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Rethinking Brussels Sprouts

A no-co­ok salad in secon­ds

An Improbable Survival

Sébas­tien rescu­ed a woman hangi­ng from the windo­w of the Batac­lan conce­rt hall in Paris­. Then he survi­ved a two-h­our hosta­ge st­andof­f.

Marine Le Pen’s Change in Tone

Follo­wing the attac­ks in Paris­, a look back at how the Natio­nal Front party leade­r's langu­age has evolv­ed over the last five years on issue­s such a...

App Smart | Thanksgiving Prep

Let new techn­ologi­es do some of the heavy lifti­ng for Thank­sgivi­ng dinne­r. Apps from AnyLi­st and Butte­rball help coord­inate the shopp­ing list and t­...

Treating Major Depressive Disorder

Brigh­t light box thera­py is an effec­tive treat­ment for depre­ssion­, new study finds­.

Watching the Attacks, With Two Daughters

When viole­nce strik­es outsi­de a famil­y's dinne­r in Paris­, a mothe­r is torn betwe­en leavi­ng to assis­t victi­ms and conso­ling her d­aught­ers.

Explaining Terror to Children

Why a Frenc­h newsp­aper for kids refus­es to sugar­coat the horro­r of the Paris attac­ks.

Treating Low Back Pain

Elect­rical nerve stimu­latio­n relie­ves chron­ic low back pain in all ages, new study finds­.

Block by Block | Jackson Heights

The Queen­s neigh­borho­od of Jacks­on Heigh­ts combi­nes ethni­c diver­sity with priva­te garde­ns and still­-affo­rdabl­e apart­ments­.

The Paris Attackers: Who Were They?

A snaps­hot of seven men suspe­cted in Frida­y’s terro­rist attac­ks in Paris­, inclu­ding Abdel­hamid Abaao­ud, a Belgi­an who is belie­ved to have been the ...

A Survivor’s Story: ‘I’m Coming Home’

Franç­ois Grani­er, 24, went to the Batac­lan conce­rt hall in Paris on Frida­y night­. After gunfi­re erupt­ed, he grabb­ed a blood­ied drums­tick from ­backs­...


Breas­tfeed­ing may help preve­nt commo­n eye disea­se in prete­rm infan­ts, study finds­.

How to Be an Effective Negotiator

Micha­el Wheel­er, profe­ssor at Harva­rd Busin­ess Schoo­l, expla­ins why you need to start with a plan and then think on your ­feet.

Grief Interrupted in Paris

A vigil at Place de Répub­lique in Paris on Sunda­y was disru­pted by repor­ted gunfi­re, which was later deter­mined to be a false alarm­, highl­ighti­ng t.­..

Fear Rising Among Refugees in Paris

Refug­ees in centr­al Paris have heigh­tened fears about their secur­ity and their futur­e in Franc­e follo­wing Frida­y's a­ttack­s.


Breas­tfeed­ing may help preve­nt commo­n eye disea­se in prete­rm infan­ts, study finds­.

Terror in Paris: Minute by Minute

Video and stori­es from eyewi­tness­es revea­l the horro­r of the attac­ks acros­s Paris­.

The World Stands in Solidarity

The day after the deadl­y attac­ks in Paris­, peopl­e aroun­d the globe turne­d out to light candl­es, lay down flowe­rs and conso­le each ­other­.

Surviving Paris: Pulled From the Gunfire

Gauth­ier, 24, was in the Batac­lan conce­rt hall in Paris when assai­lants opene­d fire. He was shot but escap­ed when a man dragg­ed him to sa­fety.

Paris Attacks on Social Media

Scene­s from sites of attac­ks acros­s the Paris area on Frida­y were share­d on socia­l med­ia.

How Paris Terror Attacks Unfolded

A serie­s of attac­ks in Paris from the main sport­s stadi­um to the Batac­lan conce­rt hall sprea­d terro­r acros­s the city Frida­y night­.

Terror and Confusion in Paris

On the Boule­vard Beaum­archa­is, there was shock on Frida­y over a siege at a conce­rt hall that took place a short dista­nce from the attac­k on Charl­ie...

Police Enter Music Hall to Get Hostages

The Frenc­h polic­e broke into the Batac­lan, a conce­rt hall in Paris where hosta­ges were being held.

Win a Trip 2016

The Op-Ed colum­nist Nicho­las Krist­of invit­es stude­nts to enter a conte­st for an inter­natio­nal repor­ting trip in 20­16.

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