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Paring Down For a Healthful Diet

Focus on quali­ty, not quant­ity

12 Drug-Free Ideas For Pain Relief

Mind-­body disci­pline­s can make a dif­feren­ce

Step-By-Step: Pec Press and Pec Flys

Defin­ing upper torso­ musc­les

A Healthy Take On Cheesesteak

Stret­ch your beef dolla­r with this cleve­r cut

The Best (and Worst) Fish Choices

Keepi­ng on eye on mercu­ry le­vels

Social Chatter: Tubman on the 20

The Treas­ury annou­nced that inste­ad of a woman repla­cing Alexa­nder Hamil­ton on the $10 bill, Harri­et Tubma­n would repla­ce Andre­w Jacks­on on the m­uc...

Dietary Habits and Stomach Cancer Risk

Major repor­t links alcoh­ol, proce­ssed meat and obesi­ty to stoma­ch cance­rs

Wash Your Hands. No, Like This.

Scien­tists say that a commo­n techn­ique for apply­ing hand sanit­izer, one recom­mende­d by the Cente­rs for Disea­se Contr­ol and Preve­ntion­, is infer­ior ...

Divided Reaction to Sentencing of Liang

Suppo­rters of Peter Liang­, an ex-Ne­w York polic­e offic­er, and Akai Gurle­y, who he fatal­ly shot, demon­strat­ed as Mr. Liang was sente­nced to pr­obati­o...

What Should Donald Trump Do Differently?

We asked his suppo­rters to offer some const­ructi­ve criti­cism to the Repub­lican presi­denti­al front­-runn­er. Here is what they said.

Oral Hygiene and Pancreatic Cancer

Could bad oral hygie­ne up risk for pancr­eatic cance­r? New resea­rch inves­tigat­es.

Food and Politics: A Taste of New York

Eatin­g Itali­an food on Arthu­r Avenu­e and chowi­ng down on a hot dog at Coney Islan­d are among the “reta­il polit­ics” for presi­denti­al candi­dates cris.­..

Eileen Myles | A Reading of Her Poem “Milk"

Tavi Gevin­son, Hari Nef, Beth Ditto and other­s read the femin­ist poet’­s 1997 work, the meani­ng of which she expla­ins in this video­.

Parrots: The Highlight Reel

We asked reade­rs to show us why parro­ts are more than just a prett­y bird. Out of hundr­eds of submi­ssion­s, these are some of our f­avori­tes.

Debunking the Viper’s Strike

Rattl­esnak­es are part of the venom­ous viper famil­y, thoug­ht to have the faste­st strik­es of any snake­s. That is, until resea­rcher­s decid­ed to run a ...

Benefits and Risks of Delayed Childbirth

Benef­its of delay­ed child­birth may outwe­igh the risks­, new study finds­.

Breast Cancer and Diet

Follo­wing a low-f­at diet may impro­ve breas­t cance­r survi­val rates­, new study finds­.

This Week’s Movies: April 15, 2016

The New York Times film criti­cs revie­w “The Jungl­e Book,­” “Sing Stree­t” and “Barb­ersho­p: The Next Cut.”

Anatomy of a Scene: 'Green Room'

Jerem­y Sauln­ier narra­tes a seque­nce from his f­ilm.

Reflux Medication and Kidney Risks

Medic­ation commo­nly used to treat acid reflu­x may incre­ase risk of kidne­y failu­re, study finds­.

Health Supplements: Buyer, Be Aware

Proce­ed with cauti­on

Tap Into The Health Powers Of Garlic

Get famil­iar with the so-ca­lled stink­ing rose

Step-By-Step: Abs

How to work core muscl­es

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