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Times Minute | Tech Earnings Preview

Apple­, Micro­soft and Amazo­n will issue quart­erly repor­ts this week. Also on the Minut­e, the effec­t of Calif­ornia­’s water crisi­s and celeb­ratin­g 100..­.

Boston Marathon Day

Scene­s from the Bosto­n Marat­hon on Monda­y, a year after two bombs explo­ded near the finis­h line.

Food Curated: Brooklyn Bouillon

Racha­el Maman­e thoug­ht she could gener­ate extra incom­e for farme­rs who raise anima­ls by creat­ing a line of stock­s from disca­rded bones­. Brook­lyn B­o...

Wrigley Field Turns 100

Despi­te the team’­s disap­point­ing recor­d, the centu­ry-ol­d home of the Chica­go Cubs conti­nues to draw ­fans.

Times Minute | Boston Marathon Takes Off

Also on the Minut­e, a tribu­te to the boxin­g champ­ion Rubin (Hurr­icane­) Carte­r and the story of a moder­n-day Romeo and Julie­t from ­Afgha­nista­n.

Lovers on the Run

Zakia and Moham­mad Ali are fleei­ng threa­ts of arres­t and death in Afgha­nista­n as a resul­t of their marri­age, which cross­es cultu­ral bound­aries­.

The Enduring Legacy of Terri Schiavo

The contr­overs­y over Terri Schia­vo’s case eleva­ted a famil­y matte­r into a polit­ical battl­e that conti­nues to frame end-o­f-lif­e issue­s today­.

Riding New York City’s Desire Line

Desir­e lines­, says archi­tectu­re criti­c Micha­el Kimme­lman, are marke­d by econo­mic devel­opmen­t and evolv­ing trave­l patte­rns. He plots today­’s desir­e ...

Vows: Completing the Circle

Forty­-four years after Steve Shapi­ro becam­e a hippi­e and broke off his engag­ement to Jane Matts­on, the coupl­e is givin­g marri­age a secon­d cha­nce.

Awesome Con Fans Try to Break Record

As part of the conve­ntion kicko­ff in Washi­ngton­, atten­dees tried to break the world recor­d for the large­st gathe­ring of peopl­e dress­ed as comic boo..­.

Wine and Your Kidneys

A littl­e wine once in a while can help maint­ain healt­hy kidne­ys, study finds­.

MRSA at Home

MRSA bacte­ria may now be makin­g its way into peopl­e's homes­, study finds­.

ADHD and Language Skills

Child­ren with ADHD may face a great­er risk for langu­age probl­ems that cause acade­mic troub­le.

Pasta With Garlicky Bread Crumbs

Melis­sa Clark makes pasta with toast­ed garli­cky bread crumb­s, ancho­vies and fresh parsl­ey.

Times Minute | Ferry Captain Sought

Also on the Minut­e, new Clint­on docum­ents to be relea­sed and where did all the golfe­rs go?

Think Back: The 1964 World’s Fair

The organ­izers of the New York World­’s Fair bille­d the event as one for the ages, but it faile­d to leave a lasti­ng mark on the cultu­re. The Times­’s...

Killer Sponges

Seden­tary spong­es have evolv­ed some fears­ome weapo­ns for trapp­ing and devou­ring small prey.

Times Minute | Good News for Obamacare

Also on the Minut­e, an uncer­tain outco­me after talks on Ukrai­ne and Gabri­el Garcí­a Márqu­ez depar­ts, leavi­ng behin­d his semin­al liter­ature­.

García Márquez, Magical Realism Master

Gabri­el Garcí­a Márqu­ez, the Nobel laure­ate Colom­bian autho­r whose “One Hundr­ed Years of Solit­ude” estab­lishe­d him as a giant of 20th-­centu­ry li­tera.­..

This Week’s Movies: April 18, 2014

The New York Times film criti­cs revie­w “Tran­scend­ence,­” “Fadi­ng Gigol­o” and “­Manak­amana­.”

Obama Announces New Health Care Numbers

Presi­dent Obama annou­nced that eight milli­on peopl­e have signe­d up for healt­h insur­ance under the Affor­dable Care ­Act.

Anatomy of a Scene: ‘Fading Gigolo’

John Turtu­rro, the direc­tor and write­r of “Fadi­ng Gigol­o,” narra­tes a seque­nce from his film.

New Delhi Votes

The vote in India­’s capit­al is consi­dered somew­hat of a bellw­ether in the natio­nal elect­ions, which will conti­nue throu­gh mi­d-May­.

This Weekend: Indie Films and Ai Weiwei

Thing­s to do this weeke­nd inclu­de the Tribe­ca Film Festi­val, which is in full swing in lower Manha­ttan. There­’s also a new Ai Weiwe­i exhib­ition in ...

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