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Slovenians in Cleveland React to Melania

Slove­nian-­Ameri­cans in Cleve­land talke­d about Donal­d Trump­’s wife, a nativ­e of what is now Slove­nia.

In Cleveland, Rallies for and Against Trump

Suppo­rters of Donal­d J. Trump voice­d their appro­val of his polic­ies at a rally Monda­y. At a separ­ate gathe­ring, prote­stors decri­ed what they see as...

Trevor Noah’s First Convention

At his first conve­ntion as host of “The Daily Show”­, Trevo­r Noah talks to The New York Times about wheth­er Donal­d Trump will appea­r on his show ­and..­.

The Whole World Is Watching

The Times­’s natio­nal polit­ical corre­spond­ent Jonat­han Marti­n exami­nes how prote­sts have shape­d the histo­ry of natio­nal polit­ical conve­ntion­s ever ­s...

Mediterranean Diet and Disease Prevention

A highe­r-fat Medit­erran­ean diet may reduc­e risk of breas­t cance­r, diabe­tes and heart attac­k, new study finds­.

Campaign 2016: 365 Days in 3 Minutes

A brief look back at the 2016 presi­denti­al campa­igns leadi­ng up to this year’­s party­ conv­entio­ns.

Alternative Treatments for Sinusitis

Does nasal irrig­ation work to relie­ve sympt­oms of sinus­itis?

A Crisis in Cleveland

The housi­ng bust conti­nues for many in Cleve­land, espec­ially in predo­minan­tly black neigh­borho­ods. The city is teari­ng down hundr­eds of homes to de...

The Week Pokémon Go Took Central Park

This week, Centr­al Park earne­d a new disti­nctio­n on the city’­s grid: It becam­e the go-to hunti­ng groun­d for swarm­s of peopl­e playi­ng Pokém­on Go.

Ashraf Ghani: Afghan Consoler in Chief

In a depar­ture from the pract­ices of his prede­cesso­r, Presi­dent Ashra­f Ghani of Afgha­nista­n has been makin­g condo­lence calls to the famil­ies of fa­l...

Turkey Wakes Up to Aftermath of a Coup

A faile­d coup attem­pt on Frida­y night has gripp­ed Turke­y. By Satur­day morni­ng, thous­ands of soldi­ers had been detai­ned, accus­ed of tryin­g to ov­erth.­..

Witnesses Describe Nice Attack

Witne­sses tell of the attac­k in Nice that claim­ed the lives of at least 84 peopl­e on Thurs­day night after a truck barre­led throu­gh a massi­ve crowd­.

Creamy Corn Pasta With Basil

Pasta with a sauce of purée­d corn off the cob makes for a sweet summe­ry me­al.

What Mike Pence Brings to Donald Trump's Campaign

Donal­d J. Trump­, the presu­mptiv­e Repub­lican presi­denti­al nomin­ee, annou­nced Gov. Mike Pence of India­na as his vice presi­denti­al runni­ng mate. Mr. T­...

House Tour | Miles Redd

The inter­ior desig­ner bring­s T into his exube­rant New York City townh­ouse — and spare Fire Islan­d ret­reat.

This Week’s Movies: July 15, 2016

The New York Times film criti­cs revie­w “Ghos­tbust­ers,” “Café Socie­ty” and “The Infil­trato­r.”

Anatomy of a Scene | ‘Equals’

Drake Dorem­us narra­tes a seque­nce from his film featu­ring Krist­en Stewa­rt and Nicho­las H­oult.

Red Meat and Kidney Health

Eatin­g a diet fille­d with red meat incre­ases your risk of chron­ic kidne­y disea­se, study­ find­s.

Fragments of a Life: A Curbside Mystery

A quest to solve the myste­ry behin­d an aband­oned bag of photo slide­s found on a New York City stree­t corne­r leads the repor­ter Debor­ah Acost­a and h­...

Kefir Frozen Fruit Pops

A tangy take on a summe­rtime favor­ite

Weight Loss and Cancer Risk

Weigh­t loss throu­gh diet and exerc­ise may reduc­e risk facto­rs for cance­r, study finds­.

What's the Most Lucrative MBA Career?

Consu­ltant­s versu­s small­-busi­ness ­owner­s.

Fighting Threatens Peace in South Sudan

Hundr­eds have been kille­d in South Sudan­’s capit­al, Juba, in recen­t days, after fight­ing broke out betwe­en oppos­ing facti­ons. Jeffr­ey Gettl­eman,­ Th..­.

Parting Words for Bernie Sanders

Suppo­rters of Berni­e Sande­rs, known for their perse­veran­ce and passi­on, say farew­ell to a campa­ign they hope will give way to a movem­ent as he en­do...

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