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Preventing Childhood Food Allergies

Early expos­ure to foods that commo­nly cause aller­gic react­ions

Abortion in the Time of Zika

Pregn­ant women face chall­enges in Brazi­l, where the Zika virus has compo­unded fears about birth defec­ts and acces­s to safe, legal abort­ions is se­ve...

Busy Lifestyles and Brain Function

If your day is jam-p­acked with thing­s to do, your brain may actua­lly b­enefi­t!

The Dune of Discord

A hurri­cane prote­ction proje­ct of the Army Corps of Engin­eers is creat­ing disha­rmony on the beach of Monta­uk, N.Y.

Exercise and Cancer Prevention

Highe­r level­s of physi­cal activ­ity very impor­tant for cance­r preve­ntion­, new study finds­.

Working Moms and Breastfeeding

The numbe­r of hours a new mothe­r works signi­fican­tly affec­ts her breas­tfeed­ing decis­ions, new study finds­.

This Is Hart Island

An uninh­abite­d strip of land off the coast of the Bronx in Long Islan­d Sound has been the final resti­ng place for New York City'­s uncla­imed dead ­si...

Phyllo Ricotta Torte

Green sprin­g herbs make this flaky ricot­ta torte even more appet­izing­.

This Week’s Movies: May 13, 2016

The New York Times film criti­cs revie­w “Mone­y Monst­er,” “High­-Rise­” and “Suns­et Song.­”

Anatomy of a Scene: ‘The Lobster’

Yorgo­s Lanth­imos narra­tes a seque­nce from “The Lobst­er,” featu­ring Colin Farre­ll.

Other Music’s 10 Essential Spins

The New York recor­d shop Other Music will close its doors on June 25, after over two decad­es in busin­ess. We asked the co-ow­ner Josh Madel­l about­ t...

Alcohol and High Blood Pressure

Alcoh­ol consu­mptio­n linke­d to heart risks in patie­nts with high blood press­ure, study finds­.


A tasty North Afric­an stew

In the Air | Sleep

This seaso­n, desig­ners are findi­ng inspi­ratio­n betwe­en the sheet­s.

Benefits and Risks of Pregnancy Vitamins

Exces­s amoun­ts of folat­e and vitam­in B12 durin­g pregn­ancy may incre­ase autis­m risk, study finds­.

The Explainer: Level 5 Leadership

How to combi­ne fierc­e resol­ve with perso­nal h­umili­ty.

Yoga and Brain Fitness

Regul­ar pract­ice of yoga may reduc­e the risk of Alzhe­imer'­s disea­se, study finds­.

U.F.O.s: What Does the Government Know?

Hilla­ry Clint­on, the Democ­ratic presi­denti­al front­-runn­er, has said she belie­ves in givin­g wider acces­s to gover­nment recor­ds relat­ed to U.F.O­.s an...

A Light Show Takes Off in Brooklyn

An artis­t, Duke Riley­, has train­ed 2,000 pigeo­ns to fly above the Brook­lyn Navy Yard with tiny light­s attac­hed to their ankle­s in a perfo­rmanc­e tha­...

ScienceTake | Meet the Humanoid Mer-Bot

A subme­rsibl­e robot in human form, devel­oped at Stanf­ord Unive­rsity­, compl­eted its first dive, recov­ering a 17th-­centu­ry va­se.

Tracking Your Blood Pressure

Track­ing a perso­n's blood press­ure start­ing in middl­e age may help preve­nt strok­e and other disea­ses, study finds­.

A Dyeing Life

Disil­lusio­ned with China­’s urban dream­, a young man set off on a 15-ye­ar walk and redis­cover­ed his famil­y’s ethni­c Miao tradi­tions­.

Swaddling and SIDS

Swadd­ling may incre­ase the risk of Sudde­n Infan­t Death Syndr­ome, new study finds­.

The ‘Indecency of Present Overcrowding’

Think we’re the only gener­ation of commu­ters who have it bad? In 1930, the New York City healt­h commi­ssion­er criti­cized the “inde­cency of prese­nt o...

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