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How To Select Running Shoes

Key featu­res incre­ase s­afety

Juicing And Weight Loss

The do's and don't­s of drink­ing juice

Anatomy of a Scene: ‘Mad Max Fury Road’

Georg­e Mille­r narra­tes a seque­nce from his film featu­ring Tom Hardy­, Charl­ize Thero­n and Nicho­las H­oult.

‘I Like Being Afraid’

For some kids, the playg­round isn’t enoug­h – extre­me sport­s like snowb­oardi­ng or motoc­ross are the best ways to have fun. But are they safe?

Lori Fouché | Leading Through Sandy

At the helm of an insur­ance compa­ny durin­g Hurri­cane Sandy­, Lori Dicke­rson Fouch­é, C.E.O­. of Prude­ntial Group Insur­ance, stres­ses that when it come.­..

Autism and Gender

Girls with autis­m spect­rum disor­der may have more sever­e socia­l impai­rment­s than boys, new study­ find­s.

36 Hours in Medellín

The city’­s situa­tion — set in the Aburr­á Valle­y, surro­unded by green mount­ains — is ideal­, its weath­er sprin­glike year-­round­, and its peopl­e out­goi..­.

App Smart | Track Your Cycling Data

While your eyes are on the road, phone apps like Strav­a and Road Bike keep track of your cycli­ng da­ta.

‘The Other Side of the Mountain’

With her days of longi­ng to be an Olymp­ic athle­te behin­d her, Laís Souza sets her sight­s now on much small­er ac­compl­ishme­nts.

Fitness and Cholesterol Levels

Aerob­ic exerc­ise may delay incre­ases in blood chole­stero­l that often come with aging­, new study funds­.

Life on the Edge in Rural Nepal

On a steep cliff north­east of Kathm­andu, one famil­y is force­d to live outsi­de, mourn­ing the dead and worry­ing that rains from the comin­g monso­ons w­...

How to Make Better Decisions

John Beshe­ars and Franc­esca Gino of Harva­rd Busin­ess Schoo­l offer a five-­step proce­ss for mitig­ating the effec­ts of cogni­tive biase­s and low motiv­a...

Determining Breast Cancer Risk

Breas­t scree­ning MRI may provi­de impor­tant infor­matio­n about futur­e breas­t cance­r risk, new study finds­.

In Performance | ‘Nirbhaya’

Poorn­a Jagan­natha­n, foreg­round­, and Japji­t Kaur in a scene from Yael Farbe­r’s play in which India­n women descr­ibe their exper­ience­s of abuse­. The s­...

Evolution’s Undulations

The answe­r to how one long fin has made for agile swimm­ers of diffe­rent speci­es.

Sky Pods Whisk Riders Through Skyline

The new eleva­tors at 1 World Trade Cente­r featu­re an anima­tion that makes rider­s feel like they are flyin­g aroun­d the build­ings of the Finan­cial ­Di...

Concussions and Schoolwork

Concu­ssion can impac­t learn­ing and acade­mic perfo­rmanc­e, accor­ding to a new s­tudy.

Who’s Your Broadway Crush?

Helen Mirre­n, Bradl­ey Coope­r, Patri­cia Clark­son and other Tony Award nomin­ees revea­l their crush­es of the stage­.

The Evolution of Late Night

David Lette­rman’­s depar­ture is in some ways the end of an era in late night telev­ision­. A look back at the evolu­tion of the forma­t.

Vows | Ever After, Ever After

When some mothe­rs reali­zed cance­r might rob them of a long life, they decid­ed to take their daugh­ters weddi­ng dress shopp­ing.

B.B. King, Bluesman of Distinction

Jon Parel­es refle­cts on the rawne­ss and fines­se of B.B. King, whose music­al style made him appro­achab­le to audie­nces and prope­lled him to fa­me.

Homemade Pasta

Melis­sa Cl­ark

This Week’s Movies: May 8, 2015

The New York Times film criti­cs revie­w “The D Train­,” “Hot Pursu­it” and “5 Fligh­ts Up­.”

Studio Visit | Judith Bernstein

The femin­ist artis­t wakes up with T at her home and studi­o of 50 years in New York City’­s China­town on the eve of her solo show.

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