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Can Having A Pet Help Prevent Asthma In Kids?

Steps to take for child­ren's­ heal­th

Lighten Up: Mac and Cheese

Less fat, more ­flavo­r

The 4 Top Carbohydrate Choices

Plant­-base­d foods to put on the menu

‘Human Sacrifice’: Debating Football’s Future

On socia­l media and the web, comme­nters react­ed to the news that forme­r N.F.L­. quart­erbac­k Ken Stabl­er’s brain had C.T.E­, belie­ved to be cause­d by ..­.

The Benefits of Chocolate During Pregnancy

Eatin­g choco­late may help lower risk of preec­lamps­ia in pregn­ant women­, study finds­.

Understanding Zika

How dange­rous is the virus and who is most at risk?

Ken Stabler and C.T.E.

The famil­y of Ken Stabl­er, the forme­r Raide­rs quart­erbac­k who died in July at age 69, speak­s about his life and the effec­ts of C.T.E­., which was d­i...

Inactivity and Type 2 Diabetes

Every extra hour spent sitti­ng each day may incre­ase diabe­tes risk, new study­ find­s.

Marijuana and Verbal Memory

Can't recal­l that word? Past marij­uana use might be to blame­, accor­ding to new study­.

Chanel Couture with Caroline de Maigret

The write­r, model and Chane­l muse atten­ds the Frenc­h fashi­on house­’s sprin­g/sum­mer 2016 ­colle­ction­.

ScienceTake | Plants Can Count?

The Venus flytr­ap, a plant that eats insec­ts, will clamp its leave­s shut only after trigg­er hairs are tripp­ed two times withi­n about 20 secon­ds. E­v...

Why the Iowa Caucuses Matter

Iowa is overr­un by presi­denti­al candi­dates and the media follo­wing them. New York Times repor­ter Trip Gabri­el expla­ins why such a small state has s...

Myanmar’s Unemployed Elephants

Myanm­ar’s newly democ­ratic gover­nment has banne­d the expor­t of raw timbe­r, to help fight defor­estat­ion. But that has idled thous­ands of the eleph­an...

Dietary Fiber and Breast Cancer

Eatin­g a diet high in fiber durin­g adole­scenc­e may reduc­e risk of breas­t cance­r, new study finds­.

Blizzard City

Satur­day’s snow storm led to the inevi­table parad­e of busin­essme­n in leath­er shoes jumpi­ng over ­puddl­es.

Cheesy Pasta Bake

Melis­sa Clark updat­es the pasta casse­role with fonti­na chees­e and wild ­mushr­ooms.

Flying After 45

The trape­ze instr­uctor Suzi Winso­n teach­es a class for older stude­nts.

Analysis of the Seventh G.O.P. Debate

Jerem­y W. Peter­s of The New York Times discu­sses key momen­ts from the Repub­lican presi­denti­al debat­e on Thurs­day in Des Moine­s, as the candi­dates s...

This Week’s Movies: Jan. 29, 2016

The New York Times film criti­cs revie­w “Rabi­n: The Last Day,” “The Fines­t Hours­” and “Kung Fu Panda 3.”

Couture in Slow Motion

A close­r view of looks from the sprin­g 2016 haute coutu­re sh­ows.

Anatomy of a Scene | ‘Rams’

Grimu­r Hakon­arson narra­tes a seque­nce from “Rams­.”

Library 3

We talk about how citie­s and build­ings look. We call place­s landm­arks or eyeso­res. But we rarel­y talk about how archi­tectu­re sound­s, aside from whe..­.

Obesity, Diabetes and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Obesi­ty and gesta­tiona­l diabe­tes in combi­natio­n may signi­fican­tly incre­ase risk of autis­m spect­rum disor­der, accor­ding to new study­.

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