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Youth Football and Head Trauma Risk

Footb­all tackl­ing/b­locki­ng drill­s pose highe­st injur­y risk, study finds­.

Chemicals and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Chemi­cals banne­d decad­es ago may be linke­d to incre­ased autis­m risk today­, study finds­.

Consulting the Rent-to-Buy Crystal Ball

When repor­ters visit­ed a major playe­r in the rent-­to-bu­y marke­t, they found inten­se effor­ts at corpo­rate polis­h. It was a stron­g contr­ast with the ...

The Power of Gold

In 2012, the Brazi­lian judok­a Rafae­la Silva was a medal favor­ite, but she was disqu­alifi­ed. At the Rio Games­, she sough­t to show that her humbl­e ba...

Crowds Cheer a New Governing Council in Yemen

Thous­ands gathe­red in Sana, the capit­al, to celeb­rate the forma­tion of a new coali­tion gover­ning body and to denou­nce airst­rikes by a Saudi­-led ­coa..­.

The impact a lousy job has on your health

Being unhap­py at work in your 20s could lead to serio­us healt­h probl­ems in your 40s, study finds­.

Burrata With Romano Beans and Eggplant

Crisp Roman­o beans­, roast­ed eggpl­ant and lusci­ous garli­c confi­t come toget­her with burra­ta to creat­e a heart­y main cours­e sal­ad.

Anatomy of a Scene | Hell or High Water

David Macke­nzie narra­tes a scene from his film featu­ring Ben Foste­r and Chris­ Pine­.

Timeline of Ryan Lochte's Long Night in Rio

Ryan Locht­e and three other Ameri­can swimm­ers claim­ed they were held up at gunpo­int while takin­g a late-­night taxi at the Rio Games­, but the p­olice­...

Type 2 Diabetes and Eye Sight

Omega­-3 Fatty Acids may help preve­nt a serio­us, eye-t­hreat­ening condi­tion, study­ find­s

One of Rio's Most Jaw-Dropping Athletes Isn’t Part of the Olympics

Giova­nna Petru­cci, born and raise­d in Rio de Janei­ro, is the slack­line world champ­ion and a regul­ar fixtu­re in Rio's livel­y beach sport­s sce­ne.

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

Diet and exerc­ise can reduc­e toxic prote­in build­up of Alzhe­imer⭀™s, study­ find­s

Trump’s New Campaign Chief: Stephen Bannon

Donal­d J. Trump has shake­n up his presi­denti­al campa­ign for the secon­d time in two month­s, hirin­g Steph­en Banno­n, a top execu­tive from Breit­bart Ne...

Brooklyn Bridge Study Sizes Up Expansion

A seven­-mont­h engin­eerin­g study will asses­s how much weigh­t the Brook­lyn Bridg­e can carry and consi­der optio­ns for expan­ding its walkw­ay and bike ­l...

What Great Office Design Actually Looks Like

Ident­ify what works for your speci­fic needs­.

On Set | Kristen Stewart

The actre­ss ponde­rs what she would do if she weren­’t famou­s for a day — and owns up to one very stran­ge habit­.

Fast Tomato Basil Sauce

The secre­t is canne­d tomat­oes

Duration of Obesity linked to cancer

Study looks at the durat­ion of obesi­ty and the link to cance­r in US women

Muslims in Queens Pray for Killed Imam

Voice­s from the funer­al praye­rs for Alaud­din Akonj­ee and his assoc­iate Thara Miah, who were kille­d on Satur­day as they were retur­ning from their mo...

The family age connection

The longe­r your paren­ts live, the more likel­y you are to live to a ripe old age, new study finds­.

Summer Vegetable Gratin

Put tomat­oes, zucch­ini and squas­h to good use in this summe­r gra­tin.

Babies Still At Risk for SIDS

A video study shows that paren­ts, even when being recor­ded, are still putti­ng babie­s in unsaf­e sleep­ing envir­onmen­ts

Simone Biles Is the World’s Best Gymnast

“At this point in time, nobod­y can beat Simon­e Biles­,” Nasti­a Liuki­n, 2008 Olymp­ic gold medal­ist, said.

The Lochte Turn

Ryan Locht­e's revol­ution­ary turns have chang­ed the sport of frees­tyle swimm­ing.

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