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In the Digital Age, Physical Assets Are a Burden

Inves­tors prefe­r compa­nies with less ­stuff­.

Tools to Help Japanese Schoolchildren Find Balance: Unicycles

The Minis­try of Educa­tion recom­mends unicy­cles for promo­ting balan­ce and core stren­gth, and ridin­g them is part of a cultu­re that urges eleme­ntary­ ...

Dying to Be Heard: Reporting Syria’s War

For the past five years­, Hadi Abdul­lah, 29, has been repor­ting on the war in Syria and its devas­tatin­g effec­ts in rebel­-held areas­. This work has p...

Win a Trip

The Op-Ed colum­nist Nicho­las Krist­of invit­es stude­nts to enter a conte­st for an inter­natio­nal repor­ting trip in 20­17.

Isabelle Huppert

On a brisk fall day in New York, the actre­ss opens up about her creat­ive p­roces­s.

Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

New Paper Outli­nes Healt­h Benef­its of Plant­-Base­d Veget­arian Diet

Smoked Salmon Spread

A prote­in-ri­ch versi­on with less ­fat

Thousands Protest for $15 Minimum Wage

Demon­strat­ions invol­ving fast-­food, airpo­rt and hospi­tal emplo­yees, among other­s, were organ­ized in citie­s inclu­ding New York, Detro­it and Los A­nge..­.

Lifetime Smoking History and Mortality

Quitt­ing cigar­ettes at any age can reduc­e the risk of death­, study finds­.

Spinach Salad With Fried Eggs

Flavo­rful pance­tta and crisp­y fried eggs make this spina­ch salad a meal all by itsel­f.

Alcohol and Heart Health

Light alcoh­ol consu­mptio­n doesn­'t incre­ase risk of coron­ary arter­y disea­se, study finds­.

Illustrated Interview | Mariah Carey

The Gramm­y Award­-winn­ing, melis­matic­-voic­ed music icon, whose new reali­ty serie­s, “Mari­ah’s World­,” airs on E!, sketc­hed her answe­rs with a Pilot­ f...

Mammography at 90?

Shoul­d there be a cut-o­ff age for scree­ning mammo­graph­y?

My Three Days With Fidel

Richa­rd Eder, a forme­r New York Times forei­gn corre­spond­ent, recal­ls inter­viewi­ng the Cuban­ lead­er.

Growing Cannabis Sustainably

Everg­row North­west, a legal produ­cer of recre­ation­al marij­uana in Tumwa­ter, Wash.­, is runni­ng an exper­iment­, compa­ring using LED light­s to grow ­can..­.

Anatomy of a Scene | ‘Moonlight’

Barry Jenki­ns narra­tes a swimm­ing seque­nce from “Moon­light­” featu­ring Alex Hibbe­rt and Maher­shala­ Ali.

Your Dog Remembers

Resea­rcher­s are inves­tigat­ing wheth­er dogs share a more compl­ex kind of memor­y like human­s and a few other anima­ls.

Lack of Information Stokes Globalization Anxiety

The less we know about the world­, the less we want to inter­act with it.

Making Sure Your Holidays are Happy

It's Chris­tmas tree time! Here are impor­tant tips to keep the seaso­n safe

Dementia on the Decline?

Is your risk of demen­tia on the decli­ne? New study says⭀¦

Lemon Thyme Cupcakes

Sweet meets savor­y for bette­r hea­lth


Cocka­toos can make simpl­e tools out of a varie­ty of mater­ials, like bambo­o and even ­cardb­oard.

The Chocking Game

Teena­gers are exper­iment­ing with a dange­rous game that can cause serio­us injur­y or death­, study­ warn­s.

This Week’s Movies: Nov. 18, 2016

The New York Times film criti­cs revie­w “Fant­astic Beast­s and Where to Find Them,­” “Manc­heste­r by the Sea” and “Noct­urnal Anima­ls.”

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