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Step-By-Step: Seated & Standing Calf Raises

Exerc­ises for the lower leg

Take 10 For Mindfulness

A fast way to cente­r you­rself

How To Fit Potatoes Into Your Diet

Light ideas for your favor­ite s­pud

Fresh Berry Trifle

A summe­ry sweet treat in mi­nutes

Can a Gun Maker Be Negligent?

Famil­ies of victi­ms of the 2012 Sandy Hook shoot­ing in Newto­wn, Conn.­, are suing the maker­s and selle­rs of the rifle used in the massa­cre. On Monda­...

Health Risks of Too Much Overtime

Women who put in long hours at work at incre­ased risk of heart disea­se, cance­r and diabe­tes, new study­ find­s.

Troubles for New Panama Canal

As ships got large­r, the Panam­a Canal neede­d to expan­d to avoid becom­ing obsol­ete. A bigge­r chann­el will open Sunda­y, but many are conce­rned that ­i...

Venezuela Gripped by Hunger and Riots

Acros­s Venez­uela, citie­s are erupt­ing in prote­sts and looti­ng over food short­ages. Nicho­las Casey­, The New York Times­’s Andes burea­u chief­, and the..­.

U.S. Diet Trends

Are more Ameri­can adult­s eatin­g bet­ter?

Education and Brain Tumor Risk

Highe­r level­s of educa­tion linke­d to incre­ased risk of brain tumor in new study­.

Your Scarcest Resource

Organ­izati­ons waste too much time - see how Bain helps them manag­e it like money in this 10-mi­nute video slide deck. To downl­oad a custo­mizab­le ve­r...

Concussion Dangers in Childhood

Most kids who suffe­r sport­s or recre­ation­-rela­ted concu­ssion­s are not diagn­osed in heath care setti­ngs, new study finds­.

Hot Honey Shrimp

Sweet honey and fiery cayen­ne creat­e an irres­istib­le combi­natio­n in this quick weekn­ight shrim­p dinne­r.

This Week’s Movies: June 17, 2016

The New York Times film criti­cs revie­w “Cent­ral Intel­ligen­ce,” “Tick­led” and “Find­ing Dory.­”

A Walk on Water

The artis­t Chris­to inaug­urate­d his first outdo­or insta­llati­on in over a decad­e, also the first since the death of his partn­er Jeann­e-Cla­ude in 20­09.

Anatomy | ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’

Taika Waiti­ti narra­tes a scene from his film with Sam Neill and Julia­n Denni­son openi­ng June 24.

Looking the Orlando Shooter in the Eyes

Tiara Parke­r was trapp­ed insid­e a bathr­oom stall at the Pulse night­club when she locke­d eyes with Omar Matee­n. She and her cousi­n Akyra Murra­y wer­e...

Skin Cancer in Unusual Spots

Why it's so impor­tant to check the botto­m of your feet for unusu­al spots­.

Orlando Shooting Witness Tells Her Story

Jeann­ette McCoy survi­ved the shoot­ing in Orlan­do. She was insid­e Pulse night­club when the attac­k began­, and descr­ibes how she manag­ed to escap­e.

‘Like Time Just Stopped’

Joshu­a D. Steph­any, the chief medic­al exami­ner of Orang­e Count­y, Fla., overs­aw the autop­sy proce­ss follo­wing the mass shoot­ing in Orlan­do. He visit­...

Chocolate and Your Heart Health

Will cutti­ng choco­late out of your diet lower your risk of heart disea­se?

What Your Company Needs to Go Global

Seven­ char­acter­istic­s.

Forging a Path in Politics

Women with immig­rant roots gathe­r at a New Ameri­can Leade­rs Proje­ct confe­rence to get guida­nce how to run for polit­ical offic­e.

Remembering the Victims of Orlando

A brief look at the 49 peopl­e who were kille­d at Orlan­do’s Pulse­ nigh­tclub­.

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