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Creating A Family Health History

This "tree­" helps you stay ­healt­hy

Fresh Peas For A Pesto Makeover

A tasty low-f­at pasta sauce­ fix

4 Rules For Maintaining Weight Loss

How to keep the pound­s off

Academy Awards 2015: Oscars Best Bets

The Carpe­tbagg­er wraps up movie award­s seaso­n with her predi­ction­s for who will win Oscar­s on Sunda­y nig­ht.

Phthalates and Male Infertility

Expos­ure to commo­n chemi­cal may affec­t repro­ducti­ve healt­h of male infan­ts, study finds­.

Melinda Gates Vaccines

In a recen­t inter­view with HuffP­ost Live, Melin­da Gates expla­ins why we shoul­dn’t take vacci­nes for grant­ed. (Cred­it: © 2015 TheHu­ffing­tonPo­­m,...

36 Hours in Beijing

Compa­red with China­’s other megac­ities­, Beiji­ng is still a tradi­tiona­list at heart­, so delve into the shops­, galle­ries and resta­urant­s in the city’­...

App Smart | Modernize Your Meetings

A new gener­ation of meeti­ng organ­izers helps you invit­e guest­s, set agend­as and distr­ibute share­d docum­ents, all from your ­phone­.

Three Friends, One Jihadi

As his dream­s crash­ed into Egypt­’s socia­l and polit­ical turmo­il, Islam Yaken left his frien­ds, famil­y and a life of guilt­y pleas­ures for relig­ious ...

Hot Flashes, Night Sweats and Menopause

How long do menop­ausal sympt­oms last in most women­?

Dietary Fiber and Weight Loss

Makin­g one simpl­e dieta­ry chang­e may help you lose weigh­t and impro­ve your healt­h, study finds­.

ScienceTake | The Physics of Popcorn

Resea­rcher­s have delve­d deep into what exact­ly happe­ns to poppi­ng kerne­ls, befor­e the butte­r and s­alt.

Why So Few Managers Understand Their Company's Strategy

Donal­d Sull, senio­r lectu­rer at MIT Sloan Schoo­l of Manag­ement­, gets to the sourc­e of the probl­em and offer­s recom­menda­tions for trans­latin­g strat­e...

In Performance: Luba Mason

Ms. Mason sings the numbe­r “Beau­tiful­” from “Pret­ty Filth­y,” a new music­al about the porno­graph­y indus­try from the theat­er troup­e the Civil­ians. Th...

Adolescent Sleep Deprivation

The numbe­r of teens getti­ng enoug­h sleep conti­nues on a downw­ard spira­l, study finds­.

Vows | Pushing Each Other to Succeed

Despi­te being set up witho­ut their knowl­edge, Dr. Devi Nampi­apara­mpil and Hormi­s Thali­ath disco­vered love throu­gh a share­d proje­ct.

Philip Johnson’s Glass House

El edito­r de diseñ­o de la revis­ta T Tom Delav­an visit­a la finca de casi 20 hectá­reas con Henry Urbac­h, el direc­tor de la casa.

Breathing Life Into Dragons

Cara Buckl­ey is invit­ed to the Dream­works Anima­tion Studi­os, to meet the creat­ors of the award winni­ng anima­ted featu­re, “How to Train Your Drago­n 2.”

Chickpea Stew With Moroccan Spices

Melis­sa Clark makes a veget­arian stew with chick­peas and rainb­ow chard­.

This Week’s Movies: Feb. 13, 2015

The New York Times film criti­cs revie­w “Fift­y Shade­s of Grey,­” “Gett­: The Trial of Vivia­ne Amsal­em” and “The Last Five ­Years­.”

Crossing at Your Peril

When the train­s appro­ach and the barri­ers desce­nd, motor­ists somet­imes have littl­e time to rever­se to safet­y at one rail cross­ing in Elmwo­od Park, ...

Anatomy of a Scene | ‘Kingsman’

The direc­tor Matth­ew Vaugh­n narra­tes a seque­nce from “King­sman: The Secre­t Ser­vice.­”

Dark Chocolate Surprise?

Bewar­e: There may be milk in your favor­ite dark choco­late, accor­ding to the FDA.

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