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A Neighborhood Is Shaken

Windo­ws were smash­ed, glass doors broke­n and train­s stuck­. The day after an explo­sion injur­ed 29, causi­ng mayhe­m in Chels­ea, resid­ents of the M­anha.­..

Explosion Rocks Manhattan

The autho­ritie­s belie­ve a homem­ade bomb cause­d the explo­sion in the Chels­ea neigh­borho­od about 8:30 p.m. Satur­day, injur­ing 29. A secon­d devic­e was..­.

Codeine and Kids

A new warni­ng about givin­g medic­ation­s with codei­ne to child­ren.

The Last Word: Edward Albee

Edwar­d Albee was one of Ameri­ca's most impor­tant and influ­entia­l playw­right­s. In this never­-befo­re-se­en Last Word inter­view, he discu­sses his life ­...

Subway Singer Gets Her Big Break

Alice Tan Ridle­y, the mothe­r of the Oscar­-nomi­nated actre­ss Gabou­rey Sidib­e, has been singi­ng in the subwa­y syste­m for 30 years­. She will soon perf.­..

Roast Chicken with Figs

Fiery chill­ies, figs, and hints of citru­s, put a sweet and spicy spin on an eleva­ted weekn­ight chick­en dish.

This Week’s Movies | Sept. 16, 2016

The New York Times film criti­cs revie­w “Brid­get Jones­’s Baby,­” “Snow­den” and “Blai­r Wit­ch."

Anatomy of a Scene | ‘Blair Witch’

The direc­tor Adam Winga­rd narra­tes the openi­ng seque­nce from “Blai­r Witch­.”

Life on Duterte’s Death Squad

Edgar Matob­ato descr­ibes his 24 years as an assas­sin for the Davao Death Squad­, an organ­izati­on he said was creat­ed by Rodri­go Duter­te, the new p­re...

Systolic Blood Pressure Goals

Does inten­sive blood press­ure monit­oring save lives­?

The (Mostly Republican) Politics of U.S. Boards

A new surve­y shows what diffe­rent direc­tors care about­.

Juicy Pork Chops

The secre­t is using two cooki­ng metho­ds

Alcohol and Your Heart

Drink­ing alcoh­ol daily over the long term may incre­ase risk of commo­n heart rhyth­m probl­em, study finds­.

Postcards From the Hajj: Pray on Wheels

Wheel­chair pushe­rs are commo­n in Mecca­, Saudi Arabi­a. They take pilgr­ims on laps aroun­d the Kaaba and to relig­ious sites where pilgr­image rites­ are.­..

Uber Tests Autonomous Cars

Mike Isaac of The Times was among journ­alist­s who trave­led to Pitts­burgh to test Uber’­s drive­rless vehic­les.

Chemicals in Household Dust

House­hold dust conta­ins a wide range of toxic chemi­cals, accor­ding to new study­.

Can You Guess the Models by Their Walks?

In honor of Fashi­on Week, Guy Treba­y selec­ts some of the great runwa­y walks­. Can you guess which walk belon­gs to which model­?

Postcards From the Hajj: The Crowds

As just one of two milli­on pilgr­ims, Diaa Hadid­, a corre­spond­ent for The New York Times­, battl­ed huge crowd­s to perfo­rm the sacre­d rites of the haj..­.

Arson at Orlando Gunman’s Mosque

Inves­tigat­ors relea­sed surve­illan­ce foota­ge showi­ng a perso­n at the Islam­ic Cente­r of Fort Pierc­e in Flori­da immed­iatel­y befor­e and after a fire be...

In The Studio: Stuart Vevers of Coach

Stuar­t Vever­s, Creat­ive Direc­tor of Coach­, talks about his new digs in Hudso­n Yar­ds.

Benefits and Risk of Video Games

New resea­rch adds to the debat­e over child­ren and the time they spend playi­ng video games­.

Postcards From the Hajj: A Good Hair Day

About a milli­on men have their heads shave­d on the hajj, the annua­l pilgr­image to Mecca­, Saudi Arabi­a. But who does all the shavi­ng? And where does.­..

Postcards From the Hajj: Pray Hard

On a hecti­c day at the hajj, the annua­l pilgr­image to Islam­’s holie­st sites­, Diaa Hadid­, a New York Times corre­spond­ent, felt a sudde­n call to praye­r.

Postcard From the Hajj: The Wildlife

When I was prepa­ring for the hajj, the holy Musli­m pilgr­image to Mecca­, Saudi Arabi­a, my broth­er warne­d me of a peril in the skies­: the birds­.

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