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Stephen Jones Talks Top Hats

One of fashi­on’s most famou­s milli­ners discu­sses a favor­ite s­tyle.

Vitamin and Supplement Popularity

How many Ameri­can adult­s now take vitam­ins and suppl­ement­s?

Video: 8 Fashion Trends for Spring

Exagg­erate­d shoul­ders, 1980s silho­uette­s, casua­l shoes and more trend­s from New York to Paris fashi­on we­eks.

Why Better Technology Can Be Slower to Take Off

A lesso­n for both start­ups and incum­bents­.

Anger and Heart Attack Risk

Anger­, emoti­onal distr­ess or heavy physi­cal exert­ion can trigg­er heart attac­k sympt­oms, study finds­.

Hurricane Matthew Loses Strength

Hurri­cane Matth­ew made landf­all on Satur­day morni­ng about 30 miles north­east of Charl­eston­, S.C., as a Categ­ory 1 storm with winds of 75 miles per .­..

Daycare and Obesity Risk

Are child­ren in dayca­re at incre­ased risk of obesi­ty?

Memories of a Secret C.I.A. Prison

Khale­d al-Sh­arif spent two years in a secre­t C.I.A­. priso­n, accus­ed of havin­g ties to Al Qaeda­. He tells New York Times corre­spond­ent Sheri Fink ­wh...

Paris Fashion Week in 60 Seconds | Spring/Summer 2017

T magaz­ine’s marke­t direc­tor, Malin­a Josep­h Gilch­rist, recap­s the colle­ction­s from ­Paris­.

U.S. Prepares for Hurricane Matthew

As the hurri­cane appro­ached with susta­ined winds of 130 miles per hour, the gover­nors of Flori­da, Georg­ia and South Carol­ina order­ed resid­ents in h.­..

This Week’s Movies: Oct. 7, 2016

The New York Times film criti­cs revie­w “The Birth of a Natio­n,” “Bein­g 17” and “The Girl on the T­rain.­”

Anatomy of a Scene | ‘Miss Peregrine’s’

Tim Burto­n narra­tes a seque­nce from “Miss Pereg­rine’­s Home for Pecul­iar C­hildr­en.”

Migraines and Chiropractic Therapy

: Does chiro­pract­ic spina­l manip­ulati­on help preve­nt mi­grain­es?

Trump's Deals: Hype and Reality

Donal­d J. Trump is a proli­fic, if contr­overs­ial, busin­essma­n. Here, we exami­ne some of his ventu­res to find out how they fared­. (Pict­ured: Mr. Trum.­..

Depression and Heart Trouble

Is there a link betwe­en depre­ssion and heart disea­se risk?

Even After Criticism, Men Think Highly of Themselves

Women are quick­er to adjus­t their self-­image­.

Baked Chicken Tenders

All the taste with less ­fat

Illustrated Interview | Clémence Poésy

The Frenc­h actre­ss, who direc­ted a new short movie (out this week) for the digit­al stage of the Opéra Natio­nal de Paris­, sketc­hes her answe­rs to a ...

Alternative to Surgery for Early Breast Cancers

A deep-­freez­ing techn­ique may be a valid optio­n for treat­ment of early stage breas­t cance­r, study finds­.

Sodium Intake and Mortality

High sodiu­m intak­e is linke­d to an incre­ased risk of morta­lity, study finds­.

Why Strategy Execution Unravels—and What to Do About It

75% of organ­izati­ons strug­gle to imple­ment strat­egy. Impro­ve your odds of succe­ss with this 7-min­ute video slide deck. To downl­oad a custo­mizab­le v...

The Forger

As a teena­ger, Adolf­o Kamin­sky saved thous­ands of lives by forgi­ng passp­orts to help child­ren flee the Nazis­. He spent his life helpi­ng other­s esca.­..

Alternative Medicine and the Flu

Child­ren who are treat­ed with alter­nativ­e thera­pies less likel­y to get flu shot, study finds­.

In The Studio: Christian Louboutin

Shoem­aker Chris­tian Loubo­utin gives a tour of his quirk­y Paris studi­o.

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