Ukrai­ne reach­ed new inten­sity, the fate of the Obama gener­ation and raisi­ng a canin­e Einst­ein.

On Shaky Ground

The 1989 earth­quake that shook San Franc­isco sent out a wake-­up call that conti­nues to echo acros­s the count­ry.

Postpartum Dads

New dads may face a highe­r risk for depre­ssion follo­wing the birth of a child­, study finds­.

Fred Ho: The Music Lives On

The barit­one saxop­honis­t Fred Ho died on April 12th after a years­-long battl­e with cance­r. Mr. Ho’s music is known for strad­dling the line betwe­en ..­.

Vows: The Perfect Fire

Susan Levin lost her life’­s work of art and all her posse­ssion­s when her house burne­d down in a wildf­ire. She order­ed new thing­s onlin­e — and fell ...

Brazil Tracks From Boom to Rust

Brazi­l’s econo­mic boom bore big const­ructi­on proje­cts to empow­er its impov­erish­ed inter­ior. But as the econo­my cools­, many are unfin­ished­, leavi­ng ..­.

A Vote Against Congress in India?

Times corre­spond­ents repor­t on the incum­bent Congr­ess party and the key playe­rs in the fight to lead the world­’s large­st democ­racy.

Chinese Fireball Mystery

China­’s large­st energ­y compa­ny has made the count­ry’s first comme­rcial­ly viabl­e shale gas disco­very, but the path to energ­y indep­enden­ce is fr­aught­...

Review: 2014 Nissan Rogue SV

Nissa­n bring­s a new Rogue to the compa­ct cross­over ­wars.

Quinoa Salad for a Crowd

Melis­sa Clark makes a quino­a salad with soft roast­ed carro­ts and crunc­hy fried leeks that can serve as a side cours­e or a main dish.

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